How Do I Make Changes To My Account?

A How Do I Make Changes To My Account? Posted by Mylio Admin on December 5, 2019 Changes to your Mylio account can be made by visiting your account page. Here you can change or view your… Mylio Email Mylio Password Mylio Subscription Level Billing Information Device List Reset Account Delete Account Billing History Additional Account Details […]

What is the Difference Between Folders, Albums, and Events?

A What is the Difference Between Folders, Albums, and Events? Posted by Matt Vollet on December 5, 2019 Folders are Mylio’s primary means of organizing your images. Folders in Mylio are representations of the folders on your actual computer, so any change made in Mylio will be reflected in your images and files system. This is […]

Error when updating on Windows: “Mylio Photos installation failed”

We want to bring to your attention an issue that will affect some Windows users of Mylio Photos. This issue only affects Windows devices (not any other operating system). This change will be encountered starting with Mylio Photos version 22.0, refresh 3. You may encounter it as a one-time issue per Windows device. What’s changed? […]

Mylio Change Log and Version Release Notes

Updated May 24, 2023 Version: Mylio Photos 23 Preview 1  (22.2) macOS Build: 22.2.7606  Windows Build: 22.2.7606 iOS Build: 22.2.7606 (pending) Android Build: 22.2.7606 Updated Plan Names and Benefits Mylio Photos We’ve made a significant change in how the free version of Mylio Photos works. We’ve expanded the capabilities of the application so that more […]

What’s New in Mylio?

Mylio 3.19 is here with some big changes so let’s take a look! For existing users, the first change you will notice is Mylio’s new importing options including being able to import from the Files app on iOS or iPadOS. These re-designed options are now aligned with an all new setup wizard to help new users […]

Mylio Change Log and Version Release Notes

——————————– Updated January 18th, 2022 Version: 3.19 Mac Build: 7424Windows Build: 7424iOS Build: 7424Android Build: 7424 Features All new importing options and setup wizard Custom sync policies for folders can be adjusted in the Dashboard for USB drive devices. Added support for copy imports from USB Drives using the Files app on iOS and iPadOS […]

Editing videos in Mylio

Mylio allows video editing on Premium and Create accounts. Editing options include using Mylio’s Presets, Rotation, Tone, White Balance, Sharpen & Noise, as well as Copying and Pasting edits. For more information about Mylio’s editing tools click here. 

Duplicating Files

Mylio can allow you to duplicate an image with just a few clicks. This feature can be used to have both an edited version of a photo and an unedited version in your library. Additionally, you can sort them differently in Folder view. By quickly and easily duplicating your photos within Mylio you can easily […]

What is Mylio?

Mylio is the photo organizing and management application that puts all your digital images at your fingertips — from any of your mobile or desktop devices, anywhere. Even when you’re not connected to the internet. Consolidate. Mylio will clean up your digital clutter, importing your pictures from all their scattered locations – social media accounts, hard […]

Free Up Space on Camera Roll or Media Library

Mylio can help clear up space in your mobile device’s Camera Roll or Media Library once the original image has been imported and protected to Mylio. In order to do this, Mylio needs to ensure your photo is protected by having the original image on another device. If your photo is not synced to another […]

Importing Apple Photos Library on a Mac

Mylio makes importing your entire Apple Photos library into Mylio easy. With macOS Catalina (10.15) and newer, Mylio’s Photos import tool will watch over your original images to keep the two libraries in sync with one another. This process will not copy your photos from Apple Photos to Mylio. For this reason, Mylio has a unique relationship with your […]

Mylio Quick Start Guide

    Welcome to Mylio, the home for your photos, videos, and documents. This guide will help you set up Mylio, add files, and protect them.   Download and Sign In on a Computer We recommend starting on a computer, to do this visit to download Mylio. Open the installer and follow the prompts […]

Changing Export and Sharing Settings on Mobile Devices

Mylio for iOS and Android devices allows you to easily change your export and sharing options, giving you the ability to edit different aspects of your images before sending them to friends, family, or other apps. These settings are also the same on tablets. Changing Export and Share Options Open Mylio and select Settings from […]

Understanding Safe Delete on Vaults

What is Safe Delete on Vaults? Mylio’s Safe Delete is an option available in the Source Folders settings to ensure your data remains safe. By default, it is turned on when setting up Mylio for the first time. When Delete on Vaults is on, Mylio recognizes when images are added to or edited in a folder […]

Signing into Mylio for the first time and Creating an account.

