The Mylio Dashboard

The Mylio Dashboard is your one view to fully understand everything about your Mylio Library. From your library’s media count to your device’s sync status, the Mylio Dashboard is full of fun and practical information to help you keep control of your growing photo library. To access the Mylio Dashboard, simply select the Dashboard text from the Navigation bar along the top or select the shield icon in the top right corner of Mylio.

The shield icon will also display a red badge with a number on it when images need to sync to the device you’re using. This serves as a quick reminder that you have imported new photos on another device and should sync them when you have the time. The Mylio Dashboard is made up of many different panels. These panels include…

Getting Started

This introduction section peals back the layers of Mylio with you by providing essential steps needed to maximize your Mylio experience. Select each topic to be guided through different tasks and 100% your setup with this app introduction. Once completed, you can remove this section after completing it via the View menu while in the Dashboard or by scrolling to the bottom of the Getting started panel.


A larger representation of half of the Notifications and Activity center, allowing you to see and view any notifications that Mylio is trying to get your attention to.


The Actions panel is a quick way to get some quick and recommended tasks done. They include:

  1. Add Files – This brings up the Import window to add more photos to your library.
  2. Create Event – Opens up the New event window to add events to Mylio’s Calendar view.
  3. Add Device – The same action from the Devices panel to add more devices to sync your library to.
  4. Tag Faces – Opens up Mylio’s Batch tagging view to quickly the most popular faces in your library.


The Devices section will show you important information about all of the devices registered to your Mylio account. This is an important page and can be used to view your devices, their sync status, and make changes to how they operate.

Let’s take a closer look.

  1. Add a new device with the “+Add” button in the top right corner.
  2. The device you’re currently using is always listed at the top.
  3. Note each device has an icon to tell you what type of device it is. Whether a computer, a phone, cloud service, NAS, or an external drive, Mylio will display that for reference here as well as signify any Vaults (devices storing all of your Originals).
  4. Arrows and checkmarks indicate the sync status
    • A green checkmark indicates that the device is in Sync
    • A green down arrow indicates that the device is receiving media from another device
    • A green up arrow indicates that the device is sending media to another device
    • A grey down arrow indicates that the device is offline and needs to sync
    • A grey check mark indicates that the device is offline but is in sync
  5. Selecting a device from the list will open a third panel and bring up its Device Settings

Library Stats

Your Library stats are made up of a few different panels and tell you about your library and its contents. Clicking on any field from these lists will do a search in your library to view photos that match the same criteria.

  1. People – How many people are tagged in your library and how many photos of each.
  2. Places – How many locations you’ve visited and how many photos were taken in each location.
  3. Library – Shows file extensions separated into groups of Photos, Videos, and Documents.
  4. Cameras – View all the different cameras that have taken photos or videos in your library.
  5. Lenses – Use different lenses for the same camera? No problem, view them all here.
  6. Keywords – Which keywords have been used in your library.
  7. Import Sessions – A list of your imports that have been made in your library.

Help and more

You can get help with Mylio in a variety of ways in this panel. Links to our website and community forum as well as a contact button to email our Support Team are included here.

  1. Learn about Mylio sections here link to our most popular support articles for guides and tutorials
  2. Mylio community – quick links to the different sections of our Community forum with great insight from our users.
  3. Mylio website – manage your account, visit our support site, view our most popular blog posts, or go directly to the front page.
  4. What’s New? – View our documented change log and what’s new pages that explain all that is included in the latest updates.

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