The Actions Menu

The Actions menu is an easy to find menu that dynamically changes based off of your view and selection. The Actions menu will include popular commands like move, delete, and add to album. This article will discuss some of the popular items from within the Actions menu.

  • Select All – Select all images or folders in the currently open container.
  • Select None – Deselect all images and folders that may be selected.
  • Share… – Send this photo to Facebook, email, Flickr, or a local printer.
  • Add to Mylio Clipboard – The current selection will be added to your Mylio Clipboard.
  • Add to Album… – Select an album that you would like to send the selected photo(s) to.
  • Move to Folder… – Move the selected photo(s) or folder to another folder.
  • New Folder – Create a new folder within the container you are currently viewing.
  • New Folder with selected items – Create a new folder within the container you are currently viewing that contains the selected media.
  • New Event from selected media dates – Create a new event containing the selected media.
  • Duplicate Photo – Creates a second copy of the selected photo(s).
  • Rename Photo – Alter the file name of the selected image.
  • Delete Photo… – Delete the selected photo(s) or folder(s) from Mylio, and delete them from the operating system.
  • Change Date… – Alter the date that a specific photo or set of photos was taken.
  • Show in Parent Folder –  Shows the image in its folder in Mylio. This is great to use when in All Photos view and you want to see what folder a photo is in.
  • Show in Finder / Finder Explorer – Opens a new Finder or File Explorer window and displays the selected photo or folder.
  • Set as Cover… – Change the cover image of a specific folder to the selected image.


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