Customizing Calendar View

Customizing your calendar is an important step in ensuring that all of your photos are easily locatable. Mylio offers extensive customization of the calendar from a variety of menus.

View Menu Customization

View Menu Customization

Mylio allows for customization in Decade view, Year view, and Day view. There are no View customizations in Month view.

  1. Sort Ascending – Sorts your photos with the newest date at the bottom.
  2. Sort Descending – Sorts your photos with the newest date at the top.
  3. Start Slideshow – Starts a slideshow with the photos currently being viewed.

Calendar View Customization

Calendar View Customizations

Mylio also allows for general customization of your Life Calendar™. Here is how:

  1. Open Mylio and select Settings from the View menu.
  2. Select Calendar
  3. Options include…
    1. Feature Photo Ranking – here you can see, and change, the heuristics of how Mylio decides what photos should be featured at covers of your Life Calendar™.
    2. Categories to Show – change which categories of events should be shown on your life calendar. You can also add new categories here.
    3. Include Private Folders – include folders in the Life Calendar™ that you have marked as private.
    4. Number of event bars to display – how many events should be shown on the cover of your image
    5. Hide events longer than – if an event is above a specified threshold, it won’t be shown on the calendar.
    6. Only show sub-events in Month view – if sub-events are created, only show them in Month view.

Event Categories Customizations

Event Categories Customizations

Mylio allows you to easily customize your event categories to different colors, names, or order.

  1. Select Settings from the View menu.
  2. Select Calendar.
  3. Select Categories to Show to begin editing your Event Categories
    1. Color – select the color to the left of a category name to edit the color for that category.
    2. Name – select the name of the category to edit the name.
    3. Show/Hide – choose to show/hide events in that category on the Calendar.
    4. Delete – delete a category with the “x” to the right of the category.
    5. Add New – select the Add New button to create a new category.