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Getting Started I What is Mylio & How does it work? Mylio Magic Features I Syncing & Protection Mylio Magic Features III Events, Albums, & Folders Advanced Mylio Features I Editing Getting Started II Importing & Consolidation Mylio Magic Features II Facial recognition & Geotagging Mylio Magic Features IV Advanced Organization Tools Advanced Mylio Features […]

What happens after Trialing Mylio

After completing your trial of Mylio. if you are over the limits for a Free plan (media or devices) you are presented with two offers: Upgrade to premium with a one-time discount Allow your plan to revert to Free If your account reverts to Free while still being over the limit for media or devices […]

Mylio Change Log and Version Release Notes

Updated May 24, 2023 Version: Mylio Photos 23 Preview 1  (22.2) macOS Build: 22.2.7606  Windows Build: 22.2.7606 iOS Build: 22.2.7606 (pending) Android Build: 22.2.7606 Updated Plan Names and Benefits Mylio Photos We’ve made a significant change in how the free version of Mylio Photos works. We’ve expanded the capabilities of the application so that more […]

Mylio Change Log and Version Release Notes

——————————– Updated January 18th, 2022 Version: 3.19 Mac Build: 7424Windows Build: 7424iOS Build: 7424Android Build: 7424 Features All new importing options and setup wizard Custom sync policies for folders can be adjusted in the Dashboard for USB drive devices. Added support for copy imports from USB Drives using the Files app on iOS and iPadOS […]

High fan speed while Mylio is running

Sometimes, Mylio may be running one, or multiple, intensive tasks causing the fans on your computer to run audibly. In most cases, this is an expected and temporary behavior. Once the tasks are completed, you should see fan activity and CPU usage return to normal. Tasks that could cause this symptom: Large imports Syncing large […]

Adding Additional Devices

Mylio is designed to keep all of your photos with you on all of your devices all of the time. This means that getting Mylio installed on all of your devices is an integral part of the Mylio experience. Mylio can be installed on Android, iOS, Mac, and Windows devices that meet Mylio’s system requirements. […]

Mylio Quick Start Guide

    Welcome to Mylio, the home for your photos, videos, and documents. This guide will help you set up Mylio, add files, and protect them.   Download and Sign In on a Computer We recommend starting on a computer, to do this visit mylio.com/get-app to download Mylio. Open the installer and follow the prompts […]

Adding cloud services to your Mylio account

Mylio has support for a number of cloud services including Amazon Drive, Google Drive, and Microsoft OneDrive. Once this feature is enabled, any media within your Mylio Library will automatically be protected to your cloud service of choice. If your device is lost, stolen, or broken you can retrieve all synced media from the cloud and […]

Troubleshooting: MYB Files in Mylio

Some files in an Apple Photos library or iOS Camera Roll: Portrait, slow-mo, Live Photos, etc… may be imported with a .myb (Mylio Bundle) file to properly sync these unique file types. The following effects from Apple Photos are supported: Live Photos -syncing, displaying, and playback Portrait Mode – syncing and displaying Slow-mo videos – […]

Importing from the Apple Photos app on iPhone and iPad

When first logging in to Mylio on your iOS device (iPhone,iPad, or iPod Touch), you will be asked if you would like to import your device’s photos. This includes any photos that you have taken with your iOS device, or any photo manually loaded to your iOS device using iTunes on a computer. Importing Photos […]

Protecting Media to Microsoft OneDrive

Mylio allows you to protect your photos to the cloud by protecting your library with Microsoft OneDrive. Once this feature is enabled, any media within your Mylio Library will automatically be protected to OneDrive. If your device is lost, stolen, or broken you can retrieve all synced media from OneDrive and fully repopulate your Mylio Library […]

Mylio Glossary

The Mylio team has organized all the terminology used within our app on this page. Below are three tabs explaining both an Essential and Complete list  (one organized by theme and another alphabetical) of terms you may run into while using Mylio.   Sync: Mylio keeps all your devices in sync with the same photos, […]

Troubleshooting: Using Mylio with iCloud Photo Library

  Before using iCloud Photo Library in concert with Mylio’s Apple Photos import, it is important to set up your devices with the following settings: iCloud Photo library must be set to Download and Keep Originals from within the iOS Settings app. To change this setting: Open the iOS Settings app Select your name at […]

Mylio Sync Settings

The Sync & Connectivity menu allows you to view and manage all of your current sync settings on your Mylio device…

Setting Custom Device Sync Policies

Mylio’s Custom Sync Policies (also referred to as Selective Sync) allow you to take control over your Mylio Library and specify which version of your photos sync to your devices. This option allows you to set specific folders to have different Sync Policies than your device overall. It even allows you to change the Sync […]

Mylio is Running in the Background

In Mylio version 3.7 and later, desktop computers (Mac and Windows) may continue running in the background when the window is closed. The first time the Mylio window is closed a notification in the top Menu bar (Mac) or App tray (Windows) will let you know that Mylio may still be running some tasks. Please note, […]

Understanding Syncing with Mylio

Keeping all of your memories on all of your devices is easy with Mylio. Syncing allows each of your devices, whether it be computers, phones, tablets or external hard drives to always have the same information. Syncing also ensures that new photos added to one device are available on other devices and that edits, metadata, […]

