Mylio and Cloud Synchronization Services

At this time, Mylio is designed to sync with three cloud synchronization services:

Using the above-mentioned services with Mylio is only supported when they are added as devices from the Mylio Dashboard. Using these services/apps to sync Mylio’s folders on your computer to the cloud in any other way is not supported.┬áCombining unsupported synchronization services like Dropbox or Box with Mylio is also not supported. Doing so can cause a variety of issues, including:

  1. Import errors or the inability to import folders.
  2. Duplicate images in your synchronization services.
  3. Loss of data.

These issues arise when Mylio and the cloud service attempt to replicate the same data. This means that the folder and its contents may be either available to Mylio, or not, at different times. Some services, such as Dropbox, may also have folder permissions that Mylio cannot access. We are investigating using Mylio with additional synchronization services in the future.


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