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Using the Learn Panel in Mylio Photos
Using the Learn Panel in Mylio Photos

The Learn Panel lets you conveniently access Mylio Photos’ resources for education and help without having to leave the application.

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Click the Learn icon in the right sidebar to reveal the Learn Panel.

The Learn Panel has five sections. Click the icons in the left sidebar of the Learn Panel window to navigate between each option.

  • The QuickStart Guide with short videos and a downloadable PDF to help you get acquainted with Mylio Photos.

  • Access to Live Chat with the Mylio Support Team.

  • Search the Support Knowledge Base for how-to and troubleshooting articles.

  • Learn more about Mylio Photos+.

  • Links to other education resources such as:

TIP: The Learn Panel window can be moved anywhere on your screen or even to a different monitor, making it easy to follow along with tutorials. Just click and drag the bar at the top of the window.

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