Import with Source Folders

Importing photos into Mylio using the Source Folders option is a quick and easy way to display photos that are already organized on your machine in a view that is familiar but within the Mylio application.

  Warning:  Source folders are not designed to be used with external drives, NAS devices, or folders managed by third-party cloud services. If importing from an external drive, please reference this article’s Add Without Moving section to import properly. Instructions for importing from a NAS can be found here. If importing from cloud services like Dropbox, OneDrive, Google Drive, or iCloud please use Copy Import instead.

Understanding Source Folders

When choosing which folders to import as Source Folders, Mylio will keep your photos in the original location – meaning they are not being duplicated or moved. Because Mylio is referencing your folders and their contents in the original location, any change made in Mylio will be on your original files.

What does this mean?

  • Deleting photos in Mylio will delete the actual files from the original location in your file system.
  • Moving photos out of the folder and into another folder will move the photo file in your file system.

Adding folders as Source Folders is a great way to import into Mylio if you intend to keep your photos in the same location but use Mylio to track and manage them.

Importing with Source Folders

To proceed with adding a folder as a Source Folder, follow the steps below:

  1. Launch Mylio and select open the View Menu (three vertical dots in the top-right)
  2. Select Settings
  3. Select Source Folders
  4. Mylio will open a new window that allows you to build your Mylio Library. By default, Mylio will display your machine’s Pictures and Movies folders, as well as the default Mylio Pictures folder.
  5. To add folders, simply select the Add More Folders button at the bottom of this panel and select the folders you would like Mylio to display.
  6. Any folder selected will be added to your Source Folders window and can be toggled on and off. The selected folders will be displayed within Mylio as top-level folders, next to the Mylio Pictures folder.

Removing folders as Source Folders

To remove a folder as a Source Folder and stop tracking its changes, follow these steps:

  1. Open Mylio and select Settings in the View menu.
  2. Select Source Folders.
  3. Mylio will display all of the folders that are part of your Mylio Library. To remove them, simply toggle the folder off and hit Apply.
  4. The folder will remain in the Source Folders settings to be easily toggled back on until you leave the settings window. Once you have left, the folder will no longer be listed and would need to be added with the “Add more folders” option later on.

Safe Delete and more

Safe File System Delete

Mylio’s Safe File System Delete option is designed to ensure your images remain safe on your devices when accidentally deleted from your file system.

When Safe File System Delete is on, the following is true:

  1. If a file is deleted from the File System, it will not be removed from Mylio.
  2. If a file is deleted from the File System, the original file will not be deleted from other Vaults.

Syncing Source Folders from Another Computer

Mylio is in charge of protecting the photos that have been added to Source Folders from one machine to all Vaults on your account. Because of this,  source folders from other devices are stored in the Mylio library folder.

For example:

  1. Computer A has 2 source folders that Mylio is referencing, one called “Desktop” and the other being the Default Mylio Pictures folder.
  2. Computer B is a Vault and wants to protect those images, so Originals are syncing to it.
  3. Computer A has the photos in the original location in the Desktop folder and the Mylio Pictures folder will be in the Mylio library folder unless is has been moved from its default location.
  4. Computer B will sync the Desktop source folder into its Mylio library folder next to Mylio Pictures.

Further Investigation

Because Mylio is directly related to the file system, it is easy to see exactly where your photos live on your computer. By right-clicking on any folder and selecting Show in Finder or Show in File Explorer you will be taken to the selected folder’s location on your computer.

The Mylio Pictures folder will be saved within the Mylio library folder, which can be stored in a unique location when starting Mylio for the first time, or moved later by simply moving the Mylio library folder from its original location to a new location (the next time Mylio is launched it will ask you to identify the new location of your directory). Other Source Folders may exist in different locations outside of the Mylio library folder.

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