New to Photo Management Software

Welcome to Mylio! The new home for all of your photos, videos, media, and more. Mylio helps you organize, edit, protect, and share all of your memories quickly and easily – from any device.

If this is your first time using photo management software, there are some quick things you should know that will help you get up and running.

Before diving into these topics, it is recommended that you check out the Mylio Quick Start Guide to begin to learn some of Mylio’s terminology.

Below are some topics that will help you understand some of the terminologies you see in Mylio…

  • Folders in Mylio are just like folders on your computer. In fact, Mylio and your computer share the folders that your photos live in. This means that any change you make to your photos or their organization in Mylio will be reflected back to the folders that your files live in on their computer. Folders are the official “home” for your photos – and deleting them from here means deleting the photo for good.
  • Albums in Mylio function just like your photo albums at home. Albums offer a way to organize, group, and show off your photos. When you create an album, you are creating a Mylio specific location to store photos. This location cannot be seen outside of Mylio – but it also doesn’t take up any additional space on your computer. When you add a photo to an album, the photo will remain in its original location (a folder) but be able to be viewed in Album view as well.
  • Editing photos in Mylio allow you to take your favorite pictures and make them even better. Maybe your photos are a bit dark, or a bit too light. Maybe they need some extra color or a black and white effect. Mylio can help you make your photos more beautiful than you can imagine!
  • Face Recognition allows for Mylio to help you keep your photos organized. Wouldn’t it be great if, instead of looking up a photo by memory, you could simply say “Let me see where that photo of Aunt Mary is!” Well, with Mylio’s face recognition that becomes a reality. Mylio will help identify all photos that have your family and friends in them and then display those photos in custom, automatic albums.
  • Map data is usually provided by your phone or camera with GPS automatically. Mylio will take this data and display it on a world map so you can visually see where your photos have been taken. No GPS? No problem, you can also simply drag and drop images to a specific location to tag them in Mylio!
  • Photo Metadata is where precious information about your photo is stored. Metadata is how Mylio, and all apps, read and write information about your photo that you can’t see automatically. For instance, your location information is stored in metadata – as well as people, camera model, time and date taken, and more…
  • Slideshows are a great way to show off your photos. Mylio lets you share slideshows with friends and family so that you can share your favorite photos, that recent trip, or some classic holidays in an entertaining way.

Learning the ins and outs of photo management software is a huge task! You’ve already taken the first step to becoming a Mylio master. Spending time on and within the Mylio application will get you up and running in no time at all.

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