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Change Log and Release Notes
Change Log and Release Notes
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Mylio Photos 24.3 Refresh 2

Updated June 13, 2024

Version: 24.3

macOS Build: 24.3.7760

Windows Build: 24.3.7760

iOS Build: 24.3.7760

Android Build: 24.3.7760


  • This release addresses an issue that affected some users who upgraded devices and had issues with custom categories. This fix is to prevent the problem from happening on future upgrades. Any customers already affected should contact support for assistance with restoring their custom categories.

Be sure to UPDATE the app on all your devices

Mylio Photos 24.3 - 7759 (Refresh Release)

Updated June 6, 2024

Version: 24.3

macOS Build: 24.3.7759

Windows Build: 24.3.7759

iOS Build: 24.3.7758 (not updated)

Android Build: 24.3.7759

New Features

  • Added a facility to input a user’s License key as part of the initial on-boarding process when first launching the Mylio Photos app.

Mylio Photos v. 24.3 - 7758

Updated May 9, 2024

Version: 24.3 - 7758

macOS Build: 24.758

Windows Build: 24.7758

iOS Build: 24.7758

Android Build: 24.7758

New and Enhanced Features

  • Right Panel Storage Tab - Precise control and information over file storage.

    • See files associated with an image

    • See what version of each file is store locally on the device you’re using

    • Adjust Sync Policy per image on both local or connected storage devices

    • At-a-glance storage requirements per file

    • Find location of Original files

    • Find a file’s source and import date

  • Find command - locate content within the current view or container

    • Cmd+F (macOS) or Ctrl+F (Windows) to launch the command

    • Choose the Find command form the More Menu in mobile devices

    • Search criteria can be simple queries or Custom Search and Expressions

    • Updated Shortcuts

      • Find | Cmd+F (macOS) Ctrl+F (Windows)

      • Quick Filter | F (macOS) F (Windows)

      • Dynamic Search | Cmd+Option+F (macOS) Ctrl+Alt+F (Windows)

  • Editing Toolbar - quick access to automated editing tools

    • AutoEnhance – Brightens and increases color – perfect for photos with unnatural lighting

    • AutoColor – Fixes color balance issues - perfect for photos with unnatural lighting

    • AutoTone – Fixes exposure and contrast issues - bringing life back to underexposed or overly washed out images

  • Learn Panel - integrated floating window with learning and help resources

    • Integrated Learning Resources directly within the app, ranging from quick step-by-step tutorials to short videos, all without leaving the app.

    • Searchable Help Articles and Videos. Just describe your problem and several suggestions are offered, ranked by relevance.

    • Essentials Training. Just getting started? The Essentials training is right there to guide you through the basics of navigating and using the application effectively.

    • Interactive GPT-Powered Chat. Have a question? Just type it into the GPT-powered chat within the Learn Panel. This smart chatbot is designed to search through extensive resources to provide you with accurate and helpful answers quickly.

    • Live Support Chat. If you prefer a human touch, the Learn Panel also includes access to a live support team available on weekdays. They’re ready to assist you with any questions you might have about using Mylio Photos.

    • Floating Window Flexibility. The panel now opens by default for new users and those on a trial but comes in a new floating window format. This means you can move it around and position it either inside or outside the application window as per your convenience.

  • Spaces - expanded functionality includes:

    • Spaces Templates (User Roles)

      • Teen - Designed for a teen’s use. View, add, or modify Family photos and any photos captured on the device.

      • Viewer - Designed to give a family member a simplified view-only experience.

      • Family History Collaborator - Perfect for those working on a family history project. Grant access to photos and add or modify essential metadata.

      • Co-worker - Designed for those working together. A simplified viewing experience with editing and sharing.

      • Co-worker (Trusted) - Offers those working together expanded collaboration. A robust viewing experience with editing and sharing.

      • Photo Manager - Allows someone else full access to all files except those marked Private.

      • Public – This user has access to all settings of Mylio Photos and can add, modify, or delete items. They cannot see items marked private when viewing in Mylio Photos.

      • Everything – This user has access to all settings of Mylio Photos and can add, modify, or delete items.

    • Restricted features or Tools in Space are now hidden in the User Interface

  • Workflows - simplified Mylio Photos interface according to specific tasks and goals.

    • Starter Workflows

      • Basic. The simplest interface that shows just the All Photos view

      • Organizing. Use People, Albums, Folders, and the Map to truly organize any size library.

      • Photo Sharing. A streamlined view to search and browse photos and albums for sharing with others

      • File Management. Do detailed work with folders and cleanup tools

      • Device Setup. Manage your devices and settings in your Mylio Photos+ account.

  • Enhanced Family History - added tools:

    • Family History Category: Quickly categorize your images with a tap. This default category makes it easier to filter and find your historical content without the need for custom tags.

    • Family History Space: Dedicated space within Mylio Photos is tailored for users focused on family history. It displays only your family history photos, making it easier to browse through and organize your archival materials.

  • Project Watcher - new option

    • Add your project to Mylio Photos as a series of watched folders where all newly added assets will be periodically added to your Mylio Photos Library.

  • Post to VIEWBUG - new publishing tool providing the ability to post directly to your VIEWBUG account.

    • Dedicated option in the Mylio Photos Share Menu

    • Ability to Watermark your photos

    • Ability to add tags and modify photos individually when uploading multiple images

  • Modification of QuickFilters - easily modify QuickFilter pills after you’ve added them using a Right-click or Long-press.

    • Different choices will be available depending on the type of filter and its current status:

      • Include – This option is used to filter based on items that match it.

      • Exclude – This option is used to show items that do not match the criteria.

      • Pin Filter – Convert a filter to a pinned state to stack another from the same group with it

      • Remove Filter – Subtract the filter from the current recipe

  • Enhanced Safe Delete Controls - This setting can now be customized for each device on your account individually.

    • Restore deleted files (default) – If an original-quality version of the file is stored on another device, Mylio Photos will attempt to restore the file to the selected device.

    • Free up space on this device – The deleted file will not be restored to the selected device, but if an original-quality file is stored on another device, it will be preserved.

    • Delete from all devices – The deleted file will not be restored, and all versions of the file will be removed from all devices.

WARNING: Safe Delete only applies to changes made in the file system and does not apply to files deleted from within the Mylio Photos application. It is always best to manage your files from within the Mylio Photos application and pay close attention to file operations such as move or delete.

Other Changes and Improvements

  • Updated Messaging if machine stops syncing - a warning banner will appear when a device stops syncing for an extended period of time.

  • Remove Visual Stack Effect - Previously there was a visual effect applied to people, folders, and albums. This effect slowed down the user interface and redraw times. The ability to use a swipe or mouse scroll to flutter through a container's contents is not affected by the change.

  • Improved Visibility of Info Panel Tabs - improved the contrast ratio of the Info panel tabs to meet accessibility standards. Choose whether to hide the Sync panel or the new Storage panel for a minimal interface (under Settings -> Device Appearance).

  • Expanded Location Fields - several additional location fields previously only available in Family History mode, were added to the Mylio Photos Info panel regardless of mode.

  • Ability to opt out of SmartTag Search - For users with very large libraries (or those who don’t like assisted organization) you can disable SmartTags from being shown in the Search results.

  • Sharing options under Known People in Info Panel - share image via email or message or even initiate a phone call from the Known People thumbnails under the Info Panel

  • Face Tagging Improvements and fixes:

    • Retain Current Face switching views when Face Tagging. When you switch from the current person into a single image, the active person remains targeted in the full photo for tagging.

    • Keep Consistent Face Tag Counts Across Platforms. We’ve improved the consistency of the face tag counts across platforms when syncing multiple devices with Mylio Photos+. For the most accurate counts, disable the Auto-Tagging feature.

    • Several other face tagging performance issues and UI inconsistencies have also been addressed.

  • Improved S3 Compatibility - Certain servers had difficulty connecting to Mylio Photos. We’ve improved the compatibility of S3 servers.

  • Improved Photo Explorer - added the ability to click on a person’s icon to see additional photos with them.

  • Fixed Eyedropper Tool for Levels - The eye droppers work correctly to set the Levels for Whites, Midtones, and Blacks. Be sure to click the Done button when finished using the tool.

New Camera Support - added support for cameras and formats.

  • OM System OM-1 Mark II

  • Fujifilm X100VI

  • Support crop mode on the Sony a7CR

  • Improved decoding for several Fujifilm raw formats

Bugs fixes and user-requested improvements

Many fixes to previously reported issues, including:

  • Download of multiple items on Mobile devices.

  • Rename Files on Import with Google takeout wot working.

  • Issue when setting a cover image on People containers.

  • Image Quality status not refreshing after download when Filmstrip not enabled.

  • Application would sometimes crash when exiting Crop Mode via View Menu.

  • Application would crash when using Auto-mark and app set to certain languages.

  • Certain Spaces Permissions not being fully enforced

  • Map View incorrect returns of untagged media

  • And many other minor bug fixes

Be sure to UPDATE the app on all your devices

Mylio Photos 24.2 - 7733

Updated February 28, 2024

Version: 24.2 - 7733

macOS Build: NA

Windows Build: NA

iOS Build: 24.7733

Android Build: 24.7733

Changes and Bug Fixes

  • Resolves an issue an issue with Face Tagging interface on iOS and Android devices

Be sure to UPDATE the app on all your devices

Mylio Photos 24.2 - 7732

Updated February 23, 2024

Version: 24.2 - 7732

macOS Build: NA

Windows Build: NA

iOS Build: 24.7732

Android Build: 24.7732

Changes and Bug Fixes

  • Resolves an issue an issue on iOS and Android devices were certain part of the UI were not present

Be sure to UPDATE the app on all your devices

Mylio Photos v. 24.2 - 7731

Updated February 21, 2024

Version: 24.2 - 7731

macOS Build: 24.7731

Windows Build: 24.7731

iOS Build: 24.7730

Android Build: 24.7730

New and Enhanced Features

  • Multiple Account Management - Ability to switch profiles in the Mylio Photos application to manage multiple Mylio accounts on one device

    • Create Profiles and associate them with a specific Mylio account

    • Easily switch between profiles to manage multiple accounts and libraries all on the same device

    • Each profile has a corresponding Mylio System Folder

  • Map View and Panel Improvements - New Left Panel addition in Map View along with other navigational changes on the Right Panel

    • Left Panel

      • New “tree” navigation on the Left Panel of the Map View shows hierarchical locations

      • Tree list can be sorted Alphabetically or by Media Count

      • Click a location to navigate to it on the Map quickly

      • The tree list is searchable and will return partial matches and suggestions

    • Right Panel

      • Removed Map tab from the right panel info view

      • All navigation, drag & drop, and edit functions can now be performed directly in the map under “Place” in the Info panel

      • Turn the entire Right Panel into a Map using the Map Expand button

  • AutoTone adjustment - Enhance your images to look better and repair issues

    • One button tone auto adjustments to make your digital photos look their best.

    • Optimized to improve the black point and white point of the image to achieve proper contrast.

  • Expanded PhotoExplorer Connections - additional features and functionality to enhance photo discovery and sharing

    • After adding contact information to people in your library, they can be interacted with from PhotoExplorer.

    • Easily share photos via text and email.

    • Start a group message with all the people in an image.

    • Initiate a phone call right from a photo.

  • Full Screen Image View - Focus on Just the Image and Nothing Else

    • Press Shift+F to toggle the Full-Screen view.

    • The Quick Action overlays are hidden.

    • Media buttons for Live Photo and video playback will fade off if the cursor doesn’t move.

    • Offers a more immersive view with fewer distractions.

  • Extended Person Name Fields - added fields to provide more granularity to a person’s name. These new fields are hidden by default but can be activated under Settings -> Device Appearance

    • Prefix

    • Middle Name

    • Suffix

    • Other Last Name (such as a Maiden name)

    • Nickname

  • Enhanced FamilySearch Connections - expanded use of the FamilySearch database

    • Use of the dataset to include more relationships for the people in your library

    • Use of the dataset to include more geographic data for the photos in your library

  • Photo DeClutter Enhancements - The new Auto-Mark tool helps you identify and mark photos based on certain visual properties such as focus, exposure, eyes open, etc.

Other Changes

  • FamilySearch Badges - add a badge to a photo that has been shared to

  • Face Recognition - improvements when combining untagged faces into batch proposals

  • Shared Albums Sort Order - shared albums now follow the Manual sort order designated to them before publishing

  • Cosmetic and Text Changes - lots of text, language, and interface corrections and enhancements

  • Camera Roll in SyncPanel - connectivity toggle switch for syncing a device’s camera roll/media library

  • Sharing options under Known People in Info Panel - share image via email or message or even initiate a phone call from the Known People thumbnails under the Info Panel

  • Streamlined Support Options for Mylio Photos + Accounts

    • Contact Support provides optimized options based on the account type and status

    • Separate Help Menu option for submitting logs from your system at any time

New Camera Support - added support for cameras and formats.

  • Fuji GFX 100 II

  • Nikon Z f

  • OM Digital Solutions TG-7

  • Sony ILCE-9M3

  • HIF format support for Sony a6700

Bugs fixes and user-requested improvements

Many fixes to previously reported issues, including:

  • Running a new search in Dynamic Search automatically cancels the previous one.

  • The By Date QuickFiIlters now work correctly with images with dates before 1970.

  • Camera Roll/Media Library Sync Settings – Want to stop a device from adding new media from the camera roll or system media library? You can use a switch on each device in the Device panel for iOS, Android, and macOS using iCloud Photo Library.

  • The filter bar now stays open when the QuickFilter panel is open.

  • We now support Photoshop Template (.psdt) files in Mylio Photos. These are often used for stock image templates used by designers.

  • When connecting an Apple Photos library or Android Camera roll, Mylio Photos now properly refers to the connection as a Link to help users better understand that Mylio Photos is linked to the data source and that it has not duplicated or copied existing media.

  • Choosing Manage Account Details in the app will take you directly to your Mylio Account page on the web without logging in. Here, you can adjust your username, password, and billing details. You can also remove old devices that are unused.

  • The Presets panel has the new AutoTone tool added. An issue that could cause upside-down previews is also addressed.

  • The Show As Container option is now renamed as Show as Folders. When browsing a folder of images, you can click the More menu to see all nested items in a flat view. Choose Show as Folders to see all the nested containers.

  • The Picked (P) and Rejected (X) keyboard shortcuts act as toggles. Press once to apply. Press again to remove. This works for Stars as well (1-5).

  • Upgrading to Mylio Photos+ or starting a trial no longer requires restarting the application.

  • Two Mylio Clipboard improvements. You can press Cmd+A/Ctrl+A to select all items on the Mylio Clipboard. Albums also now refresh when dragging items in from the clipboard.

  • Performance improvement for users with several custom Categories.

  • Improved More menu on smartphones. It no longer covers OS or other controls.

  • The ratings panel refreshes more consistently.

  • The Photo > Open with command properly sends a raw file when asked if a display image is present.

  • Files with a .hif extension are now correctly interpreted as HEIF files and can be recognized by Mylio Photos. Microsoft Windows may need to install the HEIF Image Extensions from the Microsoft Store, depending on the operating system version.

