Importing and Manipulating PDFs and Microsoft Office Documents

With Mylio, you can import, view, and replicate PDFs and Microsoft Office Documents allowing you to carry important documents with you wherever you are. This article will walk you through viewing and manipulating documents in Mylio.

Importing and Viewing Documents

Mylio can import PDF documents in the same way that it imports photos and videos.  That means that by default, all PDF files found in Mylio folders or copied into the app are imported. This allows you to quickly import full folders of documents using Mylio’s Copy import, External Drive import, or Source Folder import.

Microsoft Office documents (.docx, .pptx, .xlsx) can be imported using the same options mentioned above after enabling the option in Settings->General->Import Microsoft Office Documents. This setting is off by default.

Once imported, Mylio will display your documents with a small arrow icon over them. This icon means that Mylio will open your computer’s default PDF reader or the corresponding Office application to view the document. To change your default PDF reader, please see this article for Windows and this article for Mac. Mylio can also extract your PDFs for reading within Mylio, more information on this can be found by selecting the “Extracting PDFs” tab in this article.

Replicating Documents

Documents will replicate much like photos and videos in your library. To view documents outside of Mylio, or to extract them for viewing within Mylio, your device must be syncing the original, full-resolution version of the PDF. Thumbnails or Previews of your documents will display the first page or slide of the file within Mylio and display the download icon on the image.

By selecting this icon you can tell Mylio to download this specific file automatically when a device that holds the Original comes online.

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