When signing in to Mylio for the first time, you can choose to create a Mylio account with your email and creating a password or by signing up using your credentials from a third party of either Apple, Google, Facebook, or Microsoft. Signing up using a third-party allows you to easily create a Mylio account […]

Adding cloud services to your Mylio account

Mylio has support for a number of cloud services including Amazon Drive, Google Drive, and Microsoft OneDrive. Once this feature is enabled, any media within your Mylio Library will automatically be protected to your cloud service of choice. If your device is lost, stolen, or broken you can retrieve all synced media from the cloud and […]

Sharing Original Files on a Computer

Mylio allows you to quickly and easily export images that are part of your library. These can then be used in other image editing programs or shared with others. Select the images you wish to export. You can also select a folder or album if you wish to export all enclosed items. Select the Share […]

Import with Linked Folders

Importing photos into Mylio using the Linked Folders option is a quick and easy way to display photos that are already organized on your computer in a view that is familiar but within the Mylio application. Understanding Linked Folders When choosing which folders to import as Linked Folders, Mylio will keep your photos in the original […]

Importing from the Apple Photos app on iPhone and iPad

When first logging in to Mylio on your iOS device (iPhone,iPad, or iPod Touch), you will be asked if you would like to import your device’s photos. This includes any photos that you have taken with your iOS device, or any photo manually loaded to your iOS device using iTunes on a computer. Importing Photos […]

Understanding Map View

Mylio’s Map view is a beautiful and informative way of organizing your photos. Your photos will be pinned on a map of Earth, outlining all of the locations where you’ve taken photos and how many photos you have in that location. Many cameras, including most smartphones, will record GPS location data when taking a photo. […]

Protecting Media to Microsoft OneDrive

Mylio allows you to protect your photos to the cloud by protecting your library with Microsoft OneDrive. Once this feature is enabled, any media within your Mylio Library will automatically be protected to OneDrive. If your device is lost, stolen, or broken you can retrieve all synced media from OneDrive and fully repopulate your Mylio Library […]

Mylio Glossary

The Mylio team has organized all the terminology used within our app on this page. Below are three tabs explaining both an Essential and Complete list  (one organized by theme and another alphabetical) of terms you may run into while using Mylio.   Sync: Mylio keeps all your devices in sync with the same photos, […]

Face Recognition

Mylio’s face recognition helps keep your photos organized by creating custom albums in the People view of your friends and family…

Understanding Linked Calendars

Mylio can automatically create events from your digital calendars. This is a fast and easy way to populate your Life Calendar™ with all of your most important life events. Mylio can import calendars from your device’s calendar service, including Outlook, Gmail, and iCloud calendars. Setting Up Linked Calendars Open Mylio and select Settings from the […]

Troubleshooting: Send Logs to Mylio

How to Send Logs While troubleshooting with a Mylio representative you may be asked to send logs to help solve an issue. Logs may include information about your library and recent actions that you have made. It does not include any photos (except a screenshot if specified). This article will help you understand how to send […]

The Details Panel

Complete control over your photos can be found within Mylio’s Details Panel…

Customizing Calendar View

Customizing your calendar is an important step in ensuring that all of your photos are easily locatable. Mylio offers extensive customization of the calendar from a variety of menus. View Menu Customization Mylio allows for customization in Decade view, Year view, and Day view. There are no View customizations in Month view. Sort Ascending – […]

The Mylio Dashboard

The Mylio Dashboard is your one view to fully understand everything about your Mylio Library. From your library’s media count to your device’s sync status, the Mylio Dashboard is full of fun and practical information to help you keep control of your growing photo library. To access the Mylio Dashboard, simply select the Dashboard text from […]

Troubleshooting: Using Mylio with iCloud Photo Library

  Before using iCloud Photo Library in concert with Mylio’s Apple Photos import, it is important to set up your devices with the following settings: iCloud Photo library must be set to Download and Keep Originals from within the iOS Settings app. To change this setting: Open the iOS Settings app Select your name at […]