  • Updated keyboard shortcuts Opt+1–3/Alt+1–3 for the Info panel tabs. See more keyboard shortcuts here –

  • Resolved a crash related to using the Photo DeDupe Tool

  • The Batch Face Tagging list remains after going into SIngle view mode and back again

  • Resolved an issue that required Contacts permission for media import on Android devices

  • The “Open with” Command now correctly handles display images

  • Resolved crashes when certain areas of the UI were invoked

  • Resolved various crashes with Android devices

  • And many other minor bug fixes

Be sure to UPDATE the app on all your devices

Mylio Photos 24.1 - 7711 (macOS only)

Updated January 17, 2024

Version: 24.1 - 7711

macOS Build: 24.7711

Windows Build: NA

iOS Build: NA

Android Build: NA

Changes and Bug Fixes

  • This is a macOS update only

  • Resolves an issue with repeated Catalog Repair notifications

Be sure to UPDATE the app on all your devices

Mylio Photos 24.1 - 7710

Updated January 4, 2024

Version: 24.1 - 7710

macOS Build: 24.1.7710

Windows Build: 24.1.7710

iOS Build: 24.1.7710

Android Build: 24.1.7710

Enhanced and added Features

  • New - Connections & Contact information in People View

    • Includes fields for dates, contact info, relationships, categories, and FamilySearch ID

    • Support for importing a VCF or V-Card file

    • Support for adding contact info directly from device address book

    • Support for manually adding any contact details

    • Support for importing FamilySearch Contact details

  • New Photo Explorer Actions for any Person with Contact Info

    • Send quick text/message (macOS)

    • Send quick email (macOS, iOS, Android, Windows)

  • Enhanced Sharing Functionality

    • Add graphic Watermarks when exporting or sharing photos

    • Added function to export directly to

    • Added function to share directly to FamilySearch

    • Create a Shareable Link from any group of photos, similar to Shared Albums

    • Share all person photos via email or text

  • Improved User Interface and Experience

    • Improved Right Panel with better organization and a cleaner look

    • Improved Vault Setup

    • New QuickActions for easy pivots and discovery

      • Show in Folder

      • Show in Calendar

    • Multi-photo selection directly in Dynamic Search results; support for sharing from Dynamic Search results

    • An Expanded Learn panel with added functionality and a searchable KnowledgeBase

Changes and Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue preventing GPS data from properly importing on some Android devices

  • Corrected an issue when renaming files with a sequence

  • Corrected an issue with inconsistent counts of rejected items

  • Changed the Enable Auto-Tag setting to default “off” position

  • Resolved a scrolling issue on iOS devices

  • Resolved a scrolling position issues when switching views

  • Resolved an issue where some timestamps would revert when adjusting other metadata

  • Fixed various issues with Event and Album covers not updating correctly

  • Fixed a recurring crash when searching in QuickFilters

  • Fixed a recurring crash when syncing with Mylio Drive

  • Resolved a crash when copying files from certain search categories

  • Fixed some issues related to PIN codes in Spaces

  • Restored View Untagged functionality in the Map View

  • And many other minor bug fixes

Be sure to UPDATE the app on all your devices

Mylio Photos 24 - 7697

Updated November 29, 2023

Version: 24 - 7697

macOS Build: 24.7697

Windows Build: 24.7697

iOS Build: 24.7697

Android Build: 24.7697

Changes and Bug Fixes

  • Improvements to Spaces, simplifying first use and enhancing the user experience

    • Switch the default space to ‘Everything’ in order to give new users the opportunity to opt-in and customize their usage

    • Spaces now includes more in-app information with a link for further education

    • Application of a Master Passcode toggle to manage all Spaces related tasks, including managing custom Spaces

    • Ability to easily Hide or Unhide media to easily move it in and out of the Private Space, along with user guidance when using this feature.

      • Please note, that all media is shown when in the Everything Space, including hidden files.

  • Improved events view when in Decade mode

Camera Support - added support and enhancements for several new cameras

  • Sony ILCE-7CR

  • Sony ILCE-7CM2

  • Leica D-Lux 7

Be sure to UPDATE the app on all your devices

Mylio Photos 24 - 7691

Updated October 30, 2023

Version: 24 - 7691

macOS Build: 24.7691

Windows Build: 24.7691

iOS Build: 24.7691

Android Build: 24.7691

Changes and Bug Fixes

  • Resolved an issue preventing automatic SD Card Dialog window on devices running macOS Sonoma

    • NOTE - users will still need to grant SD card access to Mylio Photos in OS Settings the first time an card is used

  • Resolved multiple issues causing a crash when using certain UI elements were invoked

  • Resolved an issue preventing the rotate tool to function correctly

Be sure to UPDATE the app on all your devices

Mylio Photos 24.0 - 7688

Updated October 26, 2023

Version: 24.0 - 7688

macOS Build: 22.0.7688

Windows Build: 24.0.7688

iOS Build: 24.0.7689

Android Build: 24.0.7688

Enhanced and added Features

  • New - initial iteration of the in-app Learn Panel

  • More education and training options

    • Link to Getting Started training during onboarding

    • Added option to sync with other devices to the Guided Import panel

    • Added Quick Start training to macOS installer

  • New and improved Keyboard Shortcuts

    • Dynamic Search View with Focus

      • macOS - Cmd+9 | Cmd+Opt+F

      • Windows - Ctrl+9 | Ctrl+Alt+F

    • Find (for Map and LifeCalendar views) with Focus

      • macOS - Cmd+F

      • Windows - Ctrl+F

    • QuickFilter panel with Focus

      • macOS - F

      • Windows -F

    • Full-Screen Image (Chromeless)

      • macOS - Shift+ F

      • Windows - Shift + F

    • File menu (reserved by OS)

      • Windows - Alt + F

    • Full-Screen Window

      • macOS - Fn+F

      • Windows - F11

Camera Support

  • Nikon Z30

Changes and Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a crash related to files with bad dates

  • Fixed an issue with Shared Albums where watermarks were only applied to a single image

  • Fixed an issue related to deletion of Shared Albums

  • Fixed issues on Android devices related to importing videos.

  • Fixed certain crashes on Android devices

  • Fixed crashes related to Face Recognition

  • Fixed crashes related to unsupported file formats being imported

  • Fixed issues related to Mylio Drive authorization

  • Fixed other crashes specific to certain Operating Systems

  • Fixed other minor bugs

Be sure to UPDATE the app on all your devices

Mylio Photos 24 - 7686

Updated October 17, 2023

Version: 24 - 7686

macOS Build: 24.7686

Windows Build: 24.7685 (no change)

iOS Build: 24.7685 (no change)

Android Build: 24.7685 (no change)

Changes and Bug Fixes

  • Resolved issue where certain Macintosh models running macOS Big Sur could not run the application. This release brings Apple Silicon Macs and Intel Macs into the same build and includes previous bug fixes for all macOS devices.

  • This release is only applicable to computers running macOS

Be sure to UPDATE the app on all your devices

Mylio Photos 24 - 7685

Updated October 5, 2023

Version: 24 - 7685

macOS Build: 24.7685 (Intel Only)

Windows Build: 24.7685

iOS Build: 24.7685

Android Build: 24.7685

Changes and Bug Fixes

  • Resolved an issue that would place devices on Guest Space after upgrade

  • Resolved an issue rendering Spaces and Search not usable in non-english languages

  • Resolve issue where certain Macintosh models running macOS Big Sur could not run the application

NOTE: There is a special download required for computers running Big Sur and Catalina OS - please Contact Support for assistance.

Be sure to UPDATE the app on all your devices

Mylio Photos version 24 - 7684

Updated October 3, 2023

Version: 24 - 7684

macOS Build: 24.7684

Windows Build: 24.7684

iOS Build: 24.7684

Android Build: 24.7683

New Major Features

  • Spaces - easily sort and organize your files into subject or device-specific views enabling users to separate their library into convenient or private spaces.

    • Pre-Built Spaces include Public, Private, Personal, Family, Work, Guest, and Everything - each with unique attributes and functionality

    • Create customized Spaces to suit your specific needs. Secure any space with PIN codes to prevent viewing, sharing, or deletion of media.

    • Hide any folder, event, or individual photos so they’re only viewable in the Private Space

    • Assign and lock devices to a specific space to limit what users on that device can view or do.

    • Everything, Public, Personal, Private, and Guest Spaces are available to all users on the Free Mylio Photos plan.

    • Family, Work, and Custom Spaces require a Mylio Photos+ plan or trial.

  • Mylio Drive - this feature provides unlimited storage of Optimized images.

    • Files are stored on an encrypted server and only accessible by devices signed into the user’s Mylio Photos + account

    • Provides easy access to better than thumbnail images on any connected device while on the go

    • Makes adding and syncing a new device easier and faster

    • Requires a Mylio Photos+ plan or trial - This feature is 100% optional, and you must choose to enable it under Settings > Sync.

  • Shared Albums - turn any album into a semi-private online gallery with the click of a button. Easily add details and choose specific aesthetic or informational aspects for your gallery.

    • Viewers can easily browse and download photos on an easy-to-navigate gallery

    • Images are hosted on non-indexed web pages that make it easy to share viewing and downloads with just those you want.

    • The link can be sent directly via email or shared how you’d like.

    • Requires a Mylio Photos + plan or trial

    • Like an unlisted phone number, the page has no navigation between it and other pages and will not appear on any search engine.

  • Remote Control - set up and adjust settings on other devices signed into your Mylio Photos+ account.

    • Useful for users who want to manage the core settings, views, and syncing of their family members’ devices.

    • Controls include

      • Which Spaces are available

      • Which images are synced at Optimized or Original quality

      • Requiring a specific PIN to switch Spaces

      • Which Views and Tools are available

      • Ability to add, modify, or delete when working with Files, Folders, Albums, People, and Events

      • Restrict edits to File Information, Rating, Keywords, Face Tags, and more

      • Restrict cropping and visual editing

      • Restrict sharing

  • External Drive Support for iOS - connect an external drive, such as a Travel Drive, to an iOS device, such as an iPad or iPhone, and use it for storage or backup purposes.

    • Expand the storage capacity of their iOS devices and easily transfer files between their device and the external drive.

    • Particularly useful for photographers and travelers who want to have access to their photos and other files while on the go.

    • Works best with USB-C devices that can be bus-powered (like a small SSD) for iPads

    • Requires a Mylio Photos+ plan or trial

  • Dynamic Search View - new dedicated view easily allows to return to dynamic search results

    • Dynamic indexing of all media content upon import

    • An even more robust database for fast, extensive search results

    • Search results are displayed in convenient groupings that match some of the Mylio Photos views, such as location, people, events, albums, etc.

    • Results include OCR and SmartTag data

Enhanced Features

  • Improved and extended Categories - the Categories feature has been enhanced to provide greater functionality when combined with Spaces

    • Tap to Categorize - offers a category annotation icon to easily add categories to People, Folder, or Event containers

    • The new Hide function easily makes a selected media Private

    • In addition to the predetermined categories, users can customized up to 40 additional categories

    • Shift + Option + Command + C on macOS or Shift + Alt + Ctrl + C on Windows to add categories to selected media

  • Post Memories to FamilySearch - in partnership with FamilySearch, you can now post memories directly to the FamilySearch service

  • Support for More Languages -

    • Svenska (Swedish)

    • Українська (Ukrainian)

    • Norwegian

  • Guided Import - guided import has been improved and added to mobile devices

    • You can also recall guided import from the Add Media button

  • Enhanced User Interface -

    • Improved scrolling while in grid mode to be faster and smoother

    • Overall improvement in rendering and navigating

    • Added a switch to display Proposed Faces in a Person container on Mobile devices

    • Easier access for Link and Invert buttons for QuickFilters

    • Clearer buttons for container creation, including New Folder, New Person, and New Album

  • Added support for new Apple Operating Systems

    • Support for macOS Sonoma

    • Support of iOS 17

  • And More . . .

    • Find Events dialog on Mobile devices

    • Recognize PDS/PSB files as photos

    • Confirm to Duplicate

    • New Author and Description Fields for Albums

    • New Notes Field for People

    • New and updated keyboard shortcuts - for the full list check the manual at

More Camera Support - added support for cameras and formats.

  • Sony ILCE-6700

  • Nikon Z8 - DX Crop Mode

New Minimum System Requirements

  • Windows computers and tablets (Windows 10 version 21H2 and later, 64-bit only; Windows 11)

  • Windows ARM – Surface X Pro (Windows 10 version 21H2 and later, 64-bit only; Windows 11)

  • Android phones and tablets (Android 11 and later)

  • Macintosh computers (macOS 11 and later)

  • iPhone and iPad devices (iOS 16 and later)

For macOS users – You can upgrade Mylio to 24.0 on Catalina as the requirement is not currently enforced. However, the next upgrade will be restricted to Big Sur+ early next year.

Bugs fixes

Many fixes to previously reported issues, including:

  • Fixed various issues with QuickFilters in Calendar View

  • Improved scrolling lag while in Photo DeDupe

  • Resolved various crashes while in the Photo DeDupe tool

  • Resolved issue with long startup time on certain iPhone models

  • Improved the use of the “Zoom to Face” feature on People View

  • Resolve an issue where certain parts of the UI would disappear on Windows systems

  • Resolved an inconsistent crash while performing Face Detection

  • Fixed various issues when synchronizing with S3 devices

  • Many other minor bug fixes

Be sure to UPDATE the app on all your devices

Mylio Photos 22.3 - 7644

Updated August 29, 2023

Version: 22.3 - 7644

macOS Build: 22.3.7642 (no change)

Windows Build: 22.3.7642 (no change)

iOS Build: 22.3.7644

Android Build: 22.3.7644

  • Changes and Bug Fixes

    • Compatibility improvements for Android devices

    • iOS App Store changes

Be sure to UPDATE the app on all your devices

Mylio Photos 22.3 - 7642

Updated August 21, 2023

Version: 22.3 - 7642

macOS Build: 22.3.7642

Windows Build: 22.3.7642

iOS Build: 22.3.7642

Android Build: 22.3.7642

  • Changes and Bug Fixes

    • Improved compatibility for Android OS API

    • Enhanced UI for login in on Mobile devices

    • Fix issue that prevented setting folder sync policies from the Sync Panel

  • More Camera Support - added support and enhancements for several new cameras and formats.

    • Panasonic DMC-FZ330

    • Panasonic DMC-G81

    • Sony A7R III A (ILCE-7RM3A)

Be sure to UPDATE the app on all your devices

Mylio Photos 22.3 - 7640

Updated July 19, 2023

Version: 22.3 - 7640

macOS Build: 22.3.7640

Windows Build: 22.3.7640

iOS Build: 22.3.7640

Android Build: 22.3.7640

Enhanced Features

  • Enhanced S3 and OneDrive Performance

    • Improved uploaded performance and fixed some bugs related to S3 and OneDrive cloud services.

  • More Camera Support - added support and enhancements for several new cameras and formats.

    • Canon EOS R100

    • Panasonic Lumix FZ-1000 II (non-US)

    • Panasonic Lumix DC-TZ220D

    • Sony A7 - crop mode

Be sure to UPDATE the app on all your devices

Mylio Photos 22.3

Updated July 6, 2023

Version: 22.3

macOS Build: 22.3.7639

Windows Build: 22.3.7639

iOS Build: 22.3.7639

Android Build: 22.3.7639

New and Enhanced Features

  • Family History Metadata

    • Supports the new standards released by The Family History Metadata Working Group (FHMWG) - (

    • Access the most important fields when organizing Family History and Genealogy projects with this new section of the info panel.

    • Intended for those who want to organize images and add metadata before posting to family history websites

    • Metadata such as face tags, geolocations, and dates, is written to additional fields that match the agreed-upon standards.

  • Guided Import Tool - new tool makes it easy to see all your import options in one view.

    • Appears by default when you set up a new device.

    • Invoke on-demand on a computer device from File -> Guided Import

  • By Date QuickFilters - Easily see a timeline tree view of all the photos in your library.

    • By Year | Decade > Year > Month > Day > Time of Day

    • By Month | See all the pictures taken on a particular day of a month. For example, every Fourth of July.

    • By Day | The numerical day of the month as well as special searches for On This Day and Last Day of Month

    • By Day of Week | Your standard days of the week, but also organized by their position within a month.

    • By Time of Day | Search by time of day, such as morning, afternoon, night.

    • By Season | The seasons you observe (these can be adjusted under Settings > LifeCalendar)

    • By Date Range | A specific time range like yesterday, last year, etc.

    • By Custom | Choose a specific date to filter by.

  • Default Crop Setting - Added ability to set the crop tool to your preference and then click the gear icon to set it as the new Default

    • Choose options like Original and free, as well as specific and custom aspect ratios.

