About the Mylio Community Forum and Creating an Account

The Mylio Community Forum is a new page (forum.mylio.com) for our users to interact with each other and the Mylio team. As the community grows we hope to do more here, but at launch the main categories for conversations will be:

  • News featuring application and company announcements as well as update details from the Change Log
  • Get Help a place for users to help other users running into issues
  • Tips, Tricks and Best Practices sharing workflows and favorite features
  • Feedback for both the mylio.com website and the application

Occasionally, you may see posts or replies from Mylio Employees but the forums are primarily a place for user to user interactions. The Support team for the Mylio application is still available via the support.mylio.com website and via email at suppport@mylio.com but you may get just as great of an answer by asking the community in the forum.

The Mylio Community Forum is also a separate platform from the Mylio application. This means that your user name and password may be different when logging into forum.mylio.com and the Mylio app (or account.mylio.com). You do not need a forum account to read any posts but do need to sign-in to post topics or interact with others.

For the forum, you can use a third-party sign-in (Facebook or Google) or create an account with a valid email. We hope to add more sign-in options in the future to align with the sign-in options currently available in the Mylio application.



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