Guest Mode

  Note:  This feature is  NOT available if your Mylio account is created using a third party single sign-on login (Apple, Google, Facebook, Microsoft).

Guest Mode is an option that allows you to put a device with Mylio installed in a view only mode, allowing others to look through your photos while preventing them from editing, moving, or deleting photos. 

Options Disabled While in Guest Mode

  • Move, delete, rename, and show files in Finder/Explorer
  • Edit photos
  • Import and Export photos
  • Access the Settings menu
  • Adjusting plan subscriptions

Optional Guest Mode Features

In some cases, you may wish for users in Guest Mode to have limited features. Mylio allows for a combination of features to be used to optimize Guest Mode…

  • Guest Mode – Full lockdown. Images and library cannot be changed or shared.
  • Allow Sharing – Allow for images to be shared while in Guest Mode.
  • Allow Rating – Allow for images to be rated while in Guest Mode.

Enabling Guest Mode

  1. Navigate to Mylio’s settings by selecting Settings in the View menu.
  2. Select Account.
  3. Toggle Guest Mode on.

  4. Create your 4 digit pin. This is used for turning Guest Mode off. If you forget your pin, you can reset it with your Mylio account password.


Disabling Guest Mode

  1. Navigate to Mylio’s settings by selecting Settings in the View menu.
  2. Select Account.
  3. Toggle Guest Mode off.
  4. Type in your PIN to disable Guest Mode. If you have forgotten your PIN, select Reset to disable Guest Mode with your Mylio password.


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