  • New SmartTags - new and improved SmartTags to help you cull photos.

    • Exposure - finds overexposed or underexposed phots

    • Person Tags - finds Eyes Open/Eyes Closed and Smiling/Not Smiling

    • Fix UK English localization

    • Updated models for SmartTags

  • Visual Properties QuickFilters - filter for photos using essential EXIF data and visual properties such as a particular focal length or shutter speed.

    • By Edited

    • By Cropped

    • By Orientations

    • By Aspect Ratio

    • By Aperture

    • By ISO

    • By White Balance

    • By Exposure Bias

    • By Focal Length

    • By Shutter Speed

    • By Metering Mode

    • By Flash

  • Updated and Improved User Settings - more controls, and they are rearranged for clarity.

    • Mylio Photos+ members can now adjust the settings on all their devices remotely.

    • Most settings offer global control for synced settings across all devices, making it easier to help manage a device for a family member on your account.

  • Syncing controls moved to Device Panel

    • Adjust settings remotely for other devices

    • More control over syncing behavior

    • Create time-based device syncing profiles

    • Backup by decade or year or keep the most recent photos always synced

    • Sync Panel Compact mode better communicates the status for Connected vs. Available

  • Improved Photo DeDupe and Photo DeClutter tools - Launching either tool from a Folder or Album automatically applies a filter based on the container.

  • Social Media Group - Newly imported Social media photos have their own group in Folder view.

    • Easier to see and find photos originating from Social Media.

    • Support for Facebook, Instagram, and Flickr

    • Support for login into and importing multiple Social Media accounts.

Note: For existing users, reimport from one social media site to recreate the new group. You can then move any existing folders into the group.

  • Folder Improvements

    • Changed the sort order so the list is now alphabetical

    • Better results when using the filter box in the folder tree.

    • You can add a New Folder when setting up linked folders. This makes it easier to create a new destination for imports.

  • New Viewing Shortcuts

    • Press Shift+F to view the current image full-screen and hide the user interface.

    • Press Shift+F to exit and view a standard view.

    • Press G when in a single or full-screen view to return to Grid view

  • By File Size QuickFilter

    • Find files based on their storage size range.

    • Use “size” term follow by a value in bytes to create a custom size filter

  • New Shortcuts for QuickReview mode - these shortcuts can be used while in QuickReview mode on a computer or laptop:

    • 1–5 Rate with stars

    • 6–0 Rate with labels

    • P or W mark as Pick

    • X or S mark as Reject

    • Q or E Rotate image left/right

    • A or D Navigate to previous or next photo

    • Z zoom the photo to check details

    • C Crop the image

  • New Help Tools

    • Guided overlay mode on the desktop when clicking the Help shortcut.

    • You can also press the ? or / key to view the guide.

    • Clicking the main help menu or the more menu (…) and choosing Help still shows the traditional Help menu.

  • More Camera Support - added support and enhancements for several new cameras and formats.

    • Fujifilm X-S20

    • Nikon Z8

    • Panasonic Lumix DC-TZ220D

    • Sony ZV-1 II

  • Easier Logins- Newer accounts (created after March 15, 2023) have been set up to use login link style verification where you’d click a link on the email sent to your same device. We’ve now added PIN logins so you can type in also type unique code making it easier to log in a new device if you can’t receive an email on that device.

Bugs fixes

Many fixes to previously reported issues including:

  • Using the dropdown search option correctly adds a new search

  • GPS Annotations now display correctly on smaller rows

  • Flags can now be combined with Photos filter

  • Can now filter for multiple cameras in the same category with QuickFilters

  • Fixed occasional out of memory crashes on startup and during Photo DeDupe

  • Fixed a redraw issue for the phone app that could push the interface down when you rotated the screen.

  • Addressed an issue that could prevent Microsoft OneDrive devices from syncing

  • Selecting File Types in the Library Stats section of the Dashboard now returns valid results

  • Label QuickFilters now work for all languages

  • Fix an out of memory issue affecting iOS devices and large libraries

  • Rename “eject” drive to “disconnect” drive under the Devices Panel

  • Added the ability to include ratings for documents

  • And many other minor cosmetic and UI fixes

Be sure to UPDATE the app on all your devices

Updated June 21, 2023

Version: Mylio Photos 22.2 - 7619

macOS Build: 22.2.7619

Windows Build: 22.2.7619

iOS Build: 22.2.7619

Android Build: 22.2.7619

Bug Fixes

  • Addressed a performance issue with Smart Tags on devices without optimized or original images.

  • Improved stability for an issue that could cause Mylio to crash during image analysis.

If your device is experiencing a consistent crash you can manually download the updated version from or

Updated June 16, 2023

Version: Mylio Photos 22.2 - 7614

macOS Build: 22.2.7614

Windows Build: 22.2.7614

iOS Build: 22.2.7614

Android Build: 22.2.7614

New and Enhanced Features

  • Improved mechanism for linking folders in Mylio Photos (free plan) - It is now much easier to use the free Mylio Photos plan with an unlimited number of photos and videos.

    • Clicking the Add Media button and setting up a linked folder 1 on an external drive works correctly for free users.

    • The hard drive must stay attached to the computer that you used to link to the media.

    • You can link to multiple folders as needed. Only link top-level folders as all of the folders within are also added.

    • You cannot attach a Mylio Photos+ drive to a device to a device using a free Mylio Photos plan. We now show a clear dialog that explains this.

Bugs Fixes

  • Release includes fixes to previous issues including:

    • Addressed an issue that could cause a high CPU load for Windows users.

    • Improved localization for those using UK English

    • Improved precision when promoting SmartTags to keywords when multiple images are selected.

    • other performance improvements

Be sure to UPDATE the app on all your devices

Updated May 24, 2023

Version: Mylio Photos 23 Preview 1 (22.2)

macOS Build: 22.2.7606

Windows Build: 22.2.7606

iOS Build: 22.2.7606 (pending)

Android Build: 22.2.7606

Updated Plan Names and Benefits

Mylio Photos

We’ve made a significant change in how the free version of Mylio Photos works. We’ve expanded the capabilities of the application so that more people can use Mylio technology to improve their photo libraries.

  • View and enjoy images by browsing a collection using the LifeCalendar and Map to explore based on time and place.

  • Automated organization and AI-powered tools to help find photos easily. Additional organization can be done using face tagging, folders, albums, and keywords.

  • Enhance, crop, and straighten images with essential editing tools.

  • Share your photos by easily exporting photos or through a shared clipboard and sharing commands.

Note: The application can be installed on all of a user’s devices, but each device remains independent, using only its own available storage. You cannot add the protection of vaults or encrypted Cloud storage. Mylio Photos will not synchronize full-quality data or create backup copies without the Mylio Photos+ plan.

Click here to learn more about Mylio Photos plans and subscriptions.

Mylio Photos+

If you are a Mylio Photos paid subscriber, you now have a Mylio Photos+ subscription as of May 19, 2023.

Mylio Photos+ expands the capabilities of your Mylio Photos library. It is a complete solution where you can connect your computer, phone, tablet, and hard drives into a single photo library. You can browse all your photos from any device and work independently of the Cloud.

  • Add protection to a photo library with hard drives designated as vaults to protect a Mylio Photos library against device loss or failure.

  • Add cloud storage to protect your photos with encrypted offsite backup.

  • Use optimized images to hold up to 15X more photos on a device. These files are sized for everyday use, can contain raw photo information as well as metadata, and are fully editable.

  • Sync images or folders between devices on-demand as needed for secure transfer of full-quality images.

  • Easily remove unneeded duplicate files with the Photo DeDupe tool.

Click here to learn more about Mylio Photos plans and subscriptions.

New and Enhanced Features

  • User Interface Left Sidebar

    • All new Views icons - All views (LifeCalendar, Map, Folders, etc.) are now migrated to the left sidebar

    • Left Panel - A new panel on the left side displays the new QuickFilters and SmartTags and Folder Tree interface

    • QuickFilters and Folder Tree icons - dedicated icons instantly open these new features

  • SmartTags - Mylio Photos now uses computer vision to index the content of photos and videos. This process runs 100% local on your device and can now add a new way to find things in Mylio Photos. We’ve added more than 1,000 activities, objects, and properties in images (with many more in the works).

    • Left panel functionality

      • Click on the name to quickly audition them

      • Click on a pin to stack them in your filter bar

      • Click the gear icon next to each to adjust the sensitivity of the AI

      • Right-click (or long-press) a filter pill to invert its results

      • Use the Link button in the filter bar to carry results across views (like Map, Calendar, etc.)

    • Right (info) panel functionality

      • Click the checkmark to promote them to an actual keyword

      • Click the X button to remove them from a photo

      • SmartTags are fully searchable and can be combined in searches with other parameters (e.g. person name & water)

      • Smart scanning toggle - you can disable scanning for SmartTags under Settings > Advanced. Remember, all analysis happens locally, and no data is shared with the Mylio company, the Cloud, or any third party.

  • Folder Tree Navigation - added an interactive tree to navigate folders as part of the Left Panel. This is currently visible in the Folder View only (upcoming for other views).

    • Click a Folder to navigate directly to it (no more multi-clicking up and down levels)

    • Use the filter field to find specific folders instantly

    • Drag-and-drop files or folders into the tree structure to move and organize your files.

    • Folder tree structure is available on all devices

    • Add new subfolders directly from the tree structure as needed

    • Folder Tree navigation is also found under the Move to Folder command located in the action menu (or right-click)

  • QuickFilters - Greatly enhanced functionality of the existing Filters with a new interface.

    • Quickly find a filter by typing in the field of the QuickFilters panel or explore groups with the interactive filter tree.

    • Easily sort photos based on specific criteria:

      • By Folder

      • By Date

      • By Event

      • By File Type

      • By File Extension

      • By Album

      • By Category

      • By Person

      • By Stars

      • By Label

      • By Flag

      • By Camera Model

      • By Lens

      • By Custom (uses all advanced search criteria)

    • Like SmartTags, these can be auditioned (just click the name), stacked (click pin), or inverted (right-click/long press).

    • All criteria are searchable from a single interface

  • SpaceSaver technology and Optimized Images - previously called Smart Previews, Mylio Photos creates Optimized Images upon initial import. These images are at the core of Mylio’s SpaceSaver technology and are a cornerstone of additional upcoming feature sin future releases

    • Lightweight files that are fully editable with the Edit panel

    • Can be used to create shareable files for email and social media

    • Can contain raw photo data thanks to DNG technology

    • Optimized Images remain linked to all metadata, SmartTags, and keywords as the original image

    • The optimized files let you fit up to 15X more photos on a portable device

  • QuickCollections - similar to Smart Albums but with more functionality, QuickCollections enable the user to build custom groups of photos using metadata, tags, categories, ratings, people, lens data, and AI. You can combine as many SmartTags and QuickFilters as needed, to create a unique collection.

    • For best results, build a new recipe in the All Photos or Folder view

    • Collections automatically update on a rolling basis with relevant photos

    • You can save your own QuickCollections as well as find some useful samples built-in

    • QuickCollections can also be used as device syncing policies for Mylio Photos+

    • You can use a QuickCollection to control how an event is filtered. This lets you show only the best photos of an event.

  • Improved Device Setup Experience & Syncing Policies - Mylio Photos+ features a new guided tour through the steps of adding a new device to your account, including analysis of the storage device capacity compared to your library and corresponding suggestion for ideal sync policy presets. The new Device Sync Policy interface includes easy to use presets and the ability to use most QuickCollections as a sync policy.

    • Sync Policy Presets:

      • Catalog — Only keep thumbnails of each photo; uses the minimum amount of space possible. Viewing a full-size copy of a photo will require another device with Mylio Photos+ installed and running.

      • Highest Rated – Keep full-sized copies of all photos, videos, and documents that have been rated with four or five stars. Also, store any items marked with a Pick flag. Other media can be synced on-demand from another device with Mylio Photos+ installed and running.

      • Photos Only — Keep full-sized copies of all your photos on this device (as space is available). The device will not keep videos or documents, which can be synced on-demand from another device with Mylio Photos+ installed and running.

      • Space Saver — Only keep compressed copies; originals will be stored on your other devices. Files are compressed to approximately 1/10 the size but are still editable and look identical to the originals on all standard-size displays.

      • Travel Backup — Keep full-sized copies of all media from the last 3 months. Will not keep older media; great for backup while on the road.

      • Vault (All Files) — Keep a complete copy of your library on this device. Files are stored at full resolution. Great for backup and protection.

      • Custom… – Create your own sync settings…

  • Major Expansion of Keyboard Shortcuts - significantly expanded the keyboard shortcuts to help power users get things done more quickly. Full list of shortcuts in our Manual. Also available as a downloadable PDF.

  • Importer - direct integration connecting to the storage and collaboration platform.

    • Media production teams and individual contributors using 1 Camera to Cloud (C2C), can use Mylio Photos as an easy-to-use and efficient hub: connecting workflows and making it easier to work with new assets captured to the cloud.

    • Camera to Cloud technology means a photographer can capture in the field and instantly send images back to a team, including a client, producer, and an image retoucher. Or, a video crew can work on-set and have each clip transferred as soon as it’s captured, speeding up post-production and collaboration.

    • Log in and access all your projects and folders then quickly import to Mylio Photos library and local storage. Mylio Photo’s Open With command makes handoff files to photo editing and video editing tools easy. This enables assets from to be seamlessly exchanged with any software tool. Plus, files are mirrored on local drives for faster access speeds and no Internet connectivity issues.

  • More Camera Support - This release adds support and enhancements for several new cameras and formats. Mylio Photos provides superior raw photo processing and compatibility for even the latest cameras. Mylio Photos also supports raw photos from most manufacturers, including Canon, Nikon, Olympus, and Sony.

    • Canon

      • EOS R5 C

      • EOS R6 Mark II

      • EOS R7

      • EOS R8

      • EOS R10

      • EOS R50

      • C-RAW version 2

      • 5D Mark IV - fixed an issue with incorrect rendering at certain ISOs

      • Powershot G15 - fixed an issue with incorrect rendering

    • FujiFilm

      • GFX 50S II

      • X-T5

      • X-T30 II

    • Nikon

      • D850 DX crop mode

      • Z9 DX crop mode

      • Z6 II DX Crop Mode

      • Z50

    • Olympus

      • E-P7

      • E-PL9

      • E-M10 Mark IV

      • OM-5

      • Replication of Olympus .ORI files

    • Panasonic

      • DC-GH5 II

      • DC-GH5S

      • DC-S1

      • DC-S1H

      • DC-S1R

      • DC-S5

    • Sony

      • A7R V

      • ZV-E1

      • Lossless compressed RAW

      • M2TS video file format

  • Bugs fixes - release includes many fixes to previous issues including:

    • Facebook Import restored

    • Instagram Import restored

    • Reduced lags when switching views

    • Improved syncing for Mylio Photos+

    • Improved S3 connections

    • Improved Login Links

    • Performance of panels

    • Camera roll bugs

    • Improved startup times

    • Face Tagging bugs

    • QuickReview shortcut keys

    • Improved Sharing speeds

    • Improved Memory Handling

    • And many other minor fixes

Be sure to UPDATE the app on all your devices

Updated March 16, 2023

Refresh Version 22.1.7558

Changes When Installing Mylio Photos

Whether you’re a first-time user or setting up a new device, we’ve vastly simplified the setup and installation of the Mylio Photos app. We worked with many new users and did extensive testing to get things perfect for 97% of users without needing to ask a bunch of hard questions.

Support for passwordless login

We are rolling out support for magic link–style logins. This is currently only available for new accounts. Instead of assigning a password to your account, you will receive an email with a link to log in. This is used to access your account on the website or to sign in to the application on a new device. This method is both easier and safer than passwords. Your email is generally only accessible on a device that you control and often has biometric locks already installed.

Note: This option is only available right now for new account sign-ups.

