Notifications & Activity Center

Mylio’s Notification & Activity Center keeps your alerts and progress out of the way so you can continue to enjoy your media without disruption. When you get a new notification Mylio will show a blue tab coming from the chat bubble in the top-right.¬†Clicking on the chat bubble will open the Notifications and Activity Center and show you what Mylio is working on as well any issues you should be aware of. You can also view Notifications in the Dashboard.

Once opened, the Notification and Activity center can be moved anywhere within the Mylio window to allow you to keep it open but still continue other tasks and complete your work.
  • Notifications: Provides reminders when devices need to be synced, updates ran, or errors were reported. You can view them all together or separate notifications between System or Errors.
  • Activity:¬†This section will keep track of ongoing processes Mylio is running. This can include scanning for changes to your library, importing, exporting, and more.


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