Setting Capture Dates For Photos Without an Exact Date

Sometimes you may have photos that you do not know an exact date for. Scanned photos, inherited photos, and computer images may require less of a defined capture date than the standard DAY/MONTH/YEAR TIME is designed for. In these instances, Mylio allows you to set a Fuzzy date so that your photos can appear correct in Calendar view and All Photos view. With Fuzzy dates, Mylio allows you to set either a photo to a specific year, year/month, year/month/day, or the full year/month/day/time while leaving the other information empty.

Turning On Fuzzy Dating

Fuzzy dating can be turned on from within Mylio’s Settings:

  1. Open Mylio and select Settings from the Navigation panel.
  2. Select General.
  3. Toggle on Manage Undated Items.

Setting a Fuzzy Date

Once Fuzzy dating has been turned on, you can manually remove data from the photo(s) in question and set them with their known information:

  1. Select the photo(s) that you would like to set Fuzzy dates for.
  2. Open the Info panel from within the Details panel.
  3. Select the date or date range at the top of the Details panel to open up the Adjust Date & Time dialog.
  4. Select the gear in the top right of the Adjust Date & Time dialog.
  5. Here you have multiple options:
    1. Set as Today – Sets the date (year, month, day) to the current date but does not adjust the time.
    2. Clear Time – Removes the time from the photo but keeps the day, month and year.
    3. Clear Day of the Month – Clears time and day. Leaves month and year.
    4. Clear Month – Clear time, day, month. Leaves year.
    5. Clear All – Clears time, day, month, and year. No date information retained.
  6. Once the appropriate data has been removed, you can adjust the photo to include the date information you do have, if any.
      Note:   if setting to a year, the decade headings (ie 2010s, 2000s, 90s, 80s) can be select to set a photo to a decade.
  7. Once completed, select Set at the bottom to set your photo(s) Fuzzy date.


Viewing a Fuzzy Dated Photo

Once you have photos that do not have specific dates, they will generally show as the first in their series. For instance, in All Photos view, the photos set to the Fuzzy date of 1950s will show up before the photos dated January 1st, 1950. If a photo has the fuzzy date of February 1950 then it will show up After January 31st, 1950 but before February 1st, 1950.

In Calendar view, photos with fuzzy dating will show at the top of their container. For instance, if I have two photos set to the Fuzzy date of 1950s, they will show at the top of the 1950s container within Calendar view. Selecting Show All will show you all 1950s photos, with the Fuzzy dated photos at the top.

Creating Events with Fuzzy Dates

Since Events are based on dates, you are given the option to base Events off of Fuzzy dates as well. When creating Events, if you select a Fuzzy date, Mylio will include the Fuzzy images in that container and anything else in that time period until the specified end date. There are general rules that Events follow with Fuzzy dates:

  1. If an Event is created using a Fuzzy date that encapsulates media with Fuzzy dates, the media will be included. For instance, if I have a photo’s Fuzzy date set to 1950s and create an event with a starting Fuzzy date of 1950s and end date of December 31st, 1959, Mylio will include all Fuzzy photos taken in the 1950s.
  2. If an Event is created using the hard date of January 1st, 1950 till December 31st, 1959, Mylio will still include all Fuzzy dates for the 1950s as the photos would have to be taken in that time frame.
  3. If an Event is created using the hard date of January 2nd, 1950 till December 31st, 1959, Mylio will not include 1950s Fuzzy dates or January 1951 Fuzzy dates as they could be excluded from this time frame.


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