Error Message: “Failed to get access to path.”

In some cases, Mylio may display that it is unable to get access to a specific file path. This happens when Mylio does not have permission to access a set of files or folder that it is referencing. Generally, this issue is indicative of a file or folder that is locked or read-only.

If you receive this error message, please ensure that your device’s permissions are in good standing using the links below:

Additionally, this error may be received if Mylio is unable to locate, read or write to the Generated Images bundle. This bundle holds thumbnails and previews created by Mylio and is required to be a part of your library. If this file was moved purposefully, it should be moved back to its original location and steps to move your entire library should be taken if needed.

If the Generated Images bundle was deleted and your device’s library is stored in the default location, simply selecting Create New when launching Mylio will re-create the Generated Images bundle in the correct location.


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