We plan to bring magic link–style logins as an option to all users later this year. We’ll also support combining magic links and a password for a two-factor authentication method.

Facebook and Instagram Changes

The team over at Facebook have recently made a bunch of changes that affect how outside applications can use Facebook data. As such, a few changes are happening inside Mylio Photos.

Facebook ID to login. We’ve had to remove the ability to log into Mylio Photos with your Facebook ID. This only affects a small number of Mylio Photos users. However, we are working on a tool to migrate your account soon. You can stay logged into any device right now, but cannot sign in on a new device. Our support team will help you through this … just reach out via this link.

Facebook and Instagram imports are temporarily broken. We are hard at work on these two important import options. We’re working closely with Facebook to establish access due to some security policy changes. We will update you when it is working again.

Note: You can still post to Facebook and Instagram using the Share menu on your mobile devices with Mylio Photos.

Camera Support

Added broad support for Canon’s compressed raw files using the Canon Compressed Raw (cRaw) format.

Bug fixes

We’ve made a lot of minor bug fixes. These include issues related to slow startup times, face proposals and tagging synchronization, failed deletes, general syncing bugs, and much more. Sincere thanks to everyone who takes the time to let us know by filing support tickets and submitting crash logs.

Updated February 2, 2023

Version 22.1.7551

Changes in Cloud Syncing

Recently, Amazon removed support for third-party applications to upload to Amazon Drive. As such, we have removed support from the Mylio Photos application. You can no longer add Amazon as a cloud device. If you previously added it, you can still READ pictures from Amazon Drive for the rest of 2023. However, we strongly encourage you to choose a new offsite storage and backup option.

You can now target any S3, or Simple Storage Service, as a host for Mylio Photos. This protocol is supported by many cloud storage providers such as Amazon Web Services, Backblaze B2, Wasabi, and others.

You can learn more here.

We’ve also added a button for all cloud devices to make it easy to Clear Cache. This is useful if you have unneeded files stored on your cloud device, such as temporary originals that are no longer needed.

You can also choose to set up a NAS as a S3 server. This process is fairly involved and technical. When setup this way, a NAS device no longer requires a host computer in order to synchronize with other devices. Just like with other cloud devices, the folder structure is maintained by the Mylio catalog and not visible in the file system. Here’s a guide on how to go about the setup process, This lets you host your own cloud from home. This is Step 2 in our journey to support a NAS and Mylio Photos integration. We’ll keep working on future improvements to make this process even better.

Camera Support

We’ve added additional raw support for several Canon cameras, including three of the newest models in the R-series mirrorless line:

  • Canon EOS R7

  • Canon EOS R6 Mark II

  • Canon EOS R10

Language Support

Added auto-translated support for the following languages:

  • Italian

  • Dutch

  • Brazilian Portuguese

  • Korean

  • Japanese

Bug fixes

Lots of miscellaneous bug fixes including crashes related to Face Tagging and applying timestamps.

Updated November 18, 2022
Version 22.1.7534

Bug Fix - resolved an issue where multiple folder imports would fail

Updated November 17, 2022
Version 22.1.7533

This update includes significant improvements and added features and addresses bugs and customer feedback.

Please note that this is an optional update.

You do not need to update all devices at the same time.

Added and Enhanced Features:

Photo DeClutter

Save disk space by removing duplicate and similar photos. Identify photos captured in bursts making it easy to review similar photos to remove unwanted pictures. In addition, you can limit the grouping to matching cameras and even aspect ratios. It's perfect for cleaning up unwanted pictures.

Updated Flags

Flags help you quickly mark the keepers and the rejects. Mylio Photos now offers a Reject Flag. You can draw images you no longer want as rejected. Use the keyboard shortcuts P for Pick and X for Reject. A rejected image will clear any star ratings, too. (This is the official standard by the IPTC metadata group.)

QuickReview mode

Swipe to pick the best photos with QuickReview mode. It’s easy to review hundreds of pictures quickly to pick favorites with the new QuickReview mode. Use gestures on touch devices to swipe right to keep a photo andswipe left to reject and flag it for deletion. The mode is easy to enter: Find it under the More menu (three dots in the upper-right corner). It can also be used with keyboard shortcuts on laptops or tablets.

New gestures also support one-handed organizing from a phone for Flags and Star ratings. Or in any full-screen view, you can drag on the left half of the screen to add stars. Likewise, drag on the right half if you want to use Flags.

Clean up rejected files

Hide or delete rejected photos. Once an image is marked as rejected, a user can hide it from view to declutter their picture library. Or, quickly clean up a folder or even a whole drive to remove rejected pictures.

Move to Folder tool

Moving photos to a new location is super easy. The new Move to Folder tool lets you browse a folder tree of your whole library. You can also filter to find a particular photo fast, see recent folders you've used, or make a new destination.

  • Now it’s now more convenient to move photos between folders.

  • Users can see all their folders, quickly search for a specific location, and move individual photos or entire collections to create a well-organized hard drive and backup.

Back up more social media

Get all your photos from Instagram. The Instagram Backup tool can download both photos and videos from your account directly into Mylio Photos.

Improved Background syncing utility for desktop

Be sure to use the background syncing utility for desktops. Mylio Photos can launch automatically when a computer is turned on and run in the background to keep photos backed up and protected effortlessly. You never even have to see the application at work; Mylio Photos runs and protects your photo library. If you don't want this option, you can disable it in the Settings menu.

Improved Network Performance

Mylio Photos can back up every photo from all linked devices to a hard drive connected to a home computer. This process is now even faster with improved network performance that can automatically adapt as the connection type or speed changes.

Picture editing improvements and new features

Mylio Photos offers essential editing tools for nondestructive edits so users can easily adjust tone, color, and details for better images from any device.

  • New editing tools include controls forLevels for professional-quality tone adjustments,

  • Precision eyedroppers to white balance photos for accurate color.

  • A new Vignette tool with useful controls for adding a focal point.

Complete round-trip editing

Mylio Photos offers an even more convenient external editing workflow. Users can fetch high-quality original raw images photos from hard drives on demand and then seamlessly hand them off to other photo-editing applications. It's also easy to exchange edited files (such as TIFF, PNG, or JPEG; up to 16-bit) for additional edits. When done, save the changes. Edited images are backed up for immediate viewing on all linked devices.

Image-quality improvements

Take advantage of more control when editing. The updatedMylio Photos gives users expanded visibility and control in its 16-bit, ProPhotoRGB color space editing pipeline. This ensures maximum image quality from all cameras. In addition, now users working with raw photos can customize settings for professional-quality exports.

A persistent histogram

Want the histogram to help you judge exposure and color? Once you open it, it stays put. no more scrolling off the page as you use the editing tools. Be sure to also try out the clipping indicators by clicking the circles. For example, red areas are overexposed, and blue are underexposed with clipped details.

Auto Color for washed-out images

Get rid of faded colors. The Auto Color command applies a powerful adjustment that looks at each color channel. Contrast is then optimized on a per-channel basis, and natural color and contrast are restored with just one click.

Levels with eyedroppers

Control exposure and color. You can easily adjust the exposure and contrast, even on the Red, Green, or Blue details, with independent controls. Levels are perfect for enhancing contrast and colors and the same time. Be sure to check out the updated product manual for complete details.

Creative Vignette

A new Vignette tool with useful controls for adding a focal point. You can easily create a gentle darkening effect with soft edges around your subject. To refine placement of the effect, try adjusting the rotation and shape and using the Choose Subject button.

Invert for scanned negatives and slides

A complete solution for scanned images, quickly invert and color-correct scanned slides and film negatives. Worn, faded images can also be enhanced with an intelligent Auto Color button.

New PhotoExplorer web lookup feature

Many photos contain accurate GPS data about where they were captured. Now you can tap an image and automatically launch web search results for its geolocation. Get driving directions, make reservations at that forgotten restaurant, or even look up an essential fact in just two clicks.

New and enhanced Importing and Exporting Features

Share to the system Clipboard

Convenient photo sharing with expanded Copy and Paste support. It's now easier to Copy and Paste your photos and videos to other apps. A new Share menu item lets you control this feature precisely.

  • Fewer exports and less hassle (or clutter) when users need to use images outside Mylio Photos.

  • Drop image files into an email, add them to a PowerPoint slide or Slack conversation, and much more with simple Copy/Paste shortcuts.


Safely share memories online. Photos often contain sensitive information about you or where a photo was taken. This information is excellent for searching in your Mylio Photos library, but doesn't need to be posted to public websites. When you enable the SafeShare option on export, all metadata is stripped from your photo.

Mylio InBox

The Mylio InBox is where to send new photos when on the go. Whether you're on social media, reading a WhatsApp message, or browsing on your laptop, you should try the Mylio InBox. The improved Mylio InBox makes it easy to get files into Mylio Photos. For example, use the Share command on mobile and select the inbox. Or, use the Inbox as a shortcut on your desktop or laptop as an easy way to drop in new files from a computer.

Expanded camera support

Expanded Fujifilm raw support. For those who capture images with cameras from Fujifilm, the new Mylio Photos version provides superior raw photo processing and compatibility for even the latest cameras. Mylio Photos also supports raw photos from manufacturers, including Canon, Nikon, Olympus, and Sony. Full list of supported Cameras

Usability Improvements

We've also added some significant usability improvements. Here are a few small but functional changes.

Right-Click and Quick Action menu

We've made the menu more compact and better organized. Just right-click on a computer or use the Quick Action menu in the lower-right corner.

Grid view shortcut

Are you working on a single image? Just press the G key to switch back to the Grid view.

See Albums used

Want to check which albums have a photo? Look in the Info Panel. The Albums section lets you know which albums contain a selected image.

WebP support

You can now generate previews and work with WebP files in Mylio Photos.

Improved Contact Support and Crash Report screens

The Contact Support option offers better controls of included data and a web based self-classification portal for support case submission. Crash report screens are now correctly defined and offer the option to submit a support request.

Improved Privacy

Removed Google Analytics and added a setting for opting out of telemetry data sharing

Bug Fixes

Update 22.1 includes over 100 bug fixes correcting typos and translations, resolving UI issues and resolving a number of crashes during Face Tagging, Deduplication, background processing and others.

Other significant fixes include:

  • An issue where the Face Tagging UI would tag the wrong face

  • An issue during Batch Tagging where the approve button wouldn’t approve all shown photos in a group

  • An issue where typing a name in Face Recognition would delete entered text

  • An issue where numerous duplicates would be create for a specific file

  • An issue where Facebook login on Android devices was not possible

How to update the app?

Just launch Mylio Photos when connected to the internet. The desktop application should prompt you for an update. If your mobile device has auto-updated (as many do), you can check under the Help menu. Then, choose About Mylio Photos to verify the version on the device. If you still need the mobile update, visit the iOS App Store or Google Play Store.

Updated September 14, 2022
Version 22.0.7508 (Android Only)

Bug Fix

  • Resolves an issue that caused the Mylio Photos Dashboard to display incorrectly on some Android Devices.

Updated August 31, 2022
Version 22.0.7507

This update makes several improvements and addresses bugs and customer feedback.

Please note that this is an optional update.

You do not need to update all devices at the same time.

Support for European Date and Time formats

When Mylio Photos is set to German, French, Spanish, or the newly released English (UK), these options are used.

  • DD-MM-YYYY format.

  • 24-hour style clock

  • Weeks in the Calendar view start with Monday

Improved control over Auto-tagging

Auto-tagging of faces in People view can now be enabled or disabled as a user preference. Go to Settings -> Advanced -> Show Auto-Tags to change this preference.

Improved handling of deleted media

Media deleted in a linked Apple Photos library on your macOS or iOS device is not deleted in your Mylio Photos Library.

Fixed an issue where media previously deleted in Mylio Photos would be re-imported from an Android or iOS camera roll.

Improved search for non-English users

Fixed an issue where certain translations - like color labels - would affect the search and filtering mechanism in Mylio Photos. This issue has been corrected.

Better USB vault performance

Improve performance and bug fixes when handling large USB volumes and lots of files. Resolved issues where name conflicts on files would cause sync issues.

Added UK English as a language option

New language support for UK-specific English including European date and time format support.

Other Bug Fixes

  • Resolved issue when manually importing media from a mobile device on WIndows PC.

  • Resolved infinite loop when duplicating a photo.

  • Resolved error where the Mylio System Folder could not be relocated

  • Resolved various issues that would cause a crash when running deduplication tool

  • Many other minor bug fixes


Updated July 12, 2022

Version 22.0.7500

This update makes several improvements and addresses bugs and customer feedback.

Please note that this is an optional update.

You do not need to update all devices at the same time.

Full support for the German language

We worked closely with a group of German photographers to translate both the Mylio Photos application and the product manual into German.

Improved Lightroom and Lightroom Classic support

Users can now hand off multiple photos at once to Lightroom or Lightroom Classic (as long as Adobe recognizes them as supported files). Get the details.

Even smarter Smart Previews for use while on the go

While Mylio Photos can still fetch originals if needed, it will now try to use the Smart Preview first if you export or share while on the go. This means fewer downloads and less waiting. If you choose to open in an external editor or export an original or high-quality print, it’ll still fetch the original quality from another device.

Face tagging refinements

When tagging faces it's much easier to see which face is selected for tagging. Instead of white and gray you’ll now see the active face with a blue circle and tagged faces in white. We’ve also sped up the auto-tagging feature by not cluttering them in the batch tagging section. There is also a toggle with to hide unconfirmed faces from a person’s view to not show proposals and auto-tagged faces.

Date Picker learns new styles

The date picker is now easier to use: It respects additional date-format styles that are preferred in different regions of the world. We’ve also made it easier to see all options in the drop-down list of choices. Plus, we fixed a bug that affected some users where edited timestamps weren’t being applied correctly.

Improvements to Fetch Originals

When exporting photos and video at full quality, Mylio Photos can fetch both from a connected device when you choose File > Export and set the format to Unmodified Original.

Easier editing controls

Mylio Photos offers an easy editor for quick edits on all your devices. (You can even edit high-quality raw photos right on your smartphone.) Now, the editor is even easier to use. If you move a slider and then change your mind, just double-click or double-tap to reset the slider to the default value.

IPTC Card fixed

We fixed a small bug that caused the IPTC Card to be ignored. This is a really useful tool that lets you set up a business card for your photography. You can add information like creator, email, copyright, and more. Plus, this information can be automatically applied when you import photos as well.

Easier-to-use Quick Actions and right-click menu

The right-click menu on the desktop (or quick actions menu in the lower-right corner) has Mylio Photos’ most used commands. We’ve updated this menu to make it simpler to use — and added more choices.

  • Media | You can now invoke Share to send files, Duplicate to make a copy of a file, or Copy to add to the system clipboard.

  • Open With is also available. If you select a photo in your library, you can now hand it off quickly to the last-used external editor.

Better support for iOS Cinematic Mode video

Mylio Photos can now display video captured with an iPhone’s Cinematic Mode. If you want to edit the depth-of-field settings, Apple only allows that in the Apple Photos app. But Mylio Photos will display the video correctly.

Bug Fixes

  • Resolved seven situations that could cause Mylio Photos to crash.

  • Resolved false notifications about vaults being out of sync

  • Resolved inconsistent results when using “Show in Folder”

  • Many minor bug issues resolved


Updated June 22, 2022
Version 22.0.7491.

This update addresses one usability issue and one minor bug.

Please note that this is an optional update.

You do not need to update all devices at the same time.

Import from iOS or Android devices as a memory card

While most users prefer to keep their phones in sync using the Mylio Photos mobile app, some users like to manually import from time to time like a memory card. The latter feature worked on Windows but was challenging to do on macOS. Now, it works great on both platforms.

Note: Make sure you check the General Settings controls to ensure that Show "Import SD Card" Dialog is enabled.

A fix for slow catalog syncing

In rare cases, a bug with face detection and syncing could create a long loop of checking back and forth. Catalog sync times grew really large (from seconds to hours). Though very few people were affected, this fix takes care of it for those who did.


