Understanding Life Calendar™

Mylio’s Life Calendar™ is a unique view that displays your photos on a calendar in combination with events from your life. Events can be populated a number of ways, either manually in Mylio or from being imported directly from your digital calendars. . With a populated Life Calendar™, you get more than you would with Mylio’s stock Calendar view – which simply displays your photos in chronological order.

Mylio’s Calendar view, by default, will display all of your photos based on their Date Taken metadata. This is a great way to browse through your images to find the perfect moment. However, Calendar view in conjunction with events makes locating the right photo easier than ever.

When using calendar view after you have created or imported events, Mylio displays a colored bar across the bottom of the date, showing that something important has happened in that date range. Mylio will use the rankings of your photos to create a cover that makes the event easily locatable on the calendar.


Events can also be put into categories. Each category has a different color and each event bar in your calendar will correspond to that color, making it even easier to find specific images you may be looking for.

By opening up the calendar further into month view, you can view a more detailed look at the month’s events bars and when they occurred.


Utilizing Calendar view with events makes an easily navigable Life Calendar™ that is a great way to keep your photos organized. Life Calendar™ offers an additional view and create customizations that make the creation of events, categories, and cover artwork truly one of a kind.


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