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What are the Mylio Family Plans?
What are the Mylio Family Plans?
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The Mylio Photos Family Bundles are designed for families eager to preserve and share their history. They are perfect for families in a single household, but can also be shared with an extended family. Family members can easily manage, curate, and share their private collections via shared albums, email, and other methods.

Moreover, these plans offer additional cost savings compared to buying individual licenses, making them a practical choice for family memory preservation.

Each plan includes five license keys, allowing a family member to create an account. This means personal control over their photos, videos, and documents as well as which devices are connected.

A Mylio Photos+ user can sign into more than one Mylio Photos account for shared access. Additional controls are available with our Spaces feature to allow each device that’s signed in to be configured for limited access.

For example, you could set up one Mylio Photos+ account as an extended family history project. You could allow multiple relatives to sign in and view the images but restrict their ability to edit or modify the files. The Mylio Photos product manual provides detailed information on how to set up access.

Note: The Mylio Photos Family Bundles were exclusively sold at RootsTech 2024.

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