Moving Files and Folders

Organizing files between folders and albums is an essential part of keeping your Mylio Library and overall photo library clean. Mylio offers multiple distinct ways of moving your files between folders.

  1. Drag and drop – If moving folders in the Mylio interface, you can easily drag folders from one folder to another. This works when one folder is positioned next to each other, but should be a child of that folder.

    For example, I have the folders “Alphabet”, “Numbers”, “A”, “B”, and “4” all on the same level. I can simply drag the “A” folder onto “Alphabet” to nest it inside. “B” can also be moved into “Alphabet” and “4” can be moved into “Numbers”.
  2. Move to Folder… – the Move to Folder action can be found in the Actions menu. This action allows you to easily select a location to move a selected photo or folder to.
  3. New Folder with Selected Items… – This option allows you to select multiple photos or folders and create a new folder for them to live in.For example, I have a folder titled “2015” with all of my 2015 photos in it. I would like to separate out all of the animal pictures I’ve taken. I can simply select all the animal pictures in 2015 and then select New Folder with Selected Items… from the Actions menu. I will be asked to name my folder and the folder will be automatically created inside of the folder I am currently viewing.
  4. Mylio Clipboard – Mylio Clipboard is a temporary holding station to help you quickly and easily move multiple photos or folders between albums. More can be learned about Mylio Clipboard here.
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