Advanced Import Options

When importing your photos, Mylio offers a clean and easy import process to quickly get your images into Mylio. If you want more options when importing your photos, you can toggle on Mylio’s Advanced Import Options. Here is how:

  1. Open Mylio and select Settings from the View menu.
  2. Select Advanced.
  3. Toggle on Show Advanced Import Settings. 

Available Advanced Import Options

Not all options below will be available for all import types.

  • File Naming
    Auto-adjust the name of your files as they are imported. This option allows you to rename files in specified ways as the files are loaded into your Mylio Library. Mylio will reference the photos’ metadata to find the information needed for the renaming. This action can be performed after import as well by using Mylio’s auto-file naming feature.
  • Folder Organization
    Adjusting your photos’ folder organization on import allows you to change the file structure that your files are in as they are being imported into Mylio. By default, Mylio is set to keep the existing organization and import all folders. This can be changed to ‘”Keep existing organization – Import Contents”  which ignores the top level folder and simply imports the contents of that folder. For example, if there is a folder called “Great Photos” that is separated between “Landscape”, “Animals”, and “Portrait” photos, importing with the “Keep existing organization- Import Folders” will import the “Great Photos” folder with all folders inside of it. Using the “Keep existing organization – Import Contents” command will only import the three subfolders “Landscape”, “Animals”, and “Portraits”.
  • Folder Organization – Custom Folder Names
    Mylio allows you to name the folder you are importing into based off of many different criteria. This is found within the Folder Organization section, below the “Keep existing organization” options. Custom folder names allow you to import into a folder that is named off of the information found within your photo’s metadata. This includes folders with names such as year/month, year, day, and even current date. Additionally, you can create a custom naming scheme based off of many different factors, like time, camera name, and photo sequence.
  • Add Folder Name to Keywords
    When on, Mylio will automatically add the folder name to the keyword of the imported photos.
  • Keywords
    Automatically apply new keywords to all imported photos.
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