Customize Mylio’s Appearance

Mylio allows for you to customize how Mylio looks and feels so that you can feel at home when editing, organizing, and sharing your photos. Here is how…

  1. Navigate to Mylio’s Appearance settings by selecting Settings from the View menu.
  2. Select Appearance.
  3. Mylio will list many ways you can customize your Mylio. Including:
    1. Show Folder View – turn on and off the ability to view folders in Mylio.
    2. Use Preview Animations – Toggle animations when scrolling between photos.
    3. Use detailed progress reporting – Mylio will be more verbose about the tasks that it currently is working on.
    4. Use Sticky Zoom – When zoomed into a photo, navigating to the next photo will not reset the zoom level.
    5. Always show Scrollbars – Force scrollbars to always display. Windows only.
    6. Show file name extensions – Display file names for annotations and title fields.
    7. Rating/Label/Flag in all views – Tagging with a rating, label, or flag in any view will cause auto-advance to activate.
    8. People Tagging – Decide in which views Auto-Advanced will function will tagging people.