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Editing Mylio Photos in Other apps

Mylio includes an advanced set of editing tools to fully edit your photo. However, in some instances, you may want to use another photo editing application that you currently have installed. Luckily,  Mylio makes it easy to open up...

Mylio and Cloud Synchronization Services (Dropbox, OneDrive, Box)

At this time, Mylio is designed to sync with two cloud synchronization services: Amazon Drive / Amazon Photos Google Drive Combining unsupported synchronization services like Dropbox, OneDrive, Box, and Mylio is not currently supported. Doing so can cause a...

Mylio and CaptureOne

As of this time, Capture One is not part of our import, export or editing process. The interoperability between both applications would have to be on the file system level. With that being said, changes made to a local...

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