Fixing Red Eye

Red-eye removal helps you edit your images when flash, or light in an image has created the effect of your subject having red eyes.

  1. Select the image that you want to fix and open the Edit section of the Details panel.
  2. Zoom in large enough that you can easily make out the subject’s eyes.
  3. Click the red-eye removal icon at the top of the Edit section.
  4. Your cursor becomes a circle within a circle, resembling the shape of a pupil.
  5. Move your cursor over the eye that is experiencing the red-eye.
  6. Two sliders will have appeared beneath the image, one for radius and one for sensitivity.
  7. Adjust the radius slider to the correct size of the affected eye. Slide to the right to increase the radius and slide to the left to decrease the radius.
  8. Adjust sensitivity until the red-eye disappears. Slide to the right to make it more sensitive, slide to the left to make it less sensitive.
  9. Select done beneath the sliders and your cursor will return to normal and you can edit other areas of your picture.
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