Adding Additional Devices

Mylio is designed to keep all of your photos with you on all of your devices all of the time. This means that getting Mylio installed on all of your devices is an integral part of the Mylio experience.

Mylio can be installed on Android, iOS, Mac, and Windows devices that meet Mylio’s system requirements. Each device can be used to store all original files, called a Vault, or sync with auto-optimized versions of your files to save space.

To better protect your photos you can add additional Vaults that have the necessary storage to want Original images. Alternatively, you can add a device to sync in auto-optimized quality so that you can show off your pictures wherever you are. To add a new device:

  1. Open the Dashboard.
  2. Select the Add button in the top right of the Devices section of the Dashboard.
  3. Mylio will offer recommendations for protecting your photos. These may include:
    1. Add Computer
    2. Add External Drive
    3. Add NAS
    4. Add Amazon Drive, Google Drive, or Microsoft OneDrive

Once selected, Mylio will guide you through getting started on these devices.


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