Free Up Space on Camera Roll or Media Library

Mylio can help clear up space in your mobile device’s Camera Roll or Media Library once the original image has been imported and protected to Mylio. In order to do this, Mylio needs to ensure your photo is protected by having the original image on another device. If your photo is not synced to another location, Mylio will not delete the photo from your Camera Roll or Media Library.

To learn more about protecting your photos to clear Camera Roll or Media Library space, please see this article.

Free Up Space on iOS or Android

    1. Open Mylio on your iOS or Android device and navigate to Mylio’s settings by selecting “Settings” in the View menu
    2. Select “Free up space on this device”
    3. Select Continue to have Mylio scan for protected media using the default or last used settings or select Customize to change them
    4. If customizing this feature, you can have Mylio automatically free up space on the following criteria:
      – Delete media older than X Days
      – Delete media deleted in Mylio that are still in your camera roll/media library
      – Repeat every X Days to schedule this task automatically
    5. When Mylio is done scanning, it will tell you how many files can safely be deleted and how much storage it will free up
    6. Select the “Free up space” button to confirm the deletion



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