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Removing Camera Roll Duplicates in Mylio Photos
Removing Camera Roll Duplicates in Mylio Photos
Updated over a week ago

Mylio Photos 22.0 included a major improvement in how media from the iCloud Photo Library and the Android Media Library are handled.

In earlier versions of Mylio, the recommended setup specified that users should choose a single source for their iCloud Photo Library or Android Media Library images – either their computer or a mobile device (e.g. iPhone or iPad). If Mylio imported media from more than one camera roll-connected device, that media would be duplicated in their Mylio Photos Library.

Mylio Photos 22.0 fixed this issue, allowing users to import media from all of their iCloud Photo Library-connected and Android Media Library-connected devices without creating duplicates.

For users coming from earlier versions of Mylio, there are a few steps you’ll need to take to continue importing media from your iCloud Photo Library and Android Media Library device(s).

NOTE: Android and iOS users will need to follow the instructions below from a computer connected to their Mylio Account.

  1. Download and Install the latest version of Mylio Photos to all your Mylio Photos-connected devices and allow each device to sync fully.

    • Note that your Apple Photos folder will be renamed Old Apple Photos, and a new Apple Photos folder will be automatically created.

    • Note that your Android Photos folder will be renamed Old Android Photos, and a new Android Photos folder will be automatically created.

NOTE: All Mylio Photos-connected devices must be updated to Mylio Photos 22 and fully synced before proceeding to step 2.

2. From a computer or tablet with access to all Originals, click the Tools icon in the left sidebar and select Photo DeDupe.

NOTE: Deduplication can be accessed from a computer or tablet with access to all Original-quality files. If your Original-quality files are stored on an external drive, the drive(s) must be connected to the computer or tablet to find and remove duplicates.

3. Open QuickFilters and choose By Folder.

4. Select the Old Apple Photos folder or Old Android Photos folder.

5. Under Scan Scope, choose Entire Library.

6. Click the Auto-Check button.

7. Click + Add a folder duplicates may be in and choose Apple Photos or Android Photos. The Apple Photos folder or Android Photos folder will be added to the top of the Auto-Check list with the option to Keep or Remove. Choose Keep.

8. Disable all other Auto-Check options except Keep Only One Copy by clicking the checkmark next to each item.

9. Click the Run Auto-Check button. Mylio Photos will automatically select the duplicate images that must be removed or deleted.

10. Review the list of duplicate sets. Only images from the Old Apple Photos folder or Old Android Photos folder will be marked for removal or deletion.

NOTE: You may notice that images marked for deletion contain a warning that The file is corrupt or incomplete. This is due to the way Mylio Photos version 22.0 and newer handles media from Apple Photos, the iOS Camera roll, and the Android Media Library. Apple and Android use a unique identifier for each image in a user’s camera roll. In earlier versions of Mylio, this identifier wasn’t used and is thus marked as incomplete as of the Mylio Photos version 22.0 update.

11. When you’re ready, click the Delete Checked or Move Checked button to complete the deduplication process.

  • Move Checked lets you move all duplicates from your Mylio Library Folder and place them in a separate folder outside your Mylio Photos Library to review later. These images will be removed from your Mylio Photos Library on all your devices, but will not be deleted from your computer.

  • Delete Checked permanently deletes the selected duplicate files from your computer and all synced Mylio Devices. This action cannot be undone.

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