Exporting Photos to a Folder for Sharing Outside Mylio

Mylio allows you to quickly and easily export images that are part of your library. These images can be shared with social media, websites, or printing services that are not part of Mylio’s built-in share options.

  1. Select the images you wish to export. You can also select a folder or album if you wish to export all enclosed items.
  2. Select the Share icon from the Quick Actions Bar.
  3. From the Share menu, select Export.
  4. The export dialog will allow you to change your export settings, including:
    1. File Type – What format the photos should be exported in.
    2. Resolution – Small, medium, large, actual, or custom resolution. You will need to have the full-sized Original image locally synced to export at actual resolution.
    3. Quality – Low, medium, high, maximum quality.
    4. Metadata – Which pieces of metadata would you like exported with the image.
    5. Watermark – Add a watermark to your export.
  5. Select the destination that you would like the images exported to. If you would like them in a new folder, you can do so with the New Folder option in the bottom left. Once completed, select Open.

Your photos will export to the desired location. You can now easily share your images anywhere outside of Mylio.


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