Error when updating on Windows: “Mylio Photos installation failed”

We want to bring to your attention an issue that will affect some Windows users of Mylio Photos. This issue only affects Windows devices (not any other operating system). This change will be encountered starting with Mylio Photos version 22.0, refresh 3. You may encounter it as a one-time issue per Windows device.

  Warning:    Please read through this entire article before you start the manual upgrade process.

What’s changed?

We are upgrading our security certificate for the Windows platform because the prior certificate has expired. As such, you may need to remove the previous version of Mylio Photos and replace it with the newest version. This change is required, and means that some Windows users will need to perform a manual update.

How to tell if your devices are affected

Normally, Mylio Photos will alert you when an update is available on your desktop and laptop computers. Once you accept the update, the process normally happens automatically. However, the required certificate change on Windows may make this automation fail.

If you receive an error message like this one, your device is affected. 

How to temporarily remove Mylio Photos safely

  Note:  If your Windows device is unable to update automatically, you may need to uninstall and reinstall the Mylio Photos application. Only the application is affected. Your images, metadata, or catalog will NOT be affected.

  1. Open your Settings for Windows. You can do this from the Windows menu (by clicking the gear icon) or by pressing the Windows Key + i.
  2. Choose the Apps category.
  3. Scroll down to the applications list and locate Mylio Photos.
  4. Click to select Mylio Photos and choose Uninstall. 


Once the previous version of the application has been removed, you can download and install Mylio Photos using the instructions below. 

How to reinstall Mylio Photos for a manual-upgrade scenario

Once the previous version of Mylio Photos is removed, it’s time to reinstall the application. It will automatically connect to your existing data when you launch.

  1. Open a web browser, and navigate to
  2. Log into your Mylio Account with your email address and password that you set up when you first installed.
  3. Select Download Mylio Photos to download the most recent version of the application.
  4. Locate the download in your Downloads folder, double-click it to launch the installer, and follow the on-screen instructions. This will replace your current installation of Mylio Photos or reinstall the app but will not affect your library or media.

You only need to uninstall and then reinstall the application. For more details, you can reference this article in our product manual:

This issue only affects some Windows users. All other devices/OS will upgrade automatically as usual.

Other issues related to a manual update

Due to the application removal and manual update process, some of the user preference settings will be lost for users who take this path. Specifically, these settings will be reset to the default state — but can be easily changed by opening the Settings menu.

Note: Only settings that affect an individual device’s appearance or behavior might be affected. You can easily change these settings by clicking the More menu (three dots) in the upper right corner of the Mylio Photos main application window.


All settings in this group can be affected. The most notable is your language selection, which will reset to the default U.S. English.

Calendar and Linked Calendars

How your calendars are shown on your devices might adjust. Specifically, you may need to change the settings for the visual display of events. However, no actual events are lost. In addition, alerts and views related to messages you see or layouts for media imports may need to be adjusted.


Your Sync settings are per device, so will all be reset to defaults.

  Note:  It is strongly recommended that you review the sync settings before the manual update and restore them to match.


Some of the user preferences in the Advanced group will be reset to their default value. You may want to note these settings before the update.


If you’ve adjusted how Mylio Photos launches at login or how it exists, be sure to adjust your settings again after reinstalling.


Thank you, and we’re here if you need us

While the need for manual updates will affect only a small percentage of our customers, we want this process to be as painless as possible. This is expected to be a one-time, per-Windows-device event.

We know well that this disruption is undesirable. Unfortunately, the certificate update is a necessity beyond our direct control in order to meet new security guidelines for Windows.

If you are affected and need help with this process, please feel free to contact our support team directly via the in-app Help menu (preferred) or at

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