Creating, Editing, and Viewing Events

Events in Mylio are based on a designated date or range of dates. By creating an event, you are telling Mylio that all photos from the specific date(s) can be grouped together. Creating an event does not alter or move your photos from their original location, albums, or folder views in any way. Creating an event […]

Mylio Sync Settings

The Sync & Connectivity menu allows you to view and manage all of your current sync settings on your Mylio device…

Setting Custom Device Sync Policies

Mylio’s Custom Sync Policies (also referred to as Selective Sync) allow you to take control over your Mylio Library and specify which version of your photos sync to your devices. This option allows you to set specific folders to have different Sync Policies than your device overall. It even allows you to change the Sync […]


Mylio has many ways to help organize your library. Categories are an additional tool you can use to assign to Calendar Events, Folders, and even individual media. Having categories added throughout your library can make it easier to search and filter from any view to find the exact image you need at any moment. You […]

Guest Mode

Guest Mode is an option that allows you to put a device with Mylio installed in a “view only” mode, allowing others to look through your photos while preventing them from editing, moving, or deleting photos…

Understanding Album View

What Are Albums? Albums are a unique way for you to sort, store, and organize your photos within Mylio. When adding photos to albums, you are not duplicating the image but only referencing the original file. This means you can add the same file to many different albums without increasing the space needed for Mylio […]

error or Server Error: Code = 15810…

If you are having issues signing into the Mylio application,, or resetting your password and get an error that starts with 15810… then you most likely have an account with Mylio using a third-party sign-in option (Apple, Google, Facebook, or Microsoft). If you are signed into the Mylio application on a device, you can […]

Troubleshooting: Sign In With Apple Account Creation Error

If you are attempting to create a new Mylio account using Sign In With Apple and are given the error: “There was an issue setting up your account” you can try again to create the account but first must remove Mylio’s permission to use your Apple ID before attempting again. Here is how you do […]

Mylio is Running in the Background

In Mylio version 3.7 and later, desktop computers (Mac and Windows) may continue running in the background when the window is closed. The first time the Mylio window is closed a notification in the top Menu bar (Mac) or App tray (Windows) will let you know that Mylio may still be running some tasks. Please note, […]

Troubleshooting: Resetting and Starting Mylio Over

This article will walk you through either starting over with Mylio on one specific device or starting Mylio over on all devices. Before doing so, it is important to understand the main parts of Mylio: Mylio Library – This is where your photos are actually stored. By default, this is within a folder named “Mylio” […]

The View Menu

The View menu allows you to change how your photos are viewed in Mylio’s main viewing area. The View menu has different options depending on what View you’re currently in. Below, you can select any View to see some of the available options for that View. Sort By – Sort your photos by different criteria. […]

Understanding Syncing with Mylio

Keeping all of your memories on all of your devices is easy with Mylio. Syncing allows each of your devices, whether it be computers, phones, tablets or external hard drives to always have the same information. Syncing also ensures that new photos added to one device are available on other devices and that edits, metadata, […]

Adding and Editing Keywords

Adding or editing keywords in Mylio is an easy way to keep all of your photos organized and easily searchable…

Troubleshooting: Fixing Unprotected Images

In some circumstances, Mylio may display images as unprotected in the Dashboard or the Sync panel. This means that your photos are not on all devices that have a sync policy to “want” them. If some images are listed as unprotected, the steps below will help you identify images and get them protected across multiple devices. […]

Adjusting Time and Date for Photos or Sets of Photos

Mylio has powerful tools to help you keep your photos’ metadata correct and up to date. Mylio has two different ways to alter a photos capture date. Both options are chosen from Mylio’s Adjust Date and Time dialog: Open Mylio and select the photo you wish to alter the date of. Open the Info section of […]

Device Settings

Knowing how to add devices to your Mylio account is an important part of keeping your photos protected…

Customize Mylio’s Appearance

Mylio allows for you to customize how Mylio looks and feels so that you can feel at home when editing, organizing, and sharing your photos. Here is how… Navigate to Mylio’s Appearance settings by selecting Settings from the View menu. Select Appearance. Mylio will list many ways you can customize your Mylio. Including: Language – Change […]

Sync On Demand

Sync on demand allows photos that are stored at a lower quality seamlessly sync with another connected, local device with a higher quality version of that photo automatically…

