Creating Display Images for edits made outside of Mylio

At this time, Mylio will not display edits made to XMP files by other applications, including Lightroom Classic. Mylio will synchronize the edits written to XMPs to the other devices on your account, it just won’t display them.
If you want Mylio to display edits made outside of Mylio, you can use the third-party application and export a “JPG” version of the photo and put the exported jpg in the exact same folder as the Original with the exact same filename and “_display” (no quotes) appended.
Ex: If you have a file named DSC1234.CR2, perform your edits in the third-party app and export a jpeg as DSC1234_display.jpg to the exact same folder. Mylio will “stack” the display jpeg image with the RAW and then show the “display” image in the Mylio UI.
Mylio users who also use Adobe Lightroom Classic (not Creative Cloud), we will automatically install a plugin to use with Lightroom Classic if we detect the app installed at the time that Mylio is updated or installed.
After you have used Lightroom Classic to edit any photos that are in a folder that Mylio is watching, drag and drop them to the Mylio plugin under “Publish Services” the left panel of Lightroom Classic. Then, Publish the photos with the “publish” button near the top-right. The plugin will make a display Image without the export process listed above.
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