Mylio Photos 22.0 Release Notes

Updated June 8, 2022
Version: 22.0
macOS Build: 22.0.7484
Windows Build: 22.0.7484
iOS Build: 22.0.7484
Android Build: 22.0.7484


  • Easier Imports

    • Faster First Import - When you add Mylio Photos for the first time, you can choose an existing folder of images for an accelerated import.

    • Easier Linked Folders - Already have images on a drive? Just choose a folder and you can link to images rather than needing to copy or move them.

    • Memory Cards - If Mylio Photos is running and you plug in a memory card, the Import dialog pops up automatically.

  • Convenient Editing

    • Updated Edit Panel - We’ve cleaned up the edit panel to make it easier to find and use your favorite tools.

    • Auto Enhance Button - Need a quick fix? Just click the Auto Enhance button (or press Cmd+U/Ctrl+U).

    • Crop Tool - Quickly crop to the shape you need. You can also Flip images horizontally and vertically, or rotate 90 degrees right or left all from the same tool.

    • Edit With Your Workflow - Need to hand off to another tool for editing? You can choose Open With on a laptop or desktop and share with any editing application you have installed.

  • Get Organized

    • Find and Remove Duplicates - Want to free up space on your hard drives? Look for duplicate files in your Mylio Photos Library and use our new deduplication tool to get rid of images that have ended up being imported multiple times.

    • Auto-Tagging - Face-tagging gets faster. After you manually tag approximately 20 photos of the same person, Mylio Photos wil auto-recognize them in most cases.

    • New Date Picker - Organize pictures with dates or seasonal information to make things easier to find. Scanned photos can often need fuzzy dates or ranges to make them easier to find.

    • Person Filter - Easily filter with a visual list of people. You can filter results in your calendar, folders, search results, and more.

  • What You Want, When You Need It

    • Fetch Originals - Mylio Photos can automatically grab the original-quality images you need when you share, print, export, etc.

    • Copy Paste option - You can copy things from Mylio Photos to a computer clipboard by pressing Cmd+C/Ctrl+C. Then switch to another app like email, PowerPoint, etc., and just press Cmd+V/Ctrl+V to paste.

    • iCloud Photos On-Demand - Your Apple Photos camera roll works seamlessly with Mylio Photos. Add Mylio Photos on all your macOS and iOS devices. Mylio Photos can fetch full-quality files from your iCloud Photo Library as needed, and can also remain up-to-date as you capture new photos.

  • Get More Done

    • Updated Toolbar - It's so much easier to understand Mylio. The new toolbar shows you sync status, clearer alerts, and easier updates.

    • Improved Network Connections - Your devices can see and talk to each other more effectively thanks to major boosts in how they connect. This includes the ability to mix IPV4 and IPV6 networks.

    • Improved Scanner Performance - Mylio Photos can detect external edits and new images at least 50% faster than before.

  • Better Help, More Assistance

    • New Onboarding - Get up and running with less effort. Easy tools get you set up right away and make it easy to import and set up Mylio Photos.

    • Sample Library - You can explore an organized sample library or download these photos to follow along with hands-on video training.

    • Quick Access to Help - Our redesigned help system makes it easy to reach the comprehensive Product Manual, Support Forum, Customer Support, and the Mylio Photos community.

    • Mylio Photos QuickStart Course - We've built a detailed hands-on learning class that's free for all Mylio users to help you learn how to use Mylio Photos and all its benefits.


Updated January 18th, 2022

Version: 3.19

Mac Build: 7424
Windows Build: 7424
iOS Build: 7424
Android Build: 7424


  • All new importing options and setup wizard

  • Custom sync policies for folders can be adjusted in the Dashboard for USB drive devices.

  • Added support for copy imports from USB Drives using the Files app on iOS and iPadOS

  • Added RAW file support for the following cameras:

    • Canon EOS R3

    • Nikon Z9

    • Nikon Z fc

    • Sony A7R IV A (ILCE-A7RM4A)

    • Sony A7 IV (ILCE-7M4), uncompressed RAW only

    • Sony ZV-E10


  • Folder View now sections top-level folders.

  • Search results screen show full grids now and section results by filetype.

  • "Source folder" terminology replaced with “Linked folders”.

  • Replaced the "Show All” button in the search drop down with “Clear All” to better represent the its purpose.

  • Adjusted Filter bar organization


  • Fixed a crash that could occur when viewing the Maps view tutorial.

  • Fixed is issue where syncing to OneDrive would get stuck.

  • Fixed an issue where Mylio would show a pink overlay on some RAW file formats.

  • Fixed an issue where the quick actions bar is not retained after cropping.

  • Fixed an issue that was causing the "Mylio will sleep" warning to appear too often on mobile devices.

  • Fixed an issue that prevented filtering categories with names that are only numbers.

  • Fixed an issue when deleted files might reappear.

  • Fixed an issue where artifacts would appear on some HEIC files after editing them.

  • Improved Preview generation when syncing newly imported media.


Updated November 19th, 2021

Version: 3.18

Windows Build: 7384
Android Build: 7386


Updated October 27th, 2021

Version: 3.18

Mac Build: 7383
Windows Build: 7383
iOS Build: 7383
Android Build: 7382


  • Fixed an issue where files may re-appear after deletion.

  • Fixed an issue when some copy imports on a computer may be prevented due to "Moving Folders on Disk" and "FileSystem Cleanup" activities getting stuck running.

  • Fixed an issue preventing some custom folder sync policies to be displayed correctly when adjusting them.

  • Fixed an issue where special and accented characters were not persisting after using auto-organize and rename tools.

  • Fixed an issue where viewing a Live Photo on mobile would cause an unnecessary downloading of the video before selecting to play it.

  • Resolved other uncommon crashes and minor UI issues.


  • Added a new option to Filter by Folder using the Filter bar.

  • When viewing the Sync panel, Previews waiting to sync (orange) will include previews and XMP files.

  • Events scoped by folders now allow for categories to be edited when in Calendar view.


Updated September 9th, 2021

Version: 3.17

Mac Build: 7370
Windows Build: 7370
iOS Build: 7370
Android Build: 7370


  • Fixed an issue where the incorrect aspect ratio or position of images is incorrect during animations.

  • Fixed an issue where images don’t load correctly sometimes after zooming to 100%.

  • Fixed an issue where proposed face tags with Zoom to Face on would display Thumbnail quality images instead of the Previews.

  • Fixed some issues in Calendar view where selecting a date would open the incorrect one or display incorrect information.

  • Fixed an issue that caused keyboard entries in iOS/iPadOS to not work properly.

  • Fixed an issue in iOS where sharing a document uses a hashed name instead of the actual filename.

  • Fixed preview generation for RAW files shot with some Nikon Z7 lenses.

  • Fixed an issue where Map view does not remember where it was zoomed in to when viewing photos.

  • Fixed an issue where video playback wouldn't ignore auto-lock setting on iOS/iPadOS.

  • Fixed an issue on tablets that would prevent scrolling the list of names while in batch tagging view.

  • Fixed a crash that could occur while trying to a view media on one device that was deleted on another.

  • Improved syncing Live Photos of from one computer to a second where only .myb files would download to the second and the Original photo would not sync.

  • Fixed an auto-advance issue when face tagging would get stuck in a weird transitional view.

  • Fixed an issue where scrolling in All Photos view could sometimes be stuck at the top or bottom of the grid.

  • Fixed other various crashes.


  • Corrected text and localizations in various menu items.

  • SD/Camera import popup no longer automatically appears if one is connected at the time Mylio is opened but will automatically appear if one is connected after the app is already running.

  • Added more actions into right-click menu when in Album view.

  • Replaced “prevent sleep when active” setting with a custom slider to respect battery life on mobile devices.

  • Removed the ability to rate or tag containers (Folders or Albums) of images to prevent unwanted metadata changes to large amounts of files.

  • Show in Finder/Explorer will default to showing the file in the local filesystem if the Original is synced locally instead of showing a picker for the file path on connected USB/NAS devices and the computer.

  • Better, more clear, prompts and buttons from errors and notifications.

  • Fixed an issue where multi-select and Filter UI on mobile caused the flag option to be hidden.

  • Pressing the Crop button should correct zoom out to view the whole image now.

  • Editing videos poster frames in Apple Photos should update previews correctly in Mylio.

  • Fixed an issue with the Edit->Find command (Cmd+F on macOS and Ctr+F on WindowS) to where search correctly appears now.

  • Fixed an issue when unsupported videos appear to try and play instead of notifying the user that the video can’t be played.

  • Improved logic in the Info tab to show more relevant and correct statistics at the top.


  • Previews can be created on Auto optimized computers and on USB/NAS devices more consistently now.

  • New installations of the Mylio app, or resetting it will result in the catalog data being placed in the Mylio library folder.

  • Improved clipboard and filmstrip performance for displaying the correct information.

  • Improved preview generation speed.

  • Improved storage support for Android to meet Play store requirements for scoped storage.


Updated June 24th, 2021

Version: 3.16

Mac Build: 7335
Windows Build: 7335
iOS Build: 7335
Android Build: 7335

Plan Changes

  • The following plans have been updated for new users (existing users may not be affected):

    • Mylio Free plan is now limited to 5,000 media and 3 devices

    • Mylio Premium still allows unlimited media and devices (No changes have been made to Premium customers)

    • Mylio Create plan via Seagate is limited to 25,000 media and 4 devices

  • RAW editing is also now available on Free plans (affecting existing and new users)


  • Updated Mylio logo and app icon

  • New in-app prompts for upgrading to Trial when Free limits are met

  • New in-app prompts for upgrading to Premium when Trial is over

  • Updated graphics for promo code redemption after sign-in

  • The Crop Tool has been moved next to rotate button on Mobile the interface

  • Added an “X” to close the Add Categories window in the Info tab

  • The full app version number is viewable in the Device Details section of the Dashboard

  • “Library” text renamed to “File Types" in the Library Stats section of the Dashboard

  • “Vault" terminology replaces “Originals” in the Dashboard

  • Clicking on the device/shield icon at the top-right now takes you to the DEVICES section of Dashboard on computers

  • Added location information under the "GPS Coordinates” section of the Info tab when a single media is selected

  • You can add tags to the “Other People” section with only one photo selected now (previously this was only available for video files).

  • Improved text with various typos, translation errors, or alignment issues


  • Fixed an issue where video imports on macOS and Windows would show Incorrect date/time

  • Fixed an issue where importing some HEIC/HEVC files causes Mylio to hang on Windows

  • Fixed an issue when using the "free Up space” feature on Android where the tool would fail to clean up space

  • Fixed an issue where elements in the Batch tagging UI would prevent the scroll wheel from working

  • Fixed an issue where edited Presets names were not saving on other devices

  • Fixed crashes on iOS and iPadOS when the app enters into the background

  • Fixed an issue where Search results would show all media in the library after selecting the “Show All” button in the search results screen

  • Fixed an issue on Windows where blank thumbnails would be displayed while Mylio was processing large files

  • Fixed an issue where featured Photo Ranking icons would not render in the Calendar settings

  • Fixed an issue that would sometimes prevent USB drive from being detected or ejected if multiple drives are connected

  • Fixed a crash on Android when using search during import

  • Fixed an issue where the Crop button would sometimes disappear

  • Containers stay highlighted with a blue outline when backing out of its contents view

  • You can add tags to the “Other People” section with only one photo selected now (previously this was only available for video files).

  • Various bug fixes for rare and edge use cases


Updated May 12th, 2021

Version: 3.15

Mac Build: 7309
Windows Build: 7309
iOS Build: 7309
Android Build: 7309


  • Updated reporting for in-app telemetry


Updated April 29th, 2021

Version: 3.15

Mac Build: 7308
Windows Build: 7308
iOS Build: 7308
Android Build: 7308


  • New optional support for Microsoft Office docs can be enabled in the Settings

  • New import option when importing from Google Photos replaces the previous Google Photos import option

  • Added RAW file support for 9 cameras:

    • Canon EOS M50 Mark II (EOS Kiss M2)

    • Sony ILCE-1 (A1)

    • Fujifilm X-E4

    • Panasonic DC-FZ1000M2

    • Panasonic DC-ZS70 (DMC-TZ90)

    • Panasonic DC-GX800 (DC-GF9)

    • Panasonic DC-FZ82

    • Panasonic DMC-FZ2000

    • Panasonic DMC-GX80 (DMC-GX7MK2)


  • Optical Character Recognition (OCR) can now be disabled in the settings (default is ON)

  • Improved multi-select on mobile

  • Updated iconography across multiple views in-app

  • Added back “Disconnect” options and "Locate NAS” for these device types in the Devices section of the Dashboard

  • Cleaned up text size and spacing in various areas


  • Improved syncing speeds of larger files to cloud drives

  • XMP sidecar files can be imported with videos now


  • Fixed an issue where videos imported on macOS would generate green or incorrect thumbnails and previews

  • Fixed an issue where media can re-appear in the library shortly after deletion

  • Fixed an issue where some notifications appear too often

  • Fixed an issue on mobile where the arrow in an empty search results screen would point the wrong direction

  • Filtering for images that have no color label now works correctly

  • When in People view, album covers should correctly zoom to the face of the tagged person

  • The Unmodified Original export option no longer uses display images as the exported image

  • Fixed a navigation issue mostly seen on Android when going backward in Calendar view

  • Fixed an issue where the crop button would disappear when previewing some photos

  • Fixed an issue that would prevent batch tagging from being exited on Windows

  • Fixed an issue where switching to Map view from search results wouldn't show the media searched for

  • Fixed an issue on mobile where exiting the user could get stuck in Dashboard view

  • Fixed an issue on mobile where the orientation may load incorrectly at first when swiping to view the next image in single-photo view

  • Fixed a crash on Android when minimizing Mylio while previewing a video


Updated April 12th, 2021

Version: 3.14

iOS Build: 7252


  • In-app purchasing now available on iOS


Updated March 29th, 2021

Version: 3.14

Mac Build: 7255
Windows Build: 7255
Android Build: 7255


  • Improved the speed that Search results appear in the UI


  • Fixed a bug causing unnecessary scanning of connected calendars

  • Fixed an issue that could cause Mylio to become unresponsive when uploading to Google Drive

  • Fixed an issue that could result in calendar events being removed while editing them

  • Fixed a crash that could sometimes occur on Android when syncing media

  • Fixed an issue when signing in with Google that required Javascript

  • Fixed an issue on desktops where imports would stall when importing some video types

  • Fixed an issue where recommended actions notifications would not go away in the Dashboard after completing them


Updated February 22nd, 2021

Version: 3.14

Mac Build: 7251
Windows Build: 7251
iOS Build: 7251
Android Build: 7251


  • New Dashboard view to manage your devices, perform popular actions, as well as view notifications and library stats

  • New Search and Filter support for LuceneTM values and modifiers

  • Added RAW file support for the following cameras:

    • Apple ProRaw format

    • Canon EOS 1300D

    • Canon EOS 200D (Kiss X9)

    • Canon EOS 8000D (Kiss X8i)

    • Canon EOS 9000D

    • Canon EOS KISS M

    • Canon EOS Kiss X4

    • Canon EOS Kiss X50

    • Canon EOS Kiss X5

    • Canon EOS Kiss X6i

    • Canon EOS Kiss X7i

    • Canon EOS Kiss X9i

    • Canon EOS Kiss X10

    • Canon EOS Rebel T7 (1500D, 2000D)

    • Canon PowerShot G1 X Mark III

    • Canon PowerShot G9 X Mark II

    • Fuji X-A2

    • Fuji X-A5

    • Fuji X-A7

    • Fuji X-A10

    • Fuji X-Pro3

    • Fuji X-S10

    • Fuji X-T30

    • Fuji X-T200

    • Fuji X-T100

    • Fuji X100V

    • Fuji XF10

    • Nikon D6

    • Nikon D780

    • Nikon Z5

    • Nikon Z6 II

    • Nikon Z7 II

    • Olympus E-M1 Mark III

    • Panasonic DC-G90 (DC-G91)

