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Why is Mylio Photos only available as a subscription and not as a one-time purchase?
Why is Mylio Photos only available as a subscription and not as a one-time purchase?
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A Mylio Photos+ subscription is a complete tool set that helps you consolidate, organize, enhance, and protect your photos. Mylio Photos+ is both the application that runs on your devices, and the service that enables many of the authentication, security, and synchronization features.

Here are a few reasons why:

  • Mylio Photos+ allows devices running Windows, macOS, Android, iOS, and iPadOS to easily connect. This means constantly keeping up on evolving hardware and software updates and changes.

  • Part of the service is the infrastructure providing authentication and connectivity for your private devices to find, recognize, and interact with each other seamlessly.

  • The service also enables published web galleries through our Shared Albums features at no additional cost.

  • Most importantly, subscribers enjoy full access to a continuously improved application. Our development team regularly releases updates with useful new features, as well as enhancements for ease of use and optimized performance.

We offer both convenient monthly and annual plans that give you flexibility in billing. We believe that by charging fairly for our application and focusing our development on the needs of our paying customers, we can continue to deliver a service that protects your photos and is enjoyable and reliable. Mylio Photos+ ensures your pictures are always accessible and well protected.


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