Troubleshooting: Reset Faces On Specific Image

If a photo is accidentally ignored or has is mistagged by Mylio, these steps will force Mylio to rescan the photo and allow fix known issues. Note that this does not untag previously tagged faces. Open Mylio and locate the photo you wish to reset the face recognition for. Press Shift+Space bar on your keyboard. […]

The Quick Actions Bar

  Mylio’s Quick Actions Bar gives you one-click or one-tap access to tools that you may need to access often. The Quick Action Bar can be seen at the right side of Mylio when the Details panel is closed and split between the top and bottom of the Details panel when opened.   The Quick […]

Troubleshooting: Understanding Mylio’s Support Options

Mylio’s Support Options will help you troubleshoot Mylio in the event that something is not working as expected. The Support Options can be opened in multiple ways: Support Options will automatically open if Mylio detects an issue with your Mylio Library. Support Options can be opened by holding the Alt key (Windows) or Option key […]

Setting Capture Dates For Photos Without an Exact Date

Sometimes you may have photos that you do not know an exact date for. Scanned photos, inherited photos, and computer images may require less of a defined capture date than the standard DAY/MONTH/YEAR TIME is designed for. In these instances, Mylio allows you to set a Fuzzy date so that your photos can appear correct […]

Importing Photos From a Camera or SD Card

Mylio will automatically detect if a camera or SD card has been plugged into your system. Once detected, the import option for your device will open automatically.  If a camera or SD is connected and you are not prompted to import, you can manually locate the camera and import it with these steps: Connect your […]

Importing Aperture Library Photos

Mylio makes moving your entire Aperture Library quick and easy. Mylio’s Aperture import tool includes the ability to bring over the vast majority of information found within your Aperture Library. For a complete list of what is and what is not imported from Aperture to Mylio, please see the “Aperture Edits in Mylio” tab of […]

Importing iPhoto Library Photos

Mylio makes moving your entire iPhoto Library quick and easy. Mylio’s iPhoto import tool includes the ability to import the vast majority of information found within your iPhoto Library. For a complete list of what is and what is not imported from iPhoto to Mylio, please see the “iPhoto Edits in Mylio” tab of this […]

Importing from an External Drive

Importing from an External Drive To select the correct import option for your photos and import from your external drive, follow the steps below: Open Mylio and select the Import icon in the top right. Select “Add media accessible from this device”. Mylio will display a few import options: By selecting the Copy command, Mylio […]

Importing with Copy

Mylio has a variety of Import options that will bring your photos into the Mylio Library…

The Rating Bar

 The Rating Bar in Mylio makes it easy to keep your photos organized. Use these tools to visually tag your photos into different categories. The Rating Bar can be opened easily by selecting the label/tag icon from the Quick Actions Bar. This will open the Rating Bar, as pictured here: Flag – A simple flag. This will […]

Importing Photos From Media Library On Android

When first logging in to Mylio on your Android device you will be asked if you would like to import your device’s Media Library. The Media Library includes any photos that you have taken with your Android device or any photo manually loaded to your Media Library through a computer or other app. If you […]

Advanced Import Options

When importing your photos, Mylio offers many advanced import options to ensure that your photos are imported exactly as you want them…

Troubleshooting: Unable to Sync Photos Between Devices

Mylio will transfer photos and edits between your devices whether you’re syncing just Thumbnails, Previews, or Originals. If your devices are not receiving or sending photos and edits to your other devices, follow the steps below and you should be syncing in no time! Are the Devices Seeing Each Other? The first step in getting […]

Change Language

To change the language for Mylio: Open the View menu Select Settings Select Appearance At the top should be a drop down box to select your language choice Click the restart button to the right of the drop down box to restart Mylio and apply the changes  

Exporting Photos to Flickr on a Computer or Tablet

Mylio allows users to share a single image, multiple images, albums and folders on Flickr. By uploading your images to Flickr, you can easily share your favorite photos via the web. Select the photos you would like to export. If exporting a folder or album, select that folder or album. Select the Share icon in the […]

Importing Facebook Photos

Importing your photos from Facebook is a quick and easy way to populate your Mylio library with some of your favorite photos. Using Mylio’s Facebook Album import will copy any photos that you want from your Facebook albums directly into your Mylio library.  Select the Import icon from the top right corner of Mylio. Select […]

