The Filter Bar

Like searching in Mylio, filtering allows you to quickly and easily find a specific photo or set of photos.

Mylio’s Filter bar can be opened by selecting the funnel icon at the top left of Mylio.

It is important to remember that, unlike search, performing a filter will look for media inside of your current container. For example, if you perform a filter while in the “2018” folder, Mylio will only filter the results of the “2018” folder.

Once the Filter bar has been opened, you’ll be shown options for performing your filter. Selecting one of these filter types will then open options below related to that filter.

Filter Types

  • Time
    • Today – Photos with a creation date the same as today’s date.
    • Yesterday – Photos with a creation date of yesterday’s date.
    • Last Month – Photos with a creation date taken between the first and last day of last month.
    • Last Year – Photos with a creation date between January 1st and December 31st of the previous year.
  • Photos, Videos, Documents – Choose whether you are filtering for Photos, Videos, or Documents.
  • People – Mylio will display a list of all of the known people in your library. Choosing someone from this list will limit your filter to images that include that person.
  • Stars – Filter for images with a specific rating.
  • Labels – Filter for images with a specific label.
  • Flagged – Filter for images that have or do not have a flag.
  • Pins – Filter for images that have been marked “Photo of the Day” with the pin.

Additional Information

  • Multiple types of filters can be applied at once. When different types of filters are applied, a green light will be seen under the filter name to indicate it is on.
  • You can adjust the sorting options of your filter by using the SORT command found on the right side of the Filter bar. Generally, filters can be sorted by Name or Date, in ascending or descending order.