    • Panasonic DC-G100

    • Panasonic DC-TZ220

    • Panasonic DC-ZS80 (DC-TZ95)

    • Sony DSC-RX0

    • Sony DSC-RX0M2

    • Sony DSC-RX100M5A

    • Sony ILCA-68 (A68)

    • Sony ILCE-QX1

    • Sony ILCE-9M2 (A9 II)

    • Sony ILCE-6100 (A6100)

    • Sony ILCE-7C (A7C)

    • Sony ILCE-7SM3 (A7S III)

    • Sony ZV-1


  • Improved text and button alignment for Notifications on mobile devices

  • In-app purchases can now be made on iOS to upgrade your subscription

  • Improved the "Free Up Space” iconography on mobile devices

  • Promo code redemption is now available in-app after signing in via Settings->Account->Claim Promo Code


  • MYLO-50335 Improved crash reporting from mobile devices

  • Improved the speed that the Details Panel opens on mobile devices

  • New minimum system requirements are macOS Mojave 10.14, Windows 10 version 1909, iOS 13, Android 8.1 (API 27) and later


  • Fixed an issue that would cause thumbnails to load slowly in Calendar view

  • Fixed an issue on mobile that would cause Previews and Originals to load slowly

  • Fixed a crash that could occur with computers using DirectX 9-only video cards

  • Removed unnecessary crash report prompt that could occur if the user quits the app normally

  • Fixed an issue that would sometimes stop importing videos on Windows

  • Fixed an issue that would prevent using the "Download: Original” right-click option if the Originals was only available from OneDrive

  • The “prevent sleep when active” setting now works properly on Windows

  • Android Video Player no longer ignores volume controls

  • Corrected the error displayed on macOS when there is a missing folder

  • Fixed an issue that would prevent a NAS from being added as a device if the local storage space on the computer was low

  • Fixed an issue that would prevent Google Drive from syncing larger libraries

  • Fixed an issue where the “Next" button greyed out when trying to add an external drive as a device

  • Fixed a rare crash in iOS when using the "share to Mylio” option

  • Fixed an issue on iOS when granting privacy access to only a group of "Selected Photos”

  • Fixed an issue where you couldn't tag “other people" on a video, previously required selecting 2 or more


Updated December 7th, 2020

Version: 3.13

Mac Build: 7157
Windows Build: 7157
Android Build: 7157
iOS Build: 7157


  • Added Optical Character Recognition (OCR) to search for text in images

  • New Notifications styles to gain users’ attention more easily

  • Added RAW file support for the following cameras:
    – M50
    – EOS R
    – EOS Ra
    – EOS RP
    – Rebel SL3
    – Powershot G5 X Mark II
    – Powershot G5 X Mark III
    – PowerShot SX70 HS
    – EOS 90D
    – EOS M6 Mark II
    – EOS R5
    – EOS R6
    – EOS M200
    – EOS-1D X Mark III
    – EOS Rebel T8i (EOS 850D / EOS Kiss X10i)Nikon
    – D3500Fuji
    – X-T4
    – X-T3Panasonic
    – DC-G95 (G99)
    – DC-ZS200 (TZ200, TZ202)
    – Panasonic DMC-TZ100 (TZ101)Sony
    – A6400
    – A6600


  • Events can now be filtered

  • New quick tour showcasing the Mylio interface after setup

  • IPTC card can now be applied as an Advanced Import option on Mobile (previously was only Desktop)


  • Improved metadata handling for date/time fields


  • Fixed an issue where XMP files would be left as standalone catalog entries

  • Fixed an issue when external drives could not be added as devices on macOS

  • Fixed an issue on mobile when Previews would be slow to load even if they are synced locally

  • Fixed a crash on Android that affected playing some video files

  • Fixed a crash that could occur when saving metadata to file

  • Fixed a bug where Media Gallery photos were not imported when there is no network connection on Android

  • Fixed some text formatting in the Settings for Android devices

  • Fixed a crash on Windows when importing certain TIFF files

  • Fixed “Exit/Quit App on Close” behavior on the first open of the app after completing setup

  • Fixed a bug where calendar events couldn’t be removed if you previously selected “Yes” in Keep Events prompt


Updated November 3rd, 2020

Version: 3.12

Mac Build: 7094
Windows Build: 7094
Android Build: 7094
iOS Build: 7094


  • Fixed a bug where ratings would show incorrectly for some photos


  • Improved crash reporting for mobile devices


Updated October 15th, 2020

Version: 3.12

Mac Build: 7092
Windows Build: 7092
Android Build: 7092
iOS Build: 7092


  • Added keyboard shortcut support for iPadOS and iOS


  • Search Results now have a SHOW ALL to all media type rows

  • Added full screen control option when playing Inline Video

  • Added an easier to understand sign-in screen and promo code redemption page within the setup wizard

  • Other minor UI improvements to icons and text across the app


  • Fixed an issue when a user would get logged out and after resetting password and could not easily get signed back in

  • Fixed an issue that would prevent importing images when using a custom file renaming template (advanced import option)

  • Improved Search in Calendar view to now search an Event’s description

  • Removed a redundant scroll bar in views on mobile platforms that do not need it

  • Fixed an issue when applied categories to individual media would not sync to other devices

  • Fixed a crash on iOS when playing videos quickly one after another

  • Fixed a crash that could occur when deleting video media while it is playing

  • Fixed an issue on Android when the navigation bar along the bottom would not be replaced by the edit panel when pulling up a photo in single image view

  • Fixed a crash on Android when attempting to share a file that is not yet fully synced to the device

  • Fixed a thumbnail orientation issue after editing an imported photo in Apple Photos

  • Fixed an issue that would prevent Folder covers from updating as thumbnails became synced to a new device

  • Importing from a newly added Android media library will now use the device name you assign in Mylio for folder naming

  • Fixed a rare crash that could occur when editing a image from Grid view

  • Fixed an issue that would cause Thumbnails and/or Previews to not regenerate properly after edits are made outside of Mylio

  • Fixed an issue on mobile where the IPTC data entry card couldn’t scroll to bottom

  • Improved performance on Windows for more efficient rendering at higher frame per second

  • Fixed an issue with sync on demand when trying to edit an image on an optimized computer that has the preview/original on USB


Updated September 25th, 2020

Version: 3.11

Windows Build: 7037


  • Fixed an issue that was preventing Mylio from installing or running correctly on Windows 7.


Updated September 25th, 2020

Version: 3.11

Mac Build: 7035
Windows Build: 7035
Android Build: 7035
iOS Build: 7035


  • Fixed an issue with iOS 14 where third-party sign-on buttons were not working

  • Fixed an issue that would prevent new media from importing after upgrading to Android 11

  • Fixed some UI hang-ups where the sync panel or Dashboard may not update correctly or quickly

  • Fixed a hang in the app on iOS 14 when allowing Mylio permission to access only a specific selection of your device’s photos

  • Fixed a Crash on iPadOS and iOS 14 when returning the app from the background


Updated September 21st, 2020

Version: 3.11

Mac Build: 7034
Windows Build: 7034
Android Build: 7034
iOS Build: 7034

Key Features

  • New IPTC fields added to the info panel on all platforms


Updated September 21st, 2020

Version: 3.11

iOS Build: 7030

Key Features

  • Inline Video and Live Photo playback with all-new controls on iOS (changes on Android coming soon)

  • Exporting “Unmodified Original” is now possible on iOS

  • New IPTC fields added to the info panel (this UI will be coming to all platforms in the very near future)


Updated September 14th, 2020

Version: 3.11

Mac Build: 7033
Windows Build: 7033
Android Build: 7033
iOS Build: temporarily delayed

Key Features

  • Inline Video and Live Photo playback with all-new controls on macOS, and Windows (changes on Android and iOS coming soon)

  • Exporting “Unmodified Original” is now possible on Android


  • Refresh the View menu with new icons and organization

  • Mylio will now use the first frame of a video for its thumbnails.

  • A new busy message appears when applying face tags to large amounts of photos at once in Batch tagging

  • Resized the “ADD” button in the Dashboard to make it less blurry

  • The Actions menu in the bottom right has a new icon

  • Newly designed macOS app icon to match Big Sur icon style

  • Simplified Face Detection in Settings to just have On or Off states

  • Improved various text when going through the setup wizard


  • Video and Live Photo playback is now possible on a computer if the Original is not locally available but is on a USB device attached to the account

  • Improved Map tiles loading speeds when zooming, scrolling, or swiping in on Map view

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue that would prevent OneDrive Drive from syncing larger photo libraries

  • Fixed an issue on Windows that would cause the popup web browser to be incompatible for online services sign-in

  • Fixed a crash when using the Map to view search results

  • Fixed a crash on Windows when using the “Use as a Touch Device” setting

  • Fixed a crash when importing unique photos from an iPhone photo library

  • Fixed an issue that would prevent photo info along the top of the screen change as you advance to a new media in Full-Screen mode or on a mobile device

  • Fixed an issue that would prevent Android devices from importing from Flickr

  • Undoing an action while in Batch Tagging now retains the scroll position instead of taking you to the top of the grid of photos

  • Fixed a crash that could occur when adding a linked Calendar in the Setup wizard

  • Fixed a bug that would incorrectly group different people together in batch tagging


Updated August 12th, 2020

Version: 3.9

Mac Build: 6941
Windows Build: 6941
iOS Build: 6941
Android Build: 6974

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed additional crashes that were discovered after the last release affecting users on older versions of macOS

  • Fixed an issue that would cause Mylio to be slow to respond when viewing the Last Import

  • Fixed a crash when exporting HEIC Live Photos on a PC

  • Fixed a crash that occurred when applying Categories to folders from the search results screen

  • Improved UI issue that was occasionally displaying some newly synced images as blank tiles

  • Fixed a crash on Windows when handling high-efficiency format files

  • Fixed a crash on multiple platforms when navigating in Folder view


Updated July 24th, 2020

Version: 3.9

Mac Build: 6938
Windows Build: 6938

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug that would prevent Mylio from opening on computers running macOS Sierra (10.12) and High Sierra (10.13)

  • Improved editing Categories from the Info panel when multiple photos are selected

  • Fixed a rare bug creating on-screen artifacts when swiping between photos

  • Fixed the orientation of some HEIC photos when synced to Windows


Updated July 20th, 2020

Version: 3.9

Mac Build: 6936
Windows Build: 6936
iOS Build: 6936
Android Build: 6936


  • Added playback support for Live Pictures

  • Mobile devices can now add cloud drives as devices from the Dashboard

  • "Unmodified Original" is an export option for Desktops

  • One drive is now supported to add as a cloud drive device

  • Updated Maps view with new Standard, Satellite Hybrid, and Topographical views adjustable from the View menu (three vertical dots in the top-right)


  • Improved the Edit tab UI to prevent elements from overlapping each other

  • The “Add New” button in the Devices section of the Dashboard has been updated

  • Removed the Import option from Settings on large screen tablets like iPads since it is already in the main interface (top-right next to Notifications and Activity center)

  • Impractical Print command removed for video files

  • Users who already have Mylio Create and try to redeem another code are told that they are already on the Complimentary Mylio Create Subscription instead of an error code

  • The current folder name for nested items is now displayed along the top of Folder view

Bug Fixes

  • Mylio on desktops do a better job of remembering Export settings

  • Fixed an issue on older Android devices that could block importing from Facebook

  • Fixed a bug on Android that would cause Mylio to freeze when navigating away from the app while being prompted for calendar/storage permissions

  • Fixed a bug that would cause iOS Portrait mode and HEIC/HEIF photos to be oriented wrong on Windows (Windows still requires HEIF extensions)

  • Fixed a crash when opening Mylio on iPhone with some VPNs enabled

  • Fixed bug where users would have to deselect and then re-select the external drive when adding an external drive as a Vault

  • Linked Calendars are now removed when the device that imported them is removed from the account

  • Fixed bug where Mylio would stay running after closing for users that have not completed setup

  • Fixed bug on Android that made Mylio crash briefly after opening app

  • Fixed bug where face tags were shown on faces that were cropped out of an image

  • Fixed a crash that could sometimes happen when Copy importing with the “delete files after import” option turned on


Updated: June 10th, 2020

Version: 3.8
iOS Build: 6659

Bug Fixes

  • Improved reporting for crashes on iOS and iPadOS devices


Updated: June 3rd, 2020

Version: 3.8
Mac Build: 6658
Windows Build: 6658
iOS Build: 6658
Android Build: 6658

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue that would prevent some slideshow transitions correctly

  • Fixed an issue that could sometimes lead to not being able to sign in after resetting your password

  • Fixed a crash that would occur when selecting an Album to add photos to from the right-click menu

  • Fixed an issue that would cause search results to look darker on Android

  • Fixed an issue on Android that would show the incorrect date on imported screenshots

  • On Android, Mylio will no longer suggest to clean up the camera roll on devices that it does not have access to do so

  • Fixed a crash that would happen when importing some .TIFF file types with certain GPS data


  • Reduced CPU usage when adding Source Folders with thousands of photos

  • Android devices that are capable of decoding .HEIC images and .BMP files will now do so in Mylio


  • After viewing a slideshow from an event, the interface will return to the grid view of the photos from the event

  • After viewing a slideshow in any other view in the interface will return to the previous view

  • Improved navigation to the next and previous days in Calendar view


Updated: May 15th, 2020

Version: 3.8
Mac Build: 6655/6656(Seagate)
Windows Build: 6655/6656(Seagate)
iOS Build: 6653
Android Build: 6653

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a crash that could occur while importing media


  • Improved startup times for larger catalogs


  • Redesigned the setup wizard for easier use and understanding when getting started in the app (desktop only, mobile coming soon)

  • Updated some text and verbiage in the login screen

  • Added support for Nikon Z6 RAW images when shot in crop mode

  • The Crop tool is available in the Quick Actions bar regardless of the Details panel being collapsed or not


Updated: May 7th, 2020

Version: 3.8
Mac Build: 6651
Windows Build: 6651
iOS Build: 6651
Android Build: 6651

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue that would cause Mylio to fail to import photos from Facebook

  • Fixed a crash that could occur if you are signed out of Mylio using a third-party sign-on method (Apple, Facebook, Google, Microsoft)


Updated: May 1st, 2020

Version: 3.8
Mac Build: 6650
Windows Build: 6650
iOS Build: 6650
Android Build: 6650


Added a new activation code section for Mylio Create offers in the sign-in screen


Updated: April 21st, 2020

Version: 3.8
Mac Build: 6648
Windows Build: 6648
iOS Build: 6648
Android Build: 6648

Bug Fixes

Change Mylio Folder: Close Mylio doesn't close Mylio

  • Fixed a crash when viewing certain Search results

  • Fixed an issue that was preventing Mylio from closing when using the Advanced setting to change the Mylio directory

  • Fixed a crash when viewing some video files on Android devices

  • Fixed a bug that was losing some location data when saving metadata to file or exporting some images.

  • Fixed an issue preventing some video files from playing on Macs if a third-party app is installed that can play it


Updated: April 2nd, 2020

Version: 3.8
Mac Build: 6646
Windows Build: 6646
iOS Build: 6646
Android Build: 6646


  • Multiple Categories can now be added to Folders, Events, and individual media for easy filtering and search

  • Importing Apple Photos on a Mac now acts similarly to importing from the Photos app on an iPhone or iPad and supports more Apple photos specific effects like Portrait mode.