Store Mylio on an SD Card on Android Devices

Mylio for Android allows you to store your full Mylio application and library on an SD card, giving you the freedom to carry all of your memories around with you wherever you go. Currently, this feature can only be accessed after turning on the sync panel. Open Mylio on your Android device that has an […]

Error Message: “Too many folders”

In some cases, Mylio may stop syncing if an unexpected number of folders are in the Mylio Library or there are a very high number of root folders. Generally, this happens when a folder that is not designed to be imported into Mylio is imported, such as a Lightroom Catalog. You may receive two different […]

The Menu Bar

While most everything can be changed from Mylio’s interface, there are some controls that are specific to the macOS or Windows versions of Mylio. These options are generally found within Mylio’s menu bar. The menu bar in Mylio works just like any application and is nearly identical on Mac and PC. While we won’t talk […]

The Filter Bar

Like searching in Mylio, filtering allows you to quickly and easily find a specific photo or set of photos. Mylio’s Filter bar can be opened by selecting the funnel icon at the top left of Mylio. It is important to remember that, unlike a search, performing a filter will look for media inside of your […]

Understanding Folder View

What Are Folders? Folders are one of the primary means of organization in Mylio. Folders allow you to directly manipulate your files inside and outside of Mylio so that the changes you make are not Mylio specific. Depending on your setup your Folder view may vary in its organization. Mylio Pictures Folder Each Mylio Library, by default, comes […]

The Actions Menu

The Actions menu is an easy to find menu that dynamically changes based off of your view and selection. The Actions menu will include popular commands like move, delete, and add to album. This article will discuss some of the popular items from within the Actions menu. Select All – Select all images or folders […]

The Mylio Clipboard

The Mylio Clipboard allows you to quickly and easily store photos temporarily for moving between folders, albums, or other views. Opening the Mylio Clipboard is easy – simply select the Show Mylio Clipboard icon at the bottom of the Quick Actions Bar, or begin to drag a photo down to the bottom of Mylio and The […]

Understanding Auto-Advance

Mylio’s auto-advance features allow for a quick and easy way to tag any set of photos – no matter the size. Auto-advance waits for you to rate, flag, label, or face-recognize an image before automatically showing you the next image. Mylio’s auto-advance feature can be toggled via the Rating bar in Mylio’s Quick Action Bar. Once on, Mylio […]

Renaming Files

Mylio allows you to rename a single image or a set of images to better understand what the photo is. When first importing, all file names will remain the same as they are on your camera or import device unless otherwise specified. However, you can adjust this at any time and create your own renaming […]

Editing Metadata

Editing your photo’s metadata is easy with Mylio. Making sure every photo is properly keyworded, has the correct date and time, and captioned correctly can save valuable time in the future when searching for the perfect photo. Mylio can view many pieces of metadata about your image. This can be done by: Open Mylio. Locate […]

Set Folder, Album, or Event Cover

Keeping your photos organized is easy when you know what to expect when opening a folder, album, or event. This makes setting the cover image not only fun but also important in making your library easily navigable. When setting a cover photo, keep in mind that it is not necessary for the folder, album, or […]

Confirm Drag and Drop Action

When using Mylio you may inadvertently drag and drop an image or folder onto another folder. Because Mylio is continuously syncing, this means your photos will be rearranged on your other devices as well. If this is something that happens frequently, you can toggle a setting with Mylio that will alert you when a drag […]

Understanding Flutter

Flutter allows you to see which photos are in a folder or album and easily set the cover of that folder or album. It is also a great way to show off your photos! When using Flutter, you will see the contents of the currently selected folder. For instance, if you have a folder called […]

Protecting Media to Google Drive

Mylio allows you to protect your photos to the cloud by protecting your library with Google Drive. Once this feature is enabled, any media within your Mylio Library will automatically be protected to Google Drive. If your device is lost, stolen, or broken you can retrieve all synced media from Google Drive and fully repopulate your […]

Importing and Manipulating PDFs and Microsoft Office Documents

With Mylio, you can import, view, and replicate PDFs and Microsoft Office Documents allowing you to carry important documents with you wherever you are. This article will walk you through viewing and manipulating documents in Mylio. Mylio can import PDF documents in the same way that it imports photos and videos.  That means that by default, all PDF […]

