Importing Photos From a Camera or SD Card

Mylio will automatically detect if a camera or SD card has been plugged into your system. Once detected, the import option for your device will open automatically. 

  Note:   you can toggle off the automatic SD card import dialog from Settings > General > Show “Import SD Card” Dialog

If a camera or SD is connected and you are not prompted to import, you can manually locate the camera and import it with these steps:

  1. Connect your camera or SD card directly to your computer.
  2. If the import dialog does not automatically appear, open Mylio and select the Import button from the top right corner.
  3. Select “Add media from SD Card or camera”, then select your camera or SD card from the list of import devices.

  4. Mylio will display the import options for your camera or SD card. This includes:
    1. Destination folder –  The folder in the Mylio library that the files will be copied to.
    2. Exclude suspected Duplicates – Mylio will not import images that it believes has already been imported into your library.
    3. Delete Files After Import – Mylio will delete the images from your camera after they’ve been imported into your library.
    4. Additional import options are available as advanced import options.
  5. Once your options are set, select “Import Now”.
  6. Your photos will import automatically into the destination folder.
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