Troubleshooting: Fixing Unprotected Images

In some circumstances, Mylio may display images as unprotected in the Protection Status bar or the Sync panel. This means that your photos are not on multiple devices and are susceptible to data loss. If some images are listed as unprotected, the steps below will help you identify images and get them protected across multiple devices.

  Note:   the steps below assume that you have at least two devices that want Originals.

Identifying Which Photos Are Not Protected

  1. Open Mylio and select the Protection bar at the top of Navigation panel.
  2. Select the “X Unprotected Images” text at the top of the Protection menu.
  3. Mylio will display the images that are not protected across two or more devices.
  4. Open the Sync panel by selecting the two arrows in the top right of the Details panel.
      Note:  if you do not see the two arrows, close the Details panel and reopen it while holding the Alt key on your keyboard.
  5. Using the Sync panel, locate the device that has a green line (or green squiggly line) under the Originals column. This is the device that has the Originals. If you do not see a device with green under Originals please see the next section of this article.
  6. While in the Sync panel, locate the device that has orange under Originals. This is the device that wants Originals.
  7. Bring both the device that has Originals and the device that wants Originals online by opening Mylio on both devices while they are on the same wi-fi network. If the device that wants Originals is an external drive, plug that drive into a computer and run Mylio on that device.
  8. Mylio will automatically protect the unprotected images.


Working with Photos That Do Not Have Originals On Any Device

If, when looking at the Sync panel, you cannot identify a device that has Originals (green line under Original) this means that the Original file is not available to Mylio and the file is not able to be protected. This can happen for multiple reasons:

  1. The file is missing and needs to be relinked. In this case, the folder that the file resides in should say Missing on it in red text. You can relink the folder to fix this.
  2. The Original file has been deleted from the initial device. This can happen on iOS devices if a photo has been deleted directly from the Camera Roll before Mylio has been given time to sync the original to another device.
  3. The library has been restored from a Time Machine or other backup, causing Mylio to know that is has images but doesn’t know where those images are.



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