  • Right-click on photos or folders to “download originals or previews” from a connected device that has them


  • Life event added to priority list in Calendars

  • Improved sync status reporting in the Dashboard

  • Easier to understand Drag and Drop dialog window


  • Improved scrolling behavior on iOS devices

  • Added a setting to toggle off/on syncing with cloud services

  • Added a shortcut to “ignore untagged people” for macOS and Windows (cmd+0 and ctrl+0 respectively)

  • Improved graphics for guidance with certain settings like mobile import and more

  • Preview images for PDF files can now be generated on Android devices

  • Video playback now occurs in-app on Mac

  • New setting under Settings->Advanced for adjusting Face Recognition Proposals for better customization of batch tagging faces

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue for some Microsoft Surface models to not sync properly due to an incorrect display color profile

  • Fixed a crash that sometimes would occur when cropping or rotating an image

  • Mylio now prevents you from selecting the incorrect Mylio folder of another device when relocating the library

  • Fixed a bug that would show the share sheet in the wrong location on iPad

  • Other various minor bug and crash fixes


Updated: January, 21st, 2020

Version: 3.7
Mac Build: 6252
Windows Build: 6252
iOS Build: 6252
Android Build: 6252

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a crash that could occur if Mylio discovers a malformed XMP file

  • Fixed a crash that could occur if zooming in/out while in Batch Tagging

Updated: December, 16th, 2019

Version: 3.7
Mac Build: 6249
Windows Build: 6249
iOS Build: 6250
Android Build: 6250


  • Create a new account using more third-party sign-in options

  • SD card import supported on iOS 13 and iPadOS

  • The Filter bar now can filter based on cameras

  • Mylio can run in the background on desktops

  • Mylio can be set to run at login on desktops

  • Quickly pull up the name field in batch tagging by pressing the Tab key.


  • Glanceable sync status icons in the top bar for the device you’re currently using and your Vault

  • Updated the delete confirmation dialog

  • If Mylio is running, its app icon appears in the top Menu bar for macOS and the app tray in Windows

  • The sign-in screen on Android can be used in landscape mode now

  • If it is turned on in the settings, access to the Sync Panel can be done using Control+5 or toggling it in the top menu bar under Window->Sync

  • Improved error messages if folders can’t be deleted

  • New icons for playing, downloading, or opening videos/documents

  • While viewing search results, clearing the text in the search bar will not clear any search results until a new search is run or the Search Results screen is closed

Bug Fixes

  • Activities section of the Notifications and Activities center reports more accurate processes that are running

  • Fixed a crash on Android could occur while leaving the app

  • Mylio can better detect catalog issues on USB hard drives

  • Fixed a rare issue where Mylio would become unresponsive if the console logging levels were set above normal

  • Fixed potential crashes on armv7 32 bit Android devices

  • Fixed a bug that caused some exported images to only be exported at Preview quality resolution even if the Original was stored locally on that device

  • Fixed an issue where users would see the “Syncing attached storage device(s)” activity endlessly

  • Fixed a UI bug where the View menu would get cut off sometimes

  • Fixed an issue that would sometimes prevent a user from signing back in after resetting their password

  • Fixed an issue where manual face tags would disappear if placed directly onto of a detected face that was already ignored

  • Moving multiple pins at the same time in Map view should be easier now

  • Moving the location of the Mylio library on an Android device should be detected more easily now


  • Improved ICC color profile and rendering performance

  • Generating and displaying thumbnails while importing on Android should be faster

  • "Free up space on this device” on iOS batches deletions instead of trying to delete large groups of photos at once to reduce crashing and improve successful deletions


Updated: November, 12th, 2019

Version: 3.6
Mac Build: 6064
Windows Build: 6064
iOS Build: 6064

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue that prevented edits made to a photo from applying to exported images

  • Fixed an issue in Map view that would cause the view of the Map to not refocus when changing locations

  • Fixed an issue that prevented swiping between days in Calendar view on mobile


Updated: November, 5th, 2019

Version: 3.6
Mac Build: 6062
Windows Build: 6062
iOS Build: 6062

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue that would prevent Mylio from closing normally while syncing to Amazon or Google bring your own cloud devices

  • Adjusting the date/time of a photo should no longer incorrectly adjust sub-seconds in the metadata

  • Fixed an issue that would sometimes cause an image to flicker or regenerate previews of the same image continuously

  • Fixed an issue that would sometimes make it difficult to exit the Brush tool UI

  • Fixed an issue that would sometimes present a catalog recovery from successfully completing

  • Fixed an issue that Mylio would prevent new media from some unsupported cameras from being synced

  • Fixed an issue would cause the Combine People command to sometimes fail


  • Fuzzy Dates feature enhanced allowing a range of specific dates

  • Added new sharing options in macOS

  • Added “Rescan Faces” to the Action menu (right-click or bottom right menus)

  • Free Space on iOS devices feature can be configured for automatic cleanups every 30, 45, or 60 days for iOS devices (same as existing Android feature)

  • Swipe left and right to change days when viewing a grid of photos in Life Calendar

  • Filter Lock for Folder Events has been changed to Event Filter

  • If a folder is empty after Auto-folder organize is ran, Mylio will not delete the folder

  • Removed “Merge Folders” feature for performance reasons

  • "RendezVous" toggle is removed.


  • Improved file handling with new “Ingestor” resulting in faster imports, thumbnail and preview generation and implements a number of various bug fixes

  • Better connectivity between Mylio devices using reworked networking system for more stable and consistent syncing

  • Editing people or face tags in XMP sidecar files after they are created by or imported to Mylio are ignored

  • XMP sidecar files are no longer supported for document and video files

  • New Camera Roll and Media Library imports from mobile devices are put into top-level folders named after the device type (Android/Apple Photos)


  • Removed “Your Mylio World” from the Dashboard

  • Updated import screen with new graphical elements

  • Annotation added indicating if an image is dated with a Fuzzy date

  • Improved reporting and progress in the Sync Panel and Notifications and Activity Center

  • New welcome tutorials with better navigation

  • Imports now switch the view to the destination folder of the import instead of the “Last Import” view

  • Improved dialog with the Safe File System Delete setting when Mylio detects file system changes

  • Added F6 shortcut to toggle the Filmstrip and added it to the top menu bar (under View)

  • Filter Bar now has a “Clear” button to remove all applied Filters

  • Removed Photo of the Year pin from the Quick Actions bar

  • Edits to a photo that are written to an XMP by Adobe LightRoom now ignored when displaying the photo in Mylio

  • Added RAW file camera support for the Sony RX 100 and A7 cameras


Updated: October, 1st, 2019

Version: 3.5
Mac Build: 5815
Windows Build: 5815
iOS Build: 5815


  • Fixes a bug that was causing Mylio to crash when importing images from certain cameras. Please note this does not add additional camera support at this time.


Updated: September, 16th, 2019

Version: 3.5
Mac Build: 5814
Windows Build: 5814
iOS Build: 5814


  • Addressed an issue for some users that are seeing crashes or freezing after importing new media


Updated: July 29th, 2019

Version: 3.5
Mac Build: 5812
Windows Build: 5812
iOS Build: 5812
Android Build: 5812


  • Signing into Mylio with an account that has not yet been activated will now give a prompt with an option to re-send the verification email


Updated: July 10th, 2019

Version: 3.5
Mac Build: 5810
Windows Build: 5810
iOS Build: 5810
Android Build: 5810


  • Added Camera Support for Olympus OM-D EM-1X file types

  • Added a "Forgot password?" link to our sign-in screen

  • Mylio now allows you to "show password" when signing in

  • A Custom Device Sync Policy can be applied when setting up a new screen with the setup wizard

  • Polished the icons on the Delete widow for Android and in the Dashboard for all mobile UI

  • The Device name in the Activity and Notifications Center is no longer omitted


  • Fixed an issue preventing some folders with unique characters in the folder name from replicating correctly

  • Fixed an issue that may cause some Mac computers to become unresponsive when going to sleep

  • 1-5 Shortcuts for "when typing names" are now shown again when this advanced setting is enabled

  • Fixed an issue that would sometime cause the Clipboard to not clear after moving the contents to a new location

  • Fixed a crash that would sometimes happen when tagging faces

  • Fixed a crash on Android that could occur after syncing certain types of media


  • The "Next Date" button when swiping between Photos in Calendar view is much faster

  • Skipping the check for corruption when performing a catalog recovery will no longer skip the catalog recovery


Updated: June 24th, 2019

Version: 3.5
Mac Build: 5804
Windows Build: 5804
iOS Build: 5804
Android Build: 5804


  • Localized in French and Spanish

  • Calendar Events can now be created from Folders

  • Video icon added to make it easier to locate this file type when in Grid View

  • New Notifications and Activity Center

  • Selective Sync options have changed to Custom Device Sync Policies

  • Mobile - Info panel is now brought up by a swipe up on the photo or by hitting the info button in the View menu

  • Sync Panel is now available in Mobile from the View menu

  • The Actions menu now appears as three horizontal dots in the bottom right to avoid confusion with the operate View menu (three vertical dots) in the top right

  • Re-added option to Sort by: Rating

  • Added Camera Support for Nikon Z6 and Z7 RAW file types as well as the Ricoh GR2 and GR3


  • Flickr sharing on desktop has been re-instated

  • Save Metadata to File now correctly works with Free accounts

  • Removed date/time bar when full screening a photo on an iPad

  • Duplicating a preview image is now prevented if the Original is not on a device

  • Fixed an issue that prevented some users from clearing their cache

  • Fixed a bug where Mylio may crash when importing a RAW+JPG pair

  • Other rarely encountered bugs addressed as well


  • Improved import speeds on mobile

  • Improved importing and surfacing of metadata on all platforms

  • Share sheet in iOS improved with more options

  • Removed “Better Graphics” and “Better Performance” options in the advanced settings to bring the best of both features together


Updated: April 16th, 2019

Version: 3.4
Release Date: April 16th, 2019
Mac Build: 5635
Windows Build: 5635
iOS Build: 5635
Android Build: 5635

  • Various Bug and Crash Fixes including:

  • Fixed an issue when Mylio would start Outlook even if it isn't initialized in Windows.

  • Fixed an issue where continuous scroll doesn't work in Descending sort order in Calendar view.

  • Fixed an issue where minimizing a Mylio on a PC would unintentionally cause high GPU resources.

  • Reduced unwanted notifications of "No network connection" in the Notifications panel of the Dashboard.

  • Improved crash reporting from Mobile and Desktop versions.


Updated: March 19th, 2019

Version: 3.4
Release Date: March 19th, 2019
Mac Build: 5631
Windows Build: 5631
iOS Build: 5631
Android Build: 5631

  • Bug and Crash Fixes

  • Updated Google Photos and Picasa importer with the latest API


Updated: March 7th, 2019

Version: 3.4
Release Date: March 7th, 2019
Mac Build: 5621
Windows Build: 5621
iOS Build: 5624
Android Build: 5624

  • Consolidated mobile download size from our update two days ago to allow cellular downloads


Updated: March 5th, 2019

Version: 3.4
Release Date: March 5th, 2019
Mac Build: 5621
Windows Build: 5621
iOS Build: 5621
Android Build: 5621

  • New face recognition engine

  • bug fixes


Updated: January 16th, 2019

Version: 3.3a
Release Date: January 16th, 2019
Mac Build: 5593
Windows Build: 5593
iOS Build: 5593
Android Build: 5594

  • New app icon design

  • Stability improvements and bug fixes


Updated: January 2nd, 2019

Version: 3.3
Release Date: January 2nd, 2019
Mac Build: 5575
Windows Build: 5575
iOS Build: 5575
Android Build: 5575

  • Enhanced editing on Mobile UI

  • Ability to resize when in Calendar view

  • Stability improvements and bug fixes


Updated: October 31st, 2018

Version: 3.2
Release Date: October 31st, 2018
Mac Build: 5511
Windows Build: 5511
iOS Build: 5511
Android Build: 5511

  • New UI featuring dark mode

  • Expanded life calendar

  • Full screen Map

  • New filter

  • New batch face tagging

  • New first-run setup experience

  • New simple SD import

  • Introducing Vaults

  • Auto-optimized images when syncing

  • Your Mylio World in Dashboard

  • Featured photo ranking

  • Stability improvements


Updated: August 14th, 2018

Version: 3.1.2
Release Date: August 14th, 2018
Mac Build: 5262
Windows Build: 5262
iOS Build: 5262
Android Build: 5262

  • Stability improvements.

  • Additional logging for troubleshooting.


Updated: May 14th, 2018

Version: 3.1.1
Release Date: May 14th, 2018
Mac Build: 5260
Windows Build: 5260
iOS Build: 5260
Android Build: 5260

  • General bug fixes and stability improvements.


Updated: April 23rd, 2018

Version: 3.1
Release Date: April 23rd, 2018
Mac Build: 5254
Windows Build: 5254
iOS Build: 5254
Android Build: 5254

  • Map view replaces Location view. View all of your images on a map!

  • Tag photos GPS location within Mylio using Map view.

  • Manual Face Tagging.

  • Mylio Dashboard.

  • Progress reporting moved to top left of the center panel.

  • Revamped creating and editing event categories.

  • Android Media Library auto-deletion.

  • Fetch Original image on export if one is available.

  • Android now shares using the OS share menu.

  • Brand new Contact Mylio Support dialog and options. We can now request additional logs if needed.

  • Catalog recovery for iOS, Android, Mac, Windows, and External Drives has been created or revamped.

  • Fixed issues surrounding catalog corruption.

  • Fixed issues surrounding files and folders becoming stuck moving on disk.

  • Auto-configure for Windows Firewall.


Updated: January 25th, 2018

Version: 3.0.6
Release Date: January 12th, 2018
Mac Build: 4854
Windows Build:4854
iOS Build: 4854
Android Build: 4854

  • When a photo is open, the title bar will now display {IMAGE TITLE} | {IMAGE LOCATION} | {CAPTURE DATE} | {CAPTURE TIME}.

  • Fixed some bugs that made switching views slow.

  • Stability improvements and optimizations.

  • Changed version naming to dot (.) releases instead of "r" releases.


Updated: January 12th, 2018

Version: 3.0rrr
Release Date: January 12th, 2018
Mac Build: 4849
Windows Build:4849
iOS Build: 4849
Android Build: 4849

  • Unwanted media is now hidden by default.

  • Lightroom Classic now shows in the Open With...

  • Unparsable media no longer causes red/grey check marks in the device map.

  • Various crash fixes and stability improvements.


Updated: January 5th, 2018

Version: 3.0rr
Release Date: January 5th, 2018
Mac Build: 4848
Windows Build:4848
iOS Build: 4848
Android Build: 4848

  • Various crash fixes and stability improvements.


Updated: December 22nd, 2017

Version: 3.0r
Release Date: December 8th, 2017
Mac Build: 4845
Windows Build:4845
iOS Build: 4845
Android Build: 4845

  • Submitting logs to support is now a background process.

  • Various bug fixes and stability improvements.


Updated: December 8th, 2017

Version: 3.0r
Release Date: December 8th, 2017
Mac Build: 4841
Windows Build: 4841
iOS Build: 4841
Android Build: 4841

  • Fixed an issue that may have caused Amazon and Google Drive to re-upload previously synced images to the cloud.

  • Fixed an issue where log transmission to Mylio Support was slow or unstable.

  • Added extra precautions to prevent users from logging in to the wrong account when signing into Mylio 3.0 for the first time.

Updated: December 3rd, 2017

Version: 3.0r
Release Date: December 3rd, 2017
Mac Build: 4836
Windows Build: 4836
iOS Build: 4838
Android Build: 4838

  • Fixed an issue where iOS Camera Rolls may be duplicated when upgrading to Mylio 3.0.

  • Fixed a bug that allowed users upgrading to Mylio 3.0 to sign in with incorrect account information.

  • Stability fixes.

Updated: November 27, 2017

Version: 3.0
Release Date: November 27th, 2017
Mac Build: 4836
Windows Build: 4836
iOS Build: 4836
Android Build: 4836

  • We've redesigned and streamlined our sync engine to be faster and more reliable.

  • Upload to Amazon and Google as unencrypted

  • Utilize Amazon Prime Photos

  • iPhone X optimization

  • RendezVous optimizations.

  • Library Statistics menu.

  • Mylio now partakes in Apple's iCloud Backup.

