Understanding Folder View

What Are Folders?

Folders are one of the primary means of organization in Mylio. Folders allow you to directly manipulate your files inside and outside of Mylio so that the changes you make are not Mylio specific. Depending on your setup your Folder view may vary in its organization.

Mylio Pictures Folder

Each Mylio Library, by default, comes with one linked folder: the Mylio Pictures folder. This folder is designed to hold the images that are copied into Mylio if there is no other destination specified during the import process. For instance, photos that you have imported using the Copy command will be copied into the Mylio Pictures folder. This is because Mylio is now referencing an original file exclusive to Mylio.

Creating New Folders

New folders can be created anytime from Folder view, by going there in the View Selector along the top of your Mylio window.

  • In Folder view, navigate to where you would like to place your new folder.
  • Select the plus sign in the Quick Actions Bar and give the new folder a name.
  • Photos can now be dragged into this folder freely or by using Mylio Clipboard.
  • Remember that any changes made to your files will be reflected by the operating system.


Linked Folders

Any top-level folder (click Folders twice from the navigation bar along the top to get to the top-level of Folder view) in Mylio is considered a Linked Folder. Linked folders can live elsewhere, outside of the Mylio library folder, on your computer or directly inside it. These folders can be added via the Dashboard or during the setup wizard. See our Importing with Linked Folders for more information.

Syncing Linked Folders from Another Computer

Mylio is in charge of protecting the photos that have been added as Linked Folders from one machine to all Vaults on your account. Because of this, linked folders from other devices are stored in the Mylio library folder but displayed in a sectioned Folder view to reflect what device they came from.

At the top of Folder view, linked folders added from the Mylio library folder are shown at the top. Any folder linked from another device is displayed below it.

Further Investigation

Because Mylio is directly related to the file system, it is easy to see exactly where your photos live on your computer. By right-clicking on any folder and selecting Show in Finder or Show in File Explorer you will be taken to the selected folder’s location on your computer.

The Mylio Pictures folder will be saved within the Mylio library folder, which can be stored in a unique location when starting Mylio for the first time, or moved later by simply moving the Mylio library folder from its original location to a new location (the next time Mylio is launched it will ask you to identify the new location of your directory). Other linked Folders may exist in different locations outside of the Mylio library folder

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