Understanding Calendar View

Mylio’s Calendar view is a unique, fun, and powerful way to view and locate your photos. Calendar view, unlike Albums view and Folders view, is primarily an automated view that populates based on the metadata of your photos. This means you can find your photos without spending time organizing – just select the date and see your photos.

Calendar view is made up of three views:

  • Decade view – Shows you photos in years, separated by decade.
  • Year view – Shows your photos in months, separated by year.
  • Month view – Shows your photos by day, separated by month.

By double-clicking or tapping on a timeframe, Mylio will display the next smallest view available until you are viewing your photos for a specific day.

Mylio’s Calendar view can be further optimized by adding events. By coupling Mylio’s Calendar view and events, you will create what is known as a Life Calendar™ – a beautiful, sortable, quickly navigable look at all of your memories.

If photos in Calendar view do not seem to be in the right place, you can adjust their date/time metadata to fix this.


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