Troubleshooting: Images Display In iOS Photos but Not In Mylio

In some instances, users may find images in the Photos app on iOS that are not being displayed in Mylio. This may be due to iCloud Photo Library not transferring full, original images between devices.

Generally, iCloud Photo Library and Mylio are not compatible as Apple may not store or transfer the full resolution image. This means that the full resolution version of your image (that Mylio is looking for) may only be stored within iCloud, which Mylio does not access.

To fix this issue, it is recommended to turn off iCloud Photo Library from within iOS Settings > Account > iCloud > Photos and instead run Mylio on all devices. Alternatively, you can install Mylio on all devices and syncing will occur within Mylio correctly as long as “Download and Keep Originals” is toggled on for all devices within the iCloud Photo Library settings.