Troubleshooting: Add External Drive Window Displaying Randomly

In an effort to protect your photos, Mylio will detect any newly attached drives and display a setting that asks if you would like to use this drive as a Mylio Device. By adding the drive, you will be protecting all of your photos onto the drive.

If you would like to stop Mylio from displaying this window, you can disable the pop up in two ways:

  1. Toggle the “Show this dialog next time” button to off when the Add External Drive window opens.
  2. Disable the “Show ‘Add External Drive’ Dialog” from within Settings > General >¬†Show “Add External Drive'”.
    Add External Drive Mylio

If the option is disabled and you would like to re-enable it, you can easily do this by toggling the “Show ‘Add External Drive'” Dialog to on within Settings > General > “Show ‘Add External Drive’ Dialog”.

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