Troubleshooting: Understanding Photo DPI / PPI

DPI is the measurement of dots per inch when printing a photo. Many photo printers still require a photo to be measured at at least 300 DPI. In reality, the term DPI does not directly apply your digital photos, as the quality of a photo is measured in resolution and megapixels. DPI is not relevant to digital photos as an inch is not measurable on a digital device. Many camera manufacturers simply add a random number to their photo’s EXIF information to fill in the DPI field. This number can range from 72 to 300, but it has no bearing on the actual quality of a photo.

When preparing your files for export from Mylio, you will work with two main settings in regards to printing/web…

  • Resolution
    • The pixel dimensions in which the photo will be exported. This directly relates to PPI and the photos quality.
  • Quality
    • The amount of compression added to the photo. The more compression, the lower the quality, the lower the file size.

There are many resources available online to further explain the misconceptions of DPI. Some of our favorites come from:




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