The Menu Bar

While most everything can be changed from Mylio’s interface, there are some controls that are specific to the macOS or Windows versions of Mylio. These options are generally found within Mylio’s menu bar. The menu bar in Mylio works just like any application and is nearly identical on Mac and PC. While we won’t talk about everything in the menu bar, here are the highlights that are unique to the computer version of Mylio.

Mylio Desktop Menu Bar

Organize Menu

Within the Organize menu, you have many shortcuts to common actions in Mylio like New Folder… and Rename Folder… However, the second half of this menu contains specific organizational commands only found on a computer:

  • Organize Folders – Allows you to specify an organization structure and have Mylio apply it all at once. For instance, you can ask Mylio to sort all photos into year/month folders. Mylio will look at the photo’s metadata and do so automatically.
  • Rename Files – Specify a way that you would like a series of photos renamed and Mylio will do so automatically. This is often used to rename a set of photos into their date/time file names.

Mylio Desktop Organize Menu

Photos Menu

The Photo menu offers some unique desktop specific commands:

  • Edit with Lightroom – Take the current photo and open it in Lightroom Classic, allowing for quick and easy editing.
  • Save Metadata to File – Take all edits and metadata changes and apply it directly to the file so that it is easily readable in other applications.
  • Open With  – Mylio will look on your machine for other photo editing applications and open it automatically. Once you have made your edits, you can save them to the photo and the changes will be seen in Mylio automatically.
    Mylio Desktop Photo Menu
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