  • NAS devices are now scanned upon launch and with "Scan for changes"

  • New sync option: increase local discovery. Turns on UDP broadcasting for additional communication.

  • What's New dialog box is now in-app

  • Lost originals are now identified by clicking the total media count.

  • Lightroom Classic is now recognized on Lightroom Import

  • All references to Mylio Cloud have been removed from Mylio.

  • File stacking now longer affects PSD, Videos, PDFs, and other non-RAW files.

Updated: August 30th, 2017

Version: 2.4r
Release Date: August 30th, 2017
Mac Build: 4212
Windows Build: 4212
iOS Build: 4212
Android Build: 4212

  • Preparation for iOS 11

Updated: June 29th, 2017

Version: 2.4
Release Date: June 29th, 2017
Mac Build: 4206
Windows Build: 4206
iOS Build: 4206
Android Build: 4206

  • Adjusted Amazon Cloud text to meet Amazon's new Amazon Drive plans.

  • Updated all iOS App Store and Google Play Store screenshots.

  • Tablet devices now default to Desktop view.

  • Sony A7ii photos with an APSC lens now decode correctly.

  • Mobile devices now choose device sync policy on first run.

  • Fixed various issues surrounding SD card import.

  • Mylio on Windows no longer imports bundles or packages.

  • Slideshows are now available for Events.

  • Fixed various face tagging UI issues.

  • Many crash fixes including Android O beta crashes.

Updated: May 25th, 2017

Version: 2.3lr
Release Date: May 25th, 2017
Mac Build: 4153
Windows Build: 4153
iOS Build: 4153
Android Build: 4153

  • Fixed an issue where Mylio would crash when closing the application.

  • Fixed issues related to GPS and Places lookup.

  • Various bug fixes.

Updated: April 24th, 2017

Version: 2.3rr
Release Date: April 24th, 2017
Mac Build: 4151
Windows Build: 4151
iOS Build: 4151
Android Build: 4151

  • If you are using Mylio Cloud to upload images, you will now be shown a banner when quitting Mylio alerting you that you need to adjust the device's sync policy as it is no longer available as a storage location.

  • Fixed an issue causing Mylio to crash when face tagging.

  • Fixed an issue causing Android to crash when playing video.

  • General speed and stability improvements.

Updated: April 12th, 2017

Version: 2.3r
Release Date: April 12th, 2017
Mac Build: 4150
Windows Build: 4150
iOS Build: 4150
Android Build: 4150

  • General speed and stability improvements.

Updated: March 20th, 2017

Version: 2.3
Release Date: March 20th, 2017
Mac Build: 4142
Windows Build: 4142
iOS Build: 4143
Android Build: 4142

  • Places are now editable.

  • Guest mode now has options to allow for certain features to be unlocked.

  • Auto-advance now has options on what triggers an advancement.

  • .txt files are now displayed when replicated as previews and thumbnails.

  • Create a template to alter the name of the files you are exporting.

  • Choose which monitor to set the desktop wallpaper of if using multiple monitors.

  • Various bug fixes and stability improvements.

Updated: February 9th, 2017

Version: 2.2
Release Date: February 9th, 2017
Mac Build: 4069
Windows Build: 4063
iOS Build: 4063
Android Build:4063

  • Resolved issue that caused some Panasonic images to not open as expected.

  • Fixed an issue that caused Mylio to become unresponsive when quitting the application.

Updated: January 30th, 2017

Version: 2.2
Release Date: January 30th, 2017
Mac Build: 4061
Windows Build: 4061
iOS Build: 4061
Android Build:4061

  • Device Map now includes gray badges to show thumbnails and previews that need to sync.

  • Introduced new command to decipher if there are any file paths that are too long.

  • Mylio now caches full resolution images temporarily when scrolling through images.

Updated: January 19th, 2017

Version: 2.2
Release Date: January 19th, 2017
Mac Build: 4058
Windows Build: 4058
iOS Build: 4058
Android Build: 4058

  • You can now use the ‘Open with…‘ command on more than one selected media.

  • Improvements to Mylio’s search and auto-creation of Places.

  • Corrected an issue that caused some photos with unknown lenses to import incorrectly.

  • Altered the timing of ‘success banners’ when exporting to Flickr.

Updated: January 9th, 2017

Version: 2.2
Release Date: January 9th, 2017
Mac Build: 4056
Windows Build: 4056
iOS Build: 4055
Android Build: 4056

  • Fixed an issue with Canon 1D X Mark II where photos were imported with an incorrect coloring

  • Fixed an issue where RAW+DNG images were not importing both sets of photos

  • Removed reference to adding places

Updated: January 5th, 2017

Version: 2.2
Release Date: January 5th, 2017
Mac Build: 4055
Windows Build: 4055
iOS Build: 4055
Android Build: 4055

  • Introducing Places, replacing Locations.

  • Protect images to Google Drive

  • Streamlined mobile view's Navigation Panel

  • Batch ignore faces

  • You can now disable the "Cellular Data" message on iOS and Android

Updated: December 15, 2016

Version: 2.1
Release Date: December 15, 2016
Mac Build: 3874
Windows Build: 3867
iOS Build: 3872
Android Build: 3867

  • Fixes an issue where SD cards were not importing as expected on macOS Sierra

  • General stability improvements

Updated: December 10, 2016

Version: 2.1
Release Date: December 10, 2016
Mac Build: 3870
Windows Build: 3867
iOS Build: 3872
Android Build: 3867

  • Prepares Mylio for future iOS features

Updated: November 23, 2016

Version: 2.1
Release Date: November 23, 2016
Mac Build: 3870
Windows Build: 3867
iOS Build: 3870
Android Build: 3867

  • Bug fixes and stability improvements

Updated: November 16, 2016

Version: 2.1
Release Date: November 16, 2016
Mac Build: 3867
Windows Build: 3867
iOS Build: 3867
Android Build: 3867

  • iOS and Android Redesign

  • Filter events with star ratings and labels

  • Activity roll-up

  • Iconography refresh

  • Apple Photos fixes

  • Mylio Device Network fixes

  • Set alternate dates for multiple photos

  • Camera roll speed improvement

  • Cloud data reset is now user-facing

Updated: September 20th, 2016

Version: 2.0
Release Date: September 20th, 2016
Mac Build: 3682
Windows Build: 3682
iOS Build: 3682
Android Build: 3682

  • Support for syncing with Amazon Drive Unlimited.

  • Import from Picasa and Google Photos.

  • Face Tagging for unidentified people.

  • Edit Notes from within Mylio.

  • Simple View in sync panel.

  • Introduction of Device Map.

  • Set photos to Imprecise Dates.

  • Folders can be set to private to be excluded from Events, Calendar, and Slideshows.

  • Fixed an issue with importing AVCHD videos.

  • Extended Apple Photos Metadata import.

  • Introduction of RendezVous.

Updated: August 30th, 2016

Version: 1.9r
Release Date: August 30th, 2016
Mac Build: 3476 (unchanged)
Windows Build: 3476 (unchanged)
iOS Build: 3483
Android Build: 3476 (unchanged)

  • Reintroduced signing up from within the iOS application.

Updated: July 27th, 2016

Version: 1.9
Release Date: July 27th, 2016
iOS Release Date: August 11th, 2016
Mac Build: 3476
Windows Build: 3476
iOS Build: 3482
Android Build: 3476

  • Editing presets now have live previews.

  • Face recognition now supports bulk face tagging.

  • Color labels have changed from a circle icon to a label icon to better differentiate labels from events.

  • iOS users can now import photos, videos, and PDFs directly into Mylio without needing the file in the camera roll.

  • Calendar view can now be resized and finely customized using the ‘Show Events’ icon.

  • Mylio can now import and sync .txt and .text files.

Updated: June 17th, 2016

Version: 1.8r2
Release Date: June 17th, 2016
Mac Build: 3296
Windows Build:3296
iOS Build:3297
Android Build:3296

  • Various bug fixes

Updated: June 6th, 2016

Version: 1.8r
Release Date: June 6th, 2016
Mac Build: 3293 (not updated)
Windows Build: 3293 (not updated)
iOS Build: 3294
Android Build: 3293 (not updated)

  • iOS updated for sharing to Instagram

Updated: May 23rd, 2016

Version: 1.8
Release Date: May 23rd, 2016
Mac Build: 3293
Windows Build: 3293
iOS Build: 3293
Android Build: 3293

  • Introduced Events and a new Calendar! Organize your photos into events and then easily locate them in Calendar view.

  • Apple Photos import.

  • Sign Up using Facebook.

  • Increased PDF support.

  • Adjust the date and time for multiple media at once.

  • iOS devices now have an icon badge to tell you how many photos need imported into Mylio.

  • iOS devices can now import RAW/JPG from the camera roll.

  • Copied edits can now be pasted to multiple photos in grid view.

  • Implemented support for 30bit graphics cards on Mac OS X.

Updated: March 14, 2016

Version: 1.7
Release Date: March 14th, 2016
Mac Build: 3096
Windows Build: 3096
iOS Build: 3096
Android Build: 3096

  • Changes made to Mylio's plans and pricing.

  • New and reduced first run experience.

  • Mylio’s ‘watch’ command has been replaced with ‘My Library‘.

  • Albums of Albums are now available.

  • Populate albums by simply dragging your selected photos to the “Albums” view in the left hand panel.

  • Facial recognition is easier to toggle on with its own icon at the bottom of Mylio’s center panel.

  • The edit panel has been re-arranged.

  • When using a feature for the first time, Mylio will now automatically educate you on that feature’s benefits.

  • Lightbox has been renamed to Mylio Clipboard.

  • Some of Mylio's iconography has been altered to more accurately display their function.

Updated: January 20th, 2016

Version: 1.6
Release Date: January 20th, 2016
Mac Build: 2928
Windows Build: 2928
iOS Build: 2928
Android Build: 2928

  • Mylio is now faster and more stable than ever

  • Introducing facial recognition - tag your photos faster and easier than ever from right within Mylio.

  • Love Fuji as much as we do? You can now import Fuji RAW photos that use the X-Trans sensor (full list below).

  • PDF files can now be imported and replicated to your other Mylio devices.

  • Quickly see how many photos you have left to sync from within the sync panel.

  • Corrected an issue where devices may display conflicting photo counts

  • Added an option to stop the "Add USB Device" window from opening when a USB device is detected

  • Fixed various issues with NAS devices running slowly or becoming unresponsive.

  • Aperture imports now require less memory.

Updated: December 4th, 2015

Version: 1.5
Release Date: December 4th, 2015
Mac Build: 2746
Windows Build: 2746
iOS Build: 2746
Android Build: 2746

  • Various bug fixes and improvements

Updated: November 23rd, 2015

Version: 1.5
Release Date: November 23th, 2015
Mac Build: 2743
Windows Build: 2743
iOS Build: NA
Android Build: 2743

  • Brushes have been added to the edit panel

  • The watermark tool has been added to the export settings

  • Show TPO has been added to easily see sync policies

  • Cached files are now shown with a green squiggly line in the sync panel

  • “Show in…” function now allows now allows photo to be seen on any connected device

  • General improvements and bug fixes

Updated: October 13th, 2015

Version: 1.4
Release Date: October 13th, 2015
Mac Build: 2582
Windows Build: 2582
iOS Build: 2577
Android Build: 2577

  • Various bug fixes and improvements

Updated: September 22nd, 2015

Version: 1.4
Release Date: September 22nd, 2015
Windows Build: 2566
Mac Build: 2566
iOS Build: 2565
Android Build: 2565

  • Mylio for Android removed from beta

  • Setup wizard introduction

  • Various UI changes in the sync panel

  • Store your common edits as a preset and apply it to a group of photos

  • Removed the sync shields and added a sync protection bar

  • Sync policy adjustments now tell you more information in regards to your space

  • “Need help?” buttons have been added to various parts of the interface

  • Streamlined importing menu

  • New import option: watch a USB drive.

  • Clarification on Delete vs Remove

Updated: August 26th, 2015

Version: 1.3
Release Date: August 26th, 2015
Mac Build: 2138
Windows Build: 2138
iOS Build: 2127
Android Build: 2127

  • Many new Nikon, Canon, and Sony cameras

Updated: June 11th, 2015

Windows: 2127
Mac: 2127
iOS: 2127
Android: 2127

  • Mylio’s new Aperture and iPhoto import tools are no longer in betas.

  • Many instances of files being unable to move on disk have been rectified.

  • When deleting a photo in preview mode, Mylio now moves to the next photo, not the last photo in that folder.

Updated: May 8th, 2015

Windows: 2121
Mac: 2121
iOS 2116

  • Aperture users rejoice: you can now migrate your Aperture library directly into Mylio.

  • New iPhoto import workflow that matches the Aperture library workflow.

  • Auto advance photo view when working with tethered cameras (Thanks Joe!)

  • Users no longer need to remove hidden files when re-watching folders after starting Mylio over.

Updated: April 2nd, 2015

Windows: 1985
Mac: 1985
iOS 1976

Updated: February 27, 2015

Windows: 1711
Mac: 1711
iOS 1711
General Bug Fixes

Updated: February 9th, 2015

Windows: 1708
Mac: 1708
iOS: 1708

  • Added support for PSD files

  • Added "Experimental Features" section - preview what is coming soon!

  • Guest Mode - You can now temporarily set Mylio to "Read Only"

  • Devices in the sync panel are now grouped as online or offline

  • Added "What's New" link to the update dialog box

  • Added a simplified sync panel view

  • Added a previous keyword list - choose to search and label keywords with previously used keywords

  • Mylio will now display a confirmation dialog when dragging and dropping folders

  • You can now sort between photos and videos using the search/filter dropdown menu

  • The keyboard can now be used to navigate calendar view

  • You can now auto-unmount cameras and SD cards easily from the import menu

  • Added a prohibitory symbol for files that Mylio can load but cannot display

  • When Mylio adds camera support, images that were not imported during "watch" will automatically reimport

  • Users who hit their device limit are now given the option to remove unused devices from their account

  • Moved password reset and account management to new account web portal

  • Users on trial can now import 10,000 photos from their camera roll and 1,000 photos from each import source

  • Footprint - detailed information about your folders and library in the info panel

  • Tap to sync - quickly and easily choose what folders to sync to your device

  • De-Duplication - part of Footprint. Mylio will show you duplicate files to help clean your library of duplicates

  • IA Mode - a simplified Mylio experience

  • Eye-Enhance - brighten eyes with a single click

  • Fixed an issue where new photos were not being auto-imported into Mylio on iOS

  • Lightroom files with adjusted capture dates will no longer display as being taken on import date

  • Image rendering quality is improved on iOS

  • Improvements have been made to importing large iPhoto libraries

  • Fixed an issue where deleting a photo in full screen mode deleted the first photo of that set

Updated: January 20, 2015

Windows: 1534
Mac: 1534
iOS: 1534

  • Updated language for Import dialogue: Changes Add Folder command to Watch Folder to better reflect its functionality.

Updated: December 2, 2014

Windows: 1523
Mac: 1523
iOS: 1523

Updated: November 24, 2014

Windows: 1522
Mac: 1522
iOS: 1522

Updated: November 21, 2014

Windows: 1521
Mac: 1521

Updated: November 18, 2014

Windows: 1517
Mac: 1517
iOS: 1517

Updated: November 6, 2014

Windows: 1513
Mac: 1513
iOS: 1512

Updated: October 29, 2014

Windows: 1507
Mac: 1507
iOS: 1501

  • If the user "selects all" in the grid view and there are one or more videos in the selection all edit fields in the info panel become read only. This includes: edit of fields like keywords, copyright, title Caption for Video files.

Updated: October 22, 2014

Windows: 1500
Mac: 1500

Updated: October 21, 2014

OSX and Windows: 1498
iOS: 1.0.1495

  • Swipe popups are not opening on iPhone. In order to work around this, access Swipe on iPhone or on OSX and Windows.

  • Unplugging the external drive while still Mylio is running can cause errors with reading of catalogs on external drives.

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