Drag and Drop Photos into Mylio

Mylio’s import options are designed to work with your current folder structure. Mylio does, however, allow for you to import individual or loose photos directly without using the Import menu.

  1. Open Mylio and then, outside of Mylio, locate the photo(s) that you would like to import.
  2. Drag the photo(s) directly onto the Mylio application on Mac or PC, or even directly onto the Dock icon on the Mac.
  3. Once dragged in, you will be asked where you want to save your photos. Note that whichever folder is listed as the Destination folder at the top of this dialog is where your image will be imported into the Mylio library. You can also change the folder destination using the three dots to the right of this field.
  4. The same options in this window for excluding duplicates, deleting the files from their original locations , or other advanced options are also available as if you were copying following our Copy import option using Mylio’s import tool. When you’ve confirmed your selection, select “Import Now”.

This method can also be used to import photos directly from other applications or websites that allow it.

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