Adding and Editing Keywords

Adding or editing keywords in Mylio is an easy way to keep all of your photos organized and easily searchable. Mylio makes it easy to add, edit, remove, and adjust keywords.


Adding or Removing Keywords

When using keywords that are consistent across a selection of photos, or editing keywords for a single keyword, you can easily use the standard Keywords section in the Info section of the Details panel.

  1. Open Mylio and select the image or images you would like to apply keywords to.
  2. Navigate to the Info section of the Details panel.
  3. Use the Keywords section to add, remove, and edit keywords. 

View a List of All Used Keywords

Mylio includes a list of all keywords currently used within your library. This is helpful if you don’t remember a specific keyword you may have used to represent a specific set of photos.

  1. Open the Search menu by clicking the drop-down arrow on the right of the Search bar.
  2. The Keywords Search bar has a drop-down arrow to the right of the Search bar that includes your list of keywords.


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