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How to redeem your limited-time Mylio Photos+ offer
How to redeem your limited-time Mylio Photos+ offer

Check your email for complete redemption instructions and your unique offer code.

Updated over a week ago

Customers who take advantage of the October 2023 limited-time offer to get Mylio Photos+ (2 extra free months) will receive an email with redemption instructions after purchase. This email will be sent to the email address you entered in the purchase form. The redemption email includes a link you will need to click to launch the Mylio account website to redeem your purchase. It also includes a unique one-time-use code and complete redemption instructions. Follow the instructions to apply your purchase to your Mylio account.

If you have not received a redemption email or you have trouble while attempting to follow the redemption instructions, you can Contact Mylio Support for assistance.

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