Setting Capture Dates For Photos Without an Exact Date

Sometimes you may have photos that you do not know an exact date for. Scanned photos, inherited photos, and computer images may require less of a defined capture date than the standard DAY/MONTH/YEAR TIME is designed for. In these instances, Mylio allows you to set a Fuzzy date so that your photos can appear correct in Calendar view and All Photos view. With Fuzzy dates, Mylio allows you to set either a photo to a specific year, year/month, year/month/day, or the full year/month/day/time while leaving the other information empty.


Setting a Fuzzy Date


  1. Select the photo(s) that you would like to set Fuzzy Dates for.
  2. Open the Info section in the Details panel.
  3. Select the date or date range above the Title to open up the Adjust Date & Time dialog.
  4. Select Single Date, Date Range, or Undated
  5. You can select the gear in the top right of the Adjust Date & Time dialog to reveal multiple options:
    1. Set as Today – Sets the date (year, month, day) to the current date but does not adjust the time.
    2. Set to Start of Day – Sets the time to 12:00 AM
    3. Set to Start of Month – Sets the date to the 1st day of the selected month
    4. Set to Start of Year – Sets the date to January, 1st of the selected year
    5. Set to Start of Decade -Sets the date to January, 1st of the first year of the selected decade (1990, 2000, 2010, etc)
  6. Set a Date Range:
    1. Select the start of your range first then select “Next” in the bottom right.
    2. Select your end date for your range and confirm in the bottom right bottom displaying the propsed range


Viewing a Fuzzy Dated Photo

Once you have photos that do not have specific dates, they will generally show as the first in their series. For instance, in All Photos view, the photos set to the  date range of January 1st, 1950 – Dec 31st,1959 will show up before any image dated in the year 1950 and after any image dated in the year 1949. There will also be an annotation in the bottom right that indicates the file is dated within a range of dates (this can be toggled on/off in the annotations section of the View menu in the top right).

In Calendar view, photos with fuzzy dating will appear in any day that includes the range. The image below is dated within the rage of the entire 1930’s decade. Drilling down to a specific day of that decade will still include the image in the grid. All date ranged images in a grid view of Calendar view will appear first.

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