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Understanding Safe Delete
Updated over a week ago

It’s best to manage your files using Mylio Photos, including adjusting device storage settings through the sync policy and deleting files and folders. However, sometimes, you might need to delete files directly from macOS Finder or Windows Explorer. When working in the file system, Safe Delete can help prevent accidental loss of important files.

If a file is deleted in your file system (i.e., macOS Finder or Windows Explorer), Mylio Photos+ can attempt to restore it from a Vault device. This setting can be customized for each device on your account individually.

Safe Delete has three options:

  • Restore deleted files (default) – If an original-quality version of the file is stored on another device, Mylio Photos will attempt to restore the file to the selected device.

  • Free up space on this device – The deleted file will not be restored to the selected device, but if an original-quality file is stored on another device, it will be preserved.

  • Delete from all devices – The deleted file will not be restored, and all versions of the file will be removed from all devices.

Modifying Safe Delete Settings

  1. Click the Dashboard icon .

  2. Select Devices, then choose a device.

  3. Scroll down to the Safe Delete section. Choose from:

    • Restore Deleted Files

    • Free up space on this device

    • Delete from all devices

WARNING: If files are deleted from a Vault, files may be permanently deleted unless a second Vault device is available.

WARNING: Safe Delete only applies to changes made in the file system and does not apply to files deleted from within the Mylio Photos application.

NOTE: If a device is designated as a Vault, the options are limited to Restore deleted files and Delete from all devices.

NOTE: Safe Delete cannot be accessed on Android and iOS devices.

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