Device Settings

Knowing how to add devices to your Mylio account is an important part of keeping your photos protected…

Troubleshooting: Understanding Mylio’s Support Options

Mylio’s Support Options will help you troubleshoot Mylio in the event that something is not working as expected. The Support Options can be opened in multiple ways: Support Options will automatically open if Mylio detects an issue with your Mylio Library. Support Options can be opened by holding the Alt key (Windows) or Option key […]

Error Message: “Editing is not possible without a Preview or Original”

If you receive the message “Image/Thumbnail editing is not possible without a Preview or Original” when trying to edit a photo, this may mean the device you are currently using does not have the proper Sync Policy to allow for editing on your device. Editing a photo in Mylio requires a Preview or Original quality photo […]

Error message: “Disk Storage Full”

At times, Mylio may display the error message “Storage available to Mylio is almost full” in the Notifications and Activity Center. This indicates that the drive that Mylio is saving photos to may be running out of space. If you see this error message, click on the arrow to follow Mylio’s suggestions for feeing up […]

Importing Photos From Media Library On Android

When first logging in to Mylio on your Android device you will be asked if you would like to import your device’s Media Library. The Media Library includes any photos that you have taken with your Android device or any photo manually loaded to your Media Library through a computer or other app. If you […]

Troubleshooting: Unable to Sync Photos Between Devices

Mylio will transfer photos and edits between your devices whether you’re syncing just Thumbnails, Previews, or Originals. If your devices are not receiving or sending photos and edits to your other devices, follow the steps below and you should be syncing in no time! Are the Devices Seeing Each Other? The first step in getting […]

Error Message: “Too many folders”

In some cases, Mylio may stop syncing if an unexpected number of folders are in the Mylio Library or there are a very high number of root folders. Generally, this happens when a folder that is not designed to be imported into Mylio is imported, such as a Lightroom Catalog. You may receive two different […]

Understanding Folder View

What Are Folders? Folders are one of the primary means of organization in Mylio. Folders allow you to directly manipulate your files inside and outside of Mylio so that the changes you make are not Mylio specific. Depending on your setup your Folder view may vary in its organization. Mylio Pictures Folder Each Mylio Library, by default, comes […]

Confirm Drag and Drop Action

When using Mylio you may inadvertently drag and drop an image or folder onto another folder. Because Mylio is continuously syncing, this means your photos will be rearranged on your other devices as well. If this is something that happens frequently, you can toggle a setting with Mylio that will alert you when a drag […]

Protecting Media to Google Drive

Mylio allows you to protect your photos to the cloud by protecting your library with Google Drive. Once this feature is enabled, any media within your Mylio Library will automatically be protected to Google Drive. If your device is lost, stolen, or broken you can retrieve all synced media from Google Drive and fully repopulate your […]

Importing and Manipulating PDFs and Microsoft Office Documents

With Mylio, you can import, view, and replicate PDFs and Microsoft Office Documents allowing you to carry important documents with you wherever you are. This article will walk you through viewing and manipulating documents in Mylio. Mylio can import PDF documents in the same way that it imports photos and videos.  That means that by default, all PDF […]

Setting Up Mylio for Multiple Users on One Mac or PC

Mylio is designed to run as a single instance of your library on each machine, this means there can not be multiple Mylio libraries within the same user on a single machine. If you would like to run multiple copies of Mylio on the same machine, you can do so by utilizing separate users. Each user will […]

Troubleshooting: NAS Continually Shows as Offline

Mylio’s relationship with NAS devices is not unlike that of a USB device, though it does not allow for the switching of host computers. This means that, when setting up a NAS, you are dictating that the device used to set up the NAS is the only device that will communicate with the NAS. Unlike traditional […]

Troubleshooting: Blank Black or Gray Squares In Mylio

When first using Mylio, or while adding new photos to Mylio, you may see blank black or gray squares (called ghost images) in place of your photos. This happens if Mylio has not fully synced and is still receiving photos from another source. Fixing Ghost Images It is important to note that Mylio is a […]

Troubleshooting: Mylio Running Slowly or Causing Other Processes to Run Slowly

If Mylio is running slowly or causing other applications on your machine to do so, fully exiting the application and restarting your computer can help. If the issues persist, taking a look at any running activities in the Notifications and Activity center can help. Mylio may use more computing resources during and shortly after any large […]

Troubleshooting: Mylio and Privacy

Here at Mylio, we take privacy seriously. From your name and email to your photographs, we work hard to ensure that your information is safe.  When discussing privacy with our users, the conversation often turns to the cloud. A defining factor of Mylio is how your data is accessed. In order for you (or anyone) to […]

Mylio Hotspot

This feature allows Mylio to create a private network when there is no internet access (or syncing is not available on the current network) and have Mylio sync…

Information Regarding the Removal of Mylio Cloud

The following guide will cover how to ensure your media is protected on devices that are not the Mylio Cloud and a list of alternative cloud storage options in Mylio. Please note that this change does not affect Mylio Free users. Please note that these steps should be completed on a traditional computer in Mylio’s […]