The Details Panel

Complete control over your photos can be found within Mylio’s Details panel. The Details panel allows you to fine-tune your images, view their data, and set up Mylio to sync your photos correctly between your devices.

The Details panel can be opened or closed by selecting the arrows at the top of the Quick Actions Bar.

Info – Displays information about the current selection or open folder. With a photo selected, Mylio will display the metadata for that image and tell you vital information like what camera it was shot with, when it was shot, and any keywords that may have been added. You’ll also see people who have been tagged in the image, where the photo was taken, and be able to edit the image’s metadata here.

Map – For photos with GPS information, Mylio can show you on a map where your photo was taken. If your photo doesn’t have GPS information, don’t worry – you can use this Map section of the Details panel to add GPS information to your photos.

Edit – Mylio has a full editing suite to ensure your photos always look amazing. Whether you want to add a filter or do some fine-tuning, Mylio’s editing tools can help get it done. And Mylio is always non-destructive, so if you don’t like your changes you can always use the “Reset all edits” button at the bottom of the Edit section of the Details panel.

Sync – The Sync section of the Details panel will only be available when it is turned on. This panel will give you full control over your images by seeing where they are or where they want to go. You can also adjust the Sync Policy of your files and folders using the Sync Panel.

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