Using the Histogram

A histogram is a representative graph of pixel distribution within an image that helps you adjust exposure and color balance to assist you in editing your photos.

You can access your histogram if you scroll down to the bottom of the Edit section in the Details panel when you have selected an image. The Mylio histogram displays the distribution of red, blue, green pixels. The histogram will also show you luminance. All of these features can be toggled according to what part of the photo you would like to edit.

  1. Select an image and open the Edit section of the Details panel.
  2. Open the Histogram panel by clicking on the disclosure triangle to the right of the Histogram.
  3. Click on the histogram itself. A panel will appear that shows RGB, Red, Green, Blue, and Luminance.
  4. Once this panel is open, you can select which mode you would like to edit in. The histogram defaults to RGB.
  5. As you adjust the sliding scales above the histogram (exposure, contrast, highlights, shadows, whites, blacks, clarity, etc…) you will notice that your histogram begins to change.

It is important to remember that there is no way to create perfection within a histogram. As with any editing, you edit to your preferences.


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