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Sharing on Android Phones and Tablets
Sharing on Android Phones and Tablets
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Mylio Photos seamlessly interacts with the built-in Android sharing options on your mobile device. Sharing photos via email, messaging or text, iCloud photo sharing, and social media apps like Facebook, Instagram, and others is quick and easy.

  1. Select a photo or series of photos, tap the Share icon , then choose Share to access Android share menu.

  2. The options listed will include social sharing apps you have installed on your device and several options built into the Android operating system.

    • Email – Send your photo(s) via email.

    • Messages – Send your photo(s) via text message.

    • Bluetooth – Share your photo(s) over Bluetooth.

    • Drive – Save the image(s) to your Google Drive.

    • Print – Send your photo(s) to print on a nearby WIFI-enabled printer.

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