Importing with Copy

Importing with Copy

Mylio has a variety of import options that will bring your photos into your library. To copy files into Mylio, start by clicking the import button in the top-right and select “Add media accessible from this device”.

Select a folder that you want to import and a destination folder in your Mylio library. You can use the three dots to the right of each field to select or change your selection. The copied folders will also remain in the original location on the external drive. If you want, you can toggle on the option to exclude duplicates and delete the original files from the drive when the import is completed.

You may additionally configure advanced import options before finalizing your import. These optional selections include:

    1. Apply IPTC card on Import – Applies metadata from your Mylio library IPTC card which can be configured in Settings->Advanced->IPTC Info.
    2. File Naming – set up a rule to rename your files as they import.
    3. Folder Organization – choose if you wish to import the top-level selected folder or just the contained media.
    4. Add Folder Name to Keywords – adds the name of the folder being imported as a keyword to all imported media.
    5. Keywords – add a specific keyword, or set of keywords, to all imported media.

Once you’ve verified that all of your import options are correct, select “Import Now” to finish your import.


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