Error Message: Mylio is unable to edit this file as the XMP is missing

If you are unable to edit an image and see this message in the Edit panel it typically means that the XMP was removed from the file system. Since XMP files are required for Mylio to apply edits a missing XMP file will prevent this action. Here are a few options to resolve this issue:

  1. If you have another device on your account you can attempt to sync the device missing the XMP with one that has it. Open Mylio on both devices and see if the XMP is synced and the photo is editable again. If not, quit Mylio on both devices and re-open.
  2. Check your Trash or Recycling folder on your computer for a recently deleted XMP file that matches the name of the photo you are trying to edit. If you do see the XMP in question, right-click on the file and “recover” or “put back” the image.
  3. If options one or two do not resolve the issue then the XMP may not be recoverable and the final option would be to export the image from Mylio and re-import it. Once the image is re-imported, verify it can be edited and delete the un-editable copy.
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