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Using Auto-Check in Photo DeDupe
Using Auto-Check in Photo DeDupe
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Auto-Check is helpful when you have many duplicates to sort through. When enabled, Auto-Check will scan the duplicate files and determine the best photos and videos to keep based on the criteria you select. All other duplicates will be “checked” for removal.

  1. Click the Auto-Check button in the bottom right corner of the screen.

  2. Check the boxes next to each option you want Auto-Check to consider, then adjust the yes/no, lower/higher, etc. settings for each option.

  3. Adjust the priority of each option by grabbing the handle on the right side of the option to move it up or down.

  4. When satisfied with the settings, click the Auto-Check button to mark your images.

  5. After Auto-Check is complete, you can review the suggestions and make any necessary adjustments before choosing Move Checked or Delete Checked.

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