Importing From a NAS

If your photos are stored on a networked hard drive, or a NAS, you may wonder what the best import option is for you. Mylio’s Add NAS Vault command allows for any photo added into Mylio to automatically be sent the NAS for protection, but starting with your photos on a NAS and moving them into Mylio requires additional steps.

First, let’s look at how Mylio interoperates with a NAS device:

  1. When working with a NAS and Mylio, Mylio will treat the NAS as a hosted device. This means that by adding a NAS, the computer you added the NAS from needs to be running for the NAS to sync with other devices.
  2. Mylio is not designed to add a NAS as a Source Folder. Source Folders should be used only on drives that are always physically attached to your computer. Since a NAS does not physically mount to your machine, you may experience unexpected issues if you add a NAS device in this way.

Importing from a NAS

Importing from a NAS is done by setting the NAS up as a Vault and then adding photos to the newly created Mylio Pictures folder. This process allows for Mylio to see the photos on the NAS, download a Thumbnail, Preview, or Original from the NAS, and leave the original on the NAS.

  Warning:  these steps will assist in moving the original files on the NAS itself. If you are using Mylio in conjunction with Lightroom, it is recommended you use Lightroom to move the files so not to break any links to your original photos within Lightroom.
  1. Add the NAS as Vault.
  2. Mylio will create a new folder on your NAS called “Mylio_xxxxx” with the X’s being a unique identifier for your account.
      Warning:  this folder name/structure should not be manipulated as it is how Mylio links to your NAS. Any altering of this file will result in the NAS being unlinked from Mylio.
  3. Once added, Mylio will create a series of folders that mimic your current Mylio Library. This includes a Mylio Pictures folder.
  4. This Mylio Pictures folder acts as a traditional Source Folder. Any files added to this will be added to Mylio.
  5. Using Finder / File Explorer, drag any photos you want to be displayed in Mylio into the Mylio Pictures folder on your NAS.
  6. Once the photos are in the Mylio Pictures folder, Mylio will scan the NAS for changes when…
    1. When Mylio launches (upon a restart).
    2. When selecting Scan for Changes by right-clicking on a folder and selecting More Folder Actions.
  7. The photos will sync to your computer. If your computer is set up as wanting Originals then the full resolution images will be sent to your machine. You may need to adjust the Sync Policy for these folders on your machine to only want Previews or Thumbnails or be auto-optimized.
  8. Any new photo added to Mylio will automatically sync to the NAS. Any new photo added to the NAS within the Mylio Pictures folder will be added to Mylio.
  Warning:  in this configuration, your NAS and Mylio will have a 1:1 relationship. Any photo deleted from Mylio will delete from the NAS. Any reorganizing in Mylio will reorganize the files on the NAS.


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