Printing Photos on a Computer or Tablet

Mylio’s print feature allows you to edit your image size settings within the print screen in order to streamline the process. Select an image that you would like to print. Select the Share icon at the bottom of Mylio. The Share menu will open. Select Print… You will be provided with four print options: Paper Size. […]

Exporting Photos to a Folder for Sharing Outside Mylio

Mylio allows you to quickly and easily export images that are part of your library. These images can be shared with social media, websites, or printing services that are not part of Mylio’s built-in share options. Select the images you wish to export. You can also select a folder or album if you wish to […]

Reset All Edits

While editing a photo in Mylio you have the option to reset all edits. The ‘reset all edits’ button is a large red button at the bottom of the Edit section of the Details Panel. This action can be taken at any time and will revert the photo to its original version. Select the image […]

Mylio for iOS Taking Up Large Amount of iCloud Space

With iCloud, Apple allows you to protect your Mylio application, including Previews and Thumbnails, directly to the cloud. This is helpful if your iOS device is lost or stolen. However, doing so may cause Mylio to take up more space than you desire in your iCloud Library. In these circumstances, you can easily decide to […]

Emailing Photos on a Computer or Tablet

Sharing your memories with friends and family is a great way to keep in touch. Luckily, Mylio makes emailing your photos easy, directly from within the Mylio application. Open Mylio and select the photo(s) you would like to share. Select the Share button in the Quick Actions Bar. Select Email. The Email options window will […]

Error Message: “Failed to get access to path.”

In some cases, Mylio may display that it is unable to get access to a specific file path. This happens when Mylio does not have permission to access a set of files or folder that it is referencing. Generally, this issue is indicative of a file or folder that is locked or read-only. If you […]

Troubleshooting: Moving the Location of Your Mylio Library

In some instances, your photo library may be much larger than your computer can store or may have been placed in an undesirable location during set-up. Luckily, Mylio can make it easy to free up space on your computer or move your library location altogether. Free Up Space By Modifying Sync Policy Add an External […]

Editing Mylio Photos in Other apps

Mylio includes an advanced set of editing tools to fully edit your photo. However, in some instances, you may want to use another photo editing application that you currently have installed. Luckily,  Mylio makes it easy to open up an image in any application that has identified itself as able to open the file. Select […]

Signing Out and Removing a Mylio Device from Your Account

Mylio is designed to be signed into once, allowing you to skip entering your Mylio email and password every time you open the application. While Mylio does not have a traditional sign out option, you can easily unregister your account from Mylio on any device, allowing Mylio to be signed in to by another Mylio user. However, […]

Troubleshooting: Removing Mylio, or Parts of Mylio, From a Machine

Mylio, like most applications, has four main parts: The application, the content, the application data, and the account. This article will show you how to remove individual parts of Mylio from your machine in instances where you might want to start over. If you are trying to reset Mylio please see this article. Mylio Application To remove […]

Error Message: “The Mylio catalog on this device needs to be repaired.”

When using Mylio, your catalog may become corrupted for a variety of reasons including unclean shutdowns and application/computer crashes. Mylio’s catalog repair tool can rebuild your local catalog (or one on an attached external hard drive/NAS device) by comparing and reconciling differences between two Mylio Devices. This article will walk you through catalog repair in the […]

Popular Uses for Brushes

Brushes can be used in many ways to enhance a photo or fix small mistakes during shooting. Here are some popular ways to use brushes…

Setting Up Mylio for Multiple Users on One Mac or PC

Mylio is designed to run as a single instance of your library on each machine, this means there can not be multiple Mylio libraries within the same user on a single machine. If you would like to run multiple copies of Mylio on the same machine, you can do so by utilizing separate users. Each user will […]

Troubleshooting: Unable to email on Windows 10

In some instances, users on Windows 10 may be unable to email photos or other media from within Mylio. You may receive an error message “No default mail client”, or similar. This issue is caused by Windows 10 being unable to use the built-in Mail client as a default mail application. This is a known […]

How to Use Brushes

Brushes in Mylio allow for flexibility in editing specific parts of a photo while not affecting other parts…

Troubleshooting: Deleted Folder or File Reappears

In some instances, files deleted from Mylio may reappear in your library after a short time. This may happen if you are using an external drive that was once used in conjunction with Time Machine drive on Mac. This may occur even if the drive is no longer linked with Time Machine